I Bought 150lbs of Silly Puddy and it ACTUALLY Kinda Works.... 

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8. apr. 2021

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I DONT CARE Pred 7 urami
Where did you get all of the putty
the wizard of oz
the wizard of oz Pred 7 urami
so no one gonna talk about how the silly putty looked as he pulled it up at first
Dan Myers
Dan Myers Pred 18 urami
Gopro every time it falls: *brother why have you forsaken me?*
andrew richards
andrew richards Pred dnevom
as a man from iowa it hurt seeing you call those twigs corn
Mikhail Gorlov
Mikhail Gorlov Pred dnevom
Excellent hillbilly cameo
I Win
I Win Pred dnevom
Kind of reminded me of a Graboid after you shot it with the 50 lmao
Lone Star Millennial
PLEASE fix your camera work and get us good camera angles, properly mounted cameras, and nice slow mo! You're wasting great content by not recording it well!
Kozmic Flush
Kozmic Flush Pred 10 urami
You're supposed to be a texan and you are complaining about camera angles? good God, man. Must be a soft hand city F**k 😂
Lenny Summers
Lenny Summers Pred dnevom
lemme tell you how i make sure no birds pick my corn fields clean. i place out special blends of bird food on a plate and rig the plate with a bouncing betty that instantly explodes when it bounces up and hits the plate, making sure that the birds dont come back.
Gibby Pred dnevom
*says in the calmest voice* I am very angry right now
Rick Armstrong
Rick Armstrong Pred dnevom
Am I the only one who randomly has to resubscribe?
Nate Bailey
Nate Bailey Pred 2 dnevi
You should see if you can skip a bullet off of the water and maybe hit a target
ranchofiesta Pred 2 dnevi
"....so let's just shoot it." Always my first thought too
H maddox
H maddox Pred 2 dnevi
The only thing missing from the beginning act is a banjo and a song about your sweet heart leaving you, your dog getting run over, drinking beer
Keith Rose
Keith Rose Pred 2 dnevi
The ak round was full metal jacket wasn't it?
pollodormido2 Pred 2 dnevi
You might need silly putty to hold the camera!
Meandub Pred 2 dnevi
The putty exploding reminds me of the movie Tremors.
Riley Kennedy
Riley Kennedy Pred 3 dnevi
Hey next can you do ooplack
JR Hackman
JR Hackman Pred 3 dnevi
The birds around there think loud bangs are just a part of nature.
Christian Mendoza
Christian Mendoza Pred 3 dnevi
It’s stopping bullets in one FEET of silly putty
Hard To Explain
Hard To Explain Pred 3 dnevi
We're gonna have to take this up to level 11
Howard Walmsley
Howard Walmsley Pred 3 dnevi
Lol .50 vs silly puddy = Burt Gummer vs graboid in tremors lol
Jason Miller
Jason Miller Pred 4 dnevi
Christopher Myers
Christopher Myers Pred 4 dnevi
Jennifer Diamonds
Jennifer Diamonds Pred 5 dnevi
11:38 anyone remember the movie Tremors lol
Richard Mani
Richard Mani Pred 5 dnevi
hey dude... u definitely don't need to include 2-3 seconds off the go pro flying or falling down in slow mo every time. just my 2 cents tho lmaooo
potoker Pred 5 dnevi
Silly putty with dirt mixed in would stop the bullet better imo but the cool thing about this is the silly putty heals after about 5 mins.
Андрей Романов
Мэт. Спасибо
Raduly Csongor
Raduly Csongor Pred 6 dnevi
The best intros ever!
Batboi Pred 6 dnevi
Jesus it's an intro not movie. That dragged on WAY too long
Василий Балагуев
Nice cool gold and black look of your BMG 👍
Dookie Shoes
Dookie Shoes Pred 6 dnevi
Hell yeah. Team AK
Brenden Barwick
Brenden Barwick Pred 6 dnevi
Have you ever shot a gopro ?
DOKOTE Pred 6 dnevi
вот это ролик
Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia Pred 6 dnevi
Looks like a dead tremor at the end lol
Lv.99 Mastermind
Lv.99 Mastermind Pred 6 dnevi
Wasn't silly putty accidentally made in WW2 as an attempt at making a replacement for rubber?
Edmond Dantez
Edmond Dantez Pred 7 dnevi
The proper term is "Dilatent".
Сайлентир Син
Test 7.62 armor piercing vs normal 5,56
Christopher Wateland
After the 50 it looked like a Tremor Grabboid after they killed it ...
Benedict Gorman
Benedict Gorman Pred 7 dnevi
you should try oobleck!! oobleck, like silly putty, is a non-newtonian fluid and will harden under force. Oobleck will be a total liquid---you'll sink right into it--- but shatter if hit with a hammer. You'd probably need to put it into a rubbermaid bin or something but it would be super cool to see!! just cornstarch and water!
M_n_ V
M_n_ V Pred 7 dnevi
Here b4 10mil..
WWFYMN Pred 7 dnevi
that is why you should be allowed to bring industrial quantities of silly puddy in school
Skate Raptor 1
Skate Raptor 1 Pred 7 dnevi
Me: Mom, I want baguette. Mom: We have baguette at home. Baguette at home: 11:36
Collin Brown
Collin Brown Pred 7 dnevi
Get a tripod bud
Shaarang Vaze
Shaarang Vaze Pred 7 dnevi
The exploding round made the putty look like the insides of the tremors monsters. lol
god blesscanada
god blesscanada Pred 7 dnevi
that 50 bmg be soundin like a nerf gun ngl (the reloading pull back thingy)
Swaggy McSwaggerton
Swaggy McSwaggerton Pred 8 dnevi
That thing looks like a Tremor worm
Chase Taliaferro
Chase Taliaferro Pred 8 dnevi
J ROD Pred 8 dnevi
Lol. The end result of the silly putty reminds me of the monster on that movie Tremors when it was blown up
Constantin Veltmann
Constantin Veltmann Pred 8 dnevi
please try shooting at a mixture of water and starch. non-newtonian fluid very eager to see, but my country has very strict gun laws
TyBo Tesla
TyBo Tesla Pred 8 dnevi
What in the world was that contraption at the beginning?! Some kind of hybrid tater launcher or what?! Lol
TyBo Tesla
TyBo Tesla Pred 8 dnevi
Well that’s the most pathetic weak corn stalk I’ve ever seen! /s 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
MaksOn4ik Pred 8 dnevi
Why did you stop using Taurus Raging hornet? He's very fast and beautiful! P.S. Hello from Russia ❤️
Mihails Akulenkovs
Mihails Akulenkovs Pred 8 dnevi
The result of .50 explosion reminded me instantly of T-1000 after it was almost ripped in half by grenade explosion! :D
Nike Naisam
Nike Naisam Pred 8 dnevi
The bullets are hot that makes the putty melt I think that’s why it doesn’t stop it
Ulitochnik Pred 8 dnevi
The beginning looks like gachi
Дамир Заббаров
Hi) thanks for content) Russian fans)
Ryan Pred 8 dnevi
I love how youtube punishes responsible gun youtubers instead of promoting good gun safety, and practices in general around a firearm
Alphonsus Tanggal
Alphonsus Tanggal Pred 8 dnevi
What’s wrong with the mayor.?
Cdlrrcb Games
Cdlrrcb Games Pred 9 dnevi
one day he will but the go pro on a separate table so it stops falling off the moving table
sand Pred 9 dnevi
*Gets crapped on by a pterodactyl*
Silent but Deadly
Silent but Deadly Pred 9 dnevi
How did you get that much 😂 if you had to get the individual little eggs of it then wow 😯
P GL Pred 9 dnevi
Wow. Is that a propane powered potato gun? A PPPG?
Marcus Hirst
Marcus Hirst Pred 9 dnevi
Try blutack
Chase Mercado
Chase Mercado Pred 9 dnevi
Where is the .338:(
Robert Jaymot
Robert Jaymot Pred 9 dnevi
The poor camera went through some abuse in this video lol
Tapiatioo Pred 9 dnevi
Do oobleck
Rhombohedral Pred 9 dnevi
this YT chanel looks like the most americana channel category on YT
Terry KBD
Terry KBD Pred 9 dnevi
Dude that's awesome.You should try that thing showed between "yellow pages" phone directories..You might get an ultimate bullet proof formula
Plebbles Pred 9 dnevi
What the dog doing
wyattthealchemist Pred 9 dnevi
*Beep Beep Beep!*
gtblack1988 Pred 9 dnevi
Привет от Zёбра
Werwolf Chf
Werwolf Chf Pred 7 dnevi
Искал твой комментарий)
aZver Pred 9 dnevi
Strip man))). Больше трофеев на ранчо!)
Hodd Toward
Hodd Toward Pred 9 dnevi
Those are thorough birds
Saul Duarte
Saul Duarte Pred 10 dnevi
This video made me so happy
AAF Pred 10 dnevi
Неllo like!
The Vince44
The Vince44 Pred 10 dnevi
Have you ever shot one of your cameras
Константин Pred 10 dnevi
Привет от зёбры
Константин Pred 10 dnevi
@БАРДОВИЧ ёмаё какой быстрый ответ
БАРДОВИЧ Pred 10 dnevi
Blue sheep productions
"one feet of silly putty" still hunts me.
Hard To Explain
Hard To Explain Pred 3 dnevi
""one feet of silly putty" still hunts me." Still haunts me.
chet freouf
chet freouf Pred 10 dnevi
The 50 reminds me of the movie Tremors
JKR Pred 10 dnevi
Maaaan try Non-Newtonian fluid pls, it will shock you. Straight from Russia. Respectfully "Saturday".
Stek Om
Stek Om Pred 10 dnevi
Привет, Я тут по ссылке от Зебры. Видео - класс, а если сделать бронежилет из этого материала. Какого класса он будет?
Иван Пирогов
11:10 Like T-1000 in Terminator 2
ConcreteHades Pred 10 dnevi
@DemolitionRanch if you sell 10,000 shirts in 6 months how about you buy me a truck of my choice I wont destroy and we make a video together?
Bois don’t subscribe we gotta protect Matt from ATF.
Ильмир Кашапов
Кто понимает нажмите лайк чисто по братский
Duke Holderby
Duke Holderby Pred 11 dnevi
Matt, you should get one of those little handheld metal detectors. That way you can know for sure if the rounds exit.
Rocky Martinez
Rocky Martinez Pred 11 dnevi
Try with a 7.62x54
Asian Jesus
Asian Jesus Pred 11 dnevi
Got a lil nervous with your grip on that chiappa. Lil sucker is good at smoking thumb tips
Jeeping Jed
Jeeping Jed Pred 11 dnevi
I like seeing you test guns on random stuff
David W
David W Pred 12 dnevi
MistaMo Pred 12 dnevi
Roll it into a ball and bounce it
Corporal McMuffin
Corporal McMuffin Pred 12 dnevi
“Scary Larry” wtf lol
Cameron E
Cameron E Pred 12 dnevi
Looks like one of those things from Tremors after the .50
YELAKA VENDI Pred 12 dnevi
it wiil stop
Riley Vannosdol
Riley Vannosdol Pred 12 dnevi
Weres creepy kooter
The silly putty after the 50. was like one of those dead monsters from tremors
Dominic Steves
Dominic Steves Pred 13 dnevi
4:37 “that came out the back” that’s what she said
Michael Ford
Michael Ford Pred 13 dnevi
Do a stretch arm strong video!
Liam Engram
Liam Engram Pred 13 dnevi
150lbs of magnetic smart mass? That stuff is like silly putty, but magnetic AND it will actually shatter.
kelsey lopp
kelsey lopp Pred 14 dnevi
FC LATTA - Episodi 12 (NEW)