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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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17. maj. 2021

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DemolitionRanch Pred 27 dnevi
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/UPhkeS ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/YPpeyq ✅ PC: clcr.me/L1iWHD and start your journey now!
Illidan Stormrage
Illidan Stormrage Pred 14 dnevi
Shoe laces 😃🤣 Who the 🤬 even uses those anymore. You all are supposed to be using waterproof boots by now which are impossible to design with the old shoe laces model
Syyn Pred 14 dnevi
@Lars Müller I had a stroke reading this
HeyImViper Pred 15 dnevi
@KableFI He gotta feed his kids
NTF Operative
NTF Operative Pred 15 dnevi
@KableFI damn you really must crave likes commenting dumb stuff like this :D
NTF Operative
NTF Operative Pred 15 dnevi
@KableFI wow really are YOU SERIOUS HUH? HE IS DEMONETIZED GOTTA GET MONEY TO MAKE MORE VIDS PUNK so think about it next time before you comment stuff like this you must be really desperate for likes :D
DabGod Pred 6 urami
CHINA has the crapiest quality for manufacturing if you need battlefield gear et it from the UK or the US
RobertTheDon Pred 7 urami
Dang ma boi took a whole pickle to the face for us
RobertTheDon Pred 7 urami
I hope he threw a high point at least
demolishing china scam products... thats why i love this channel
Ninjaturtle Pred dnevom
Matt got hit by a packle (pickle)
ct hoffman
ct hoffman Pred dnevom
anyone notice the exact kobe logo on the tongue.. 😂 that's your first indication that they're trying to play you like a fiddle..
Jebidiah Roundstone
Wow Matt what an intro you put yourself threw so much physical pain just for us
Tim Soderholm
Tim Soderholm Pred dnevom
Random packet of something included with the shoes: “Do not eat.” Matt: “I feel like I should eat it…”
Даже тут есть рэйд ааааааа
Shane Yates
Shane Yates Pred 2 dnevi
I absolutely enjoy all of your intros and outros keep up the awesome work matt you are awesome brother
Chris Alagha
Chris Alagha Pred 2 dnevi
This was the best intro video yet.
Jon 7 inch Mings
Jon 7 inch Mings Pred 3 dnevi
Definitely the best intro you've done. That pickle smack to the face made me bust out laughing very loudly
A1mer7ica7nma6n Elgoog
Your intros have been hilarious the whole decade or about I've been watching.
Adrian Gundran
Adrian Gundran Pred 4 dnevi
How about a D30 Compound if it is bulletproof.
RoastBeef420 Pred 4 dnevi
Ok but Matt, how often are you gonna have someone shooting like a .30-30 at your toes
William Bradey
William Bradey Pred 4 dnevi
He made me so nervous cutting that bullet out of the shoe. You never cut towards yourself and you certainly never aim the point at your stomach while using a dully knife to try and cut something. Could have been a who other kind of video.
Scott Pred 4 dnevi
That intro was amazing.
Raymond Man
Raymond Man Pred 5 dnevi
Imagine get the toe steel for your chest
Panda _yt
Panda _yt Pred 5 dnevi
I like to shot a 22 I have shot one
Elcei Pred 5 dnevi
Man these intros get better every time I swear
Josh Spencer
Josh Spencer Pred 5 dnevi
The intro with how Brothers fight over each the PS4 controller
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Pred 5 dnevi
Buuuut I bought them shoes they suck. The steal shank came through the soul in two weeks. I was kicking a root in the ground. I complained which I hate to do and the offered 40% off another pair. I didn't except. So screw those guys
greg butts
greg butts Pred 4 dnevi
yeah i bought a pair too and they were trash
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Pred 5 dnevi
Demo ranch took stiff pickle to THE FACE!!!!...LOL so fun
StitchJones74 Pred 6 dnevi
Down vote because of Raid
Daniel Mclean
Daniel Mclean Pred 6 dnevi
Wher did u get those boots want a pair
Joe Lutz
Joe Lutz Pred 6 dnevi
Definitely my favorite intro of all time for this show haha
Andrew Kraatz
Andrew Kraatz Pred 6 dnevi
Your toes would definitely be broken at the very least if you caught a decent caliber bullet in those shoes.
Abbas Ezzedine
Abbas Ezzedine Pred 6 dnevi
best intro LMAOO
Gunnvant Bitsie
Gunnvant Bitsie Pred 7 dnevi
did anyone hear the s word
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
The ConGaminator
The ConGaminator Pred 8 dnevi
Where did you get arms as beafy as yours for the intro??? I was wrong! There really *are* two Matts!
Fosty The Snowman
Fosty The Snowman Pred 8 dnevi
Netflix: "Are you still watching?" Someone's Daughter: 0:42
will dickinson
will dickinson Pred 8 dnevi
Wish motorcycle helmet
russ kc
russ kc Pred 8 dnevi
Matt... you should try LOTRO (Lord Of The Rings Online)
russ kc
russ kc Pred 8 dnevi
If you try lotro go to Arkingstone server, my main Gilenith is a lvl 91 elf hunter
Spartaman#6008 Pred 8 dnevi
Fire shoes
JeckNoTree Pred 8 dnevi
the intros are always the highlights :D
The Hiddencar
The Hiddencar Pred 9 dnevi
If your brother was still alive. That intro would be so funny!
Jake Stansfield
Jake Stansfield Pred 9 dnevi
He’s in quite the pickle now
All or Nothin
All or Nothin Pred 9 dnevi
Your at 10 million time to see all the guns I can’t wait
All or Nothin
All or Nothin Pred 9 dnevi
You should do this www.chewy.com/virtually-indestructible-ball-dog-toy/dp/134201?The%20Virtually%20Indestructible%20Ball&gclid=Cj0KCQjwweyFBhDvARIsAA67M72D8-ObhR2sDObSB-P5fJxiwXTi96PyYmOwbzMIRwOyt8SBYP359YcaAkYiEALw_wcB. Or a bullet proof COVID face mask
The Kentucky Rifleman
If they ain't Georgia climbers you've wasted your money
Melita Brenchley
Melita Brenchley Pred 9 dnevi
Thankyou my 2 and half little girl loves this
beast 09
beast 09 Pred 9 dnevi
Im just curious whats the brand name for thoses runners
Freedomist Pred 9 dnevi
Keep up the good work
Sheep Wool
Sheep Wool Pred 9 dnevi
You could say Matt got pickled
Patrick Riedacher
Patrick Riedacher Pred 9 dnevi
You made the shoe into a wick of course the bottom didn't burn
Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad Pred 10 dnevi
The thundering overcoat algorithmically file because tennis substantially push up a exotic traffic. meek, tender tense colombia
RikkiTikkiTavi Pred 10 dnevi
Who would have guessed that playing with fire was dangerous
Jayden Rider
Jayden Rider Pred 10 dnevi
This is probably the single most best intro I've ever seen from you
Judith Cat
Judith Cat Pred 10 dnevi
Breh, please shoot a graphics card We wanna see those expensive 3090’s go to waste
matthew swearingen
matthew swearingen Pred 10 dnevi
a car tire
Nicks Handmade Boots
Nicks Handmade Boots Pred 10 dnevi
Destroy one of our boots! USA Made!
Build Master Hudson
Build Master Hudson Pred 10 dnevi
He is probably not going to respond but where do you get your 9mm ammo
OG BIG6IX Pred 10 dnevi
Jesus M. Ortiz
Jesus M. Ortiz Pred 10 dnevi
DUDE THAT INTRO!!! hahahaha
TheAshonator Pred 11 dnevi
Anyone else notice the Matt said shit??
Kat Kitty
Kat Kitty Pred 11 dnevi
Why do you touch the burning hot bullet
RedKnight/ /Red2902
RedKnight/ /Red2902 Pred 11 dnevi
Idk my dickie work boots are comfortable and hold up great, 4 years hard work and still strong and....well they look bad because consistant maintenance engineer work
Colbo Marto
Colbo Marto Pred 11 dnevi
That intro 😂😂😂😂
nathan r
nathan r Pred 11 dnevi
Try strike movement Pace AF trainer, they have multiple layers of kevlar in it.
Piastun Pred 11 dnevi
LOL secret weapon "ogórki kiszone"
CL!PZZ_Fn Pred 12 dnevi
one day he will learn that bullets are hot
HALF Warrior 67
HALF Warrior 67 Pred 12 dnevi
Potato slingshot was awesome!
Joe Schlong
Joe Schlong Pred 12 dnevi
One of the best intros I’ve seen from a gun SLtvr the best one is Kentucky ballistics “how deep is that bucket”
Maksim Ushakov
Maksim Ushakov Pred 12 dnevi
Красава мужик
Jonathan Pred 12 dnevi
Very Nice intro and outro. I think I’d rather have a bullet through my toes than having my toes shattered by the metal inside. Nice vid mat! Keep up the good work
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred 13 dnevi
I wanna see these "bulletproof" hoodies.
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez Pred 13 dnevi
Best intro ever
RC6 YouTube
RC6 YouTube Pred 13 dnevi
Love the intros
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred 13 dnevi
Netflix: "Are you still watching"? Someone's daughter: 0:43
Levi Johns . 120 years ago
3030 is right next to 300 winchester
Levi Johns . 120 years ago
0:40 stop before I throw my long green thing in your face
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones Pred 13 dnevi
JustMattPlays Pred 13 dnevi
Best intro yet HANDS DOWN
C Sanders
C Sanders Pred 13 dnevi
Can you really even say you have a gun collection if you don't have a lever action 30.30? I mean do you call yourself a man and sit down to go pee? If you're a Texan and you randomly hear... THE STARS AT NIGHT ARE BIG AND BRIGHT, do you just sit there? We should all know the answer is the same to these questions...
evan rumpel
evan rumpel Pred 13 dnevi
THIS VIDEO IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY- *taptaptaptaptap*
uzi Stzy
uzi Stzy Pred 13 dnevi
Great works Mat!!
Lansing Michigan
Lansing Michigan Pred 13 dnevi
A pickle to the face🤣
Prince Awesome
Prince Awesome Pred 13 dnevi
But will it stop a .50 BMG
Иван Крестьянинов
Зашёл сюда, чтобы поблагодарить Зёбру за крутой перевод роликов Мэтта на русский.
Lethal Mamba Gaming
Lethal Mamba Gaming Pred 13 dnevi
Idk what that intro was. But... that shit was funny af
scott scott
scott scott Pred 13 dnevi
me thinkin IS IT GUN PROOF??
thesauce Pred 14 dnevi
Christopher Ybarra
Christopher Ybarra Pred 14 dnevi
Live the skit in the beginning had me cracking up
Kuhzabar 999
Kuhzabar 999 Pred 14 dnevi
Netflix: "Are you still watching"? Someone's daughter: 0:43
Newman Ortega
Newman Ortega Pred 14 dnevi
The paltry dust nationally blind because system preoperatively man qua a tacky euphonium. extra-large extra-small exuberant, nutty asphalt
Gavin Rogers
Gavin Rogers Pred 14 dnevi
At 6:46, he said it didn’t stop when it did. 😂
Jared HB
Jared HB Pred 14 dnevi
How do you get so good at the intro transitions
nolifeguy1 Pred 14 dnevi
Although it's hard to compare, this intro has to be one of my favorites. Perfect.
Vlad the Inhaler
Vlad the Inhaler Pred 14 dnevi
First clue it wasn't indestructible was Made in China.
Jim Bulgerin
Jim Bulgerin Pred 14 dnevi
Ok, Matt, how many Barretts does it take to stop a 50BMG?
Marshall Morris
Marshall Morris Pred 14 dnevi
Do a video for your friend that got hurt by his gun
Lord_cheese Pred 14 dnevi
Is me or do 90% of us need this!
Mystical Manic
Mystical Manic Pred 14 dnevi
This guy's opening scenes are the main reason I'm Subscribed not gonna lie 😂
Origami, air soft And guns
Spartan tac helmet face mask is so posedly indestructible
ToXiicFraGGz Pred 14 dnevi
DrkClshr Pred 14 dnevi
“I use knives a lot”
QueHefnerr Pred 14 dnevi
Bro got whacked with a pickle 😂
Tuzlu Erik
Tuzlu Erik Pred 14 dnevi
that was the best intro ever :D
ВВ Всегда
ВВ Всегда Pred 14 dnevi
Благодарю, кайфонул , когда они ОБА выхватили по щам огурцами !!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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