World's Largest Man vs World's Largest Rice Krispy!!! 

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7. maj. 2021

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Alpine Pred 18 urami
Robert is looking leaner these days. Not to mention his beautifully trimmed beard. Prettiest dude in strongman that’s for sure!
Bennett Hastings
Bennett Hastings Pred dnevom
Could that dude's arms be any bigger?
Omfghellokitty Pred dnevom
What a waste of food :/
J-best19 Pred dnevom
send me one of these.... i need to taste it haha
Tony Pred dnevom
That intro vid is amazing
Alex M
Alex M Pred dnevom
You got me with that 22 mosin, i thought rob was polar bear size.
Colton McGrath
Colton McGrath Pred dnevom
Why didn't you save the rice Krispy for Crispy
slim chicken
slim chicken Pred dnevom
I learn something when I watch SLtv. Today's findings marshmallows disintegrate bullets .
Jack Sikich
Jack Sikich Pred 2 dnevi
At 4:28 in the video, you can see one of the sheets has tape on it which reads "property of demolitionranch but you can have some because you're awesome"
John Grayson
John Grayson Pred 2 dnevi
Did you guys know theres a bacteria that makes your balls bigger?
Tyler Kimball
Tyler Kimball Pred 2 dnevi
There is John C Reilly and there's this fella... John A Reilly (the A is for Alpha)
faadada udada
faadada udada Pred 2 dnevi
Didn't think dude was that big. Then I got a few minutes in. That's one big boy bebbeh
Jimmy Engdahl
Jimmy Engdahl Pred 2 dnevi
Is this a joke? My father in law is bigger than him..
Jesse Pred 3 dnevi
😲😳 💪🏻
Raymond Scaia
Raymond Scaia Pred 3 dnevi
You should've shot the 50 yourself and aimed a little high for the drop
Raymond Scaia
Raymond Scaia Pred 3 dnevi
At least one more time
nick cappy
nick cappy Pred 3 dnevi
Said that should be my personal carry 😂😂
Aiden Gallimore
Aiden Gallimore Pred 3 dnevi
I wonder if he actually ate all of that XD
JcGaming Pred 3 dnevi
10:19 WTF WAS THAT DRAGON NAH!!! it gave me chills.
Chace Hawkins
Chace Hawkins Pred 4 dnevi
Ok seeing Robert with the Mosin was funny, but seeing him with the mini Kalashnikov was even better
Preston Trim
Preston Trim Pred 4 dnevi
You have to be some kind of ginormous to make Matt look small.
Joel Campbell
Joel Campbell Pred 4 dnevi
Robert makes a 50ae look like a 45 😂
Sion Revan
Sion Revan Pred 4 dnevi
Giant loose in Texas hunting for gainz
Monkey Ball
Monkey Ball Pred 5 dnevi
Drinking jack watching this 👍🏼
Michael Posado
Michael Posado Pred 5 dnevi
Day one of asking to shoot a metres
Fox D
Fox D Pred 5 dnevi
All these "treat sheets" make me think "I need to make a layer cake out of those and some chocolate frosting." Y'all can shoot whatever I don't finish.
DaQuan McCoy
DaQuan McCoy Pred 5 dnevi
How many cars or motorcycles will stop a high caliber bullet?
Jay Mcdude
Jay Mcdude Pred 5 dnevi
Those look delicious
VZ1NK 0AK Pred 5 dnevi
Matt shooting the long barrel goes all the way back Rob shoots it a normal 9
Spooker Red Menace
Spooker Red Menace Pred 5 dnevi
where the hell can you buy rise crispy treats that size lol
Cory Gaither
Cory Gaither Pred 6 dnevi
Shoots siderblocks
C Fry
C Fry Pred 6 dnevi
Bachelors paradise!
Ivan swiss
Ivan swiss Pred 6 dnevi
In roberts hand the 500mag looks like a 22lr;-)
A Channel
A Channel Pred 6 dnevi
Worlds largest man vs 50 cal
Bru Pred 7 dnevi
10:01 I wish this exact frame would be Americas stereotype
mr. wonderful
mr. wonderful Pred 7 dnevi
Big Robert, puny gun 💪🏽
Wyattk9x9 Bailey
Wyattk9x9 Bailey Pred 7 dnevi
You should have shot rice crispys with crispy
Kyle White
Kyle White Pred 7 dnevi
Seeing Rob and Matt beside each other is like the white people version of The Rock and Kevin Hart 🤣🤣🤣🤣. And Matt's not that short, either. Just proves how huge of a human being that Oberst is.
Blackposss Pred 7 dnevi
that M107 looks soooooo small
Random Game clipz
Random Game clipz Pred 7 dnevi
New video idea. If your in a shootout in IKEA which flatpack furniture would you hide behind?
Metro Metro
Metro Metro Pred 8 dnevi
Funny opening, always gets me laughing.
Tajon Williams
Tajon Williams Pred 8 dnevi
15:19 ayooo lmaooooooo
Zombie Jr
Zombie Jr Pred 9 dnevi
nobody: me: he's gonna shoot the rice crispy treats and the man then compare
jacob h
jacob h Pred 9 dnevi
Lmao love the intro😂 been watching demo ranch for around 3 years now love it man keep it up!
Sgto Punisher
Sgto Punisher Pred 9 dnevi
The personalty from the Big guy make more insane video
Tiffany Plays OwO
Tiffany Plays OwO Pred 9 dnevi
7:20 Lead: Is poisonous Big dude: *licks it*
Doofy Pred 9 dnevi
“Man you penetrated so hard just then” - Matt
jo seff
jo seff Pred 9 dnevi
Worlds largest man alive is Sultan Kösen, 251 cm...
Joseph Cummings
Joseph Cummings Pred 9 dnevi
I’m here for the rice crispy treats they are my favorite!
Efrain Vera
Efrain Vera Pred 9 dnevi
Where you got them at I want
TheThunder005 Pred 9 dnevi
Shooting solid copper bullets, flexing on us, this is the most expensive video Matt produced ever!
go ul
go ul Pred 9 dnevi
Klipster44 Pred 10 dnevi
Who ever tries to brake into doc's house will become silver surfers
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Pred 10 dnevi
You guys are very funny I watch you all the time best show ever especially with all the guns I wish I had them i enjoy your show it's awesome
RomanStabbyStab Pred 10 dnevi
All the big man and tiny objects references gave me a good laugh
Ace of Spades Fundamentals
Robert made a .50 look like a normal sized AR… I can just imagine how big this dude actually is
Swamp Puppy
Swamp Puppy Pred 10 dnevi
I love how Robert is just bouncing around SLtv 😂
XxT0xcxX Pred 10 dnevi
2:37 this just makes me laugh! 🤣🤣🤣
Josh Strasnick
Josh Strasnick Pred 10 dnevi
He should try fluff
chaim7games Pred 10 dnevi
I wonder how many tables it takes to stop a bullet
Fred Sanford
Fred Sanford Pred 10 dnevi
Standing next to that guy will give you diabetes
matt tutell
matt tutell Pred 11 dnevi
Man that's so wrong. Pick something else in the future. I love those things man
Ms Jane
Ms Jane Pred 11 dnevi
Wooo! 9.99mil subs! So closed!
Ghost_Slayer141 Pred 11 dnevi
You Guys Should Try And Get Titanium or some sort of super strong metal and see if 50. Cal BMG Can Go Through It Types of metal Titanium Vibramium Etc...
Nathanos Pred 11 dnevi
We found the big iron!
Jacob Finn
Jacob Finn Pred 11 dnevi
MAn I want one of those rice crispys rnrn
KC Pred 11 dnevi
4:28 ok are you paying
Shannon seattle
Shannon seattle Pred 12 dnevi
Do you guys think Matts Republican Duh
Paul Hunt
Paul Hunt Pred 12 dnevi
They sell these large candy’s at truck stops!
Sküünt Cunthørpe
Sküünt Cunthørpe Pred 12 dnevi
He should honestly be in every video, he is awesome , I met him a few years ago after I bought some magic beans
steady fishing
steady fishing Pred 12 dnevi
Matt is starting to come me off like a db
Nicholas Cole
Nicholas Cole Pred 12 dnevi
9:20 big iron
Riz plays
Riz plays Pred 12 dnevi
I hate this the UK doesn't have those big rice crispys but I wish we did
Billy Jack
Billy Jack Pred 12 dnevi
Just smoke some pot and the whole table will be gone in 10 to 15 minutes , lol
Cameron Unwin
Cameron Unwin Pred 12 dnevi
Robert your on Preston and bri’s Channel’s
tigerraven And co
tigerraven And co Pred 12 dnevi
send me some rice crispy treats i live in melbourne australia
Ishoo Pred 12 dnevi
eddie hall : im a a joke to u
Ipen ghost gaming
Ipen ghost gaming Pred 13 dnevi
Shoot pokemon booster packs
Practical Prepping
Practical Prepping Pred 13 dnevi
4:28 “Property of Demolition Ranch but have some because you’re awesome” lol
Angus E
Angus E Pred 13 dnevi
bruh imagine if he was so tiny hahaha be very funny
michael sawyer jr
michael sawyer jr Pred 13 dnevi
Anyone else want to know why Matt didn’t hand Robert the pawn shop .25
Geral Renoird
Geral Renoird Pred 13 dnevi
Intro. PERFECTO 😂🔥
Texas Forever
Texas Forever Pred 13 dnevi
Watching this video rn while he's eating at dog and pony badass
EricG326 Pred 13 dnevi
Robert has marshmallow faith. Do you have marshmallow faith?
ClaiohmSolais Pred 13 dnevi
As I am watching, I can't help but think.... are they gonna eat em afterwards? We shall see.
playboy alex
playboy alex Pred 13 dnevi
Has nobody seen the A-team
Hanzo Hosashi
Hanzo Hosashi Pred 13 dnevi
Hello from Russia!:)
Hanzo Hosashi
Hanzo Hosashi Pred 12 dnevi
@Артём Вахнин шалом
Артём Вахнин
Beasty X
Beasty X Pred 14 dnevi
I’m surprised he hasn’t made a video with Brian shaw
Shawn Corbett
Shawn Corbett Pred 14 dnevi
This is making me rilly hungry lol
Alex Tristan
Alex Tristan Pred 14 dnevi
Check out a reliable gun store called *mrmasterglock on wickr* I got glock from this the same store I really appreciate them..
PTSD Cat Pred 14 dnevi
POV: you got flipped off by massive guy you stand no chance of stopping 12:42
potatochobit Pred 14 dnevi
those are so DISGUSTING they taste nothing like real fresh made rice krispy treats
Bryo Pred 14 dnevi
Long time I eh it them thing uk🇱🇨
Sean Raines
Sean Raines Pred 14 dnevi
I thought you had desert eagles
SVER Otters
SVER Otters Pred 14 dnevi
The fat kid in me weeps
Liam Eicher
Liam Eicher Pred 14 dnevi
I SAW THAT TAPE! And I already have :/
Teddy Carlson
Teddy Carlson Pred 14 dnevi
Next video: fanning with a 28 inch barrel
PC KSP Pred 14 dnevi
Rob would look tiny next to hickok
Rashid Kamburov
Rashid Kamburov Pred 14 dnevi
Dudes you are going so crazy hahahaha
Filming Phil
Filming Phil Pred 15 dnevi
Hagrid, is that you??? 🥺
KingDonkey Pred 15 dnevi
Dude looks like big shac if he was white and went to the gym occasionally
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