Drill Testing and Review (PROFESSIONAL) 

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This episode is not sponsored by Ryobi, I just wanted to make the tool snobs mad!!!!!!
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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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19. feb. 2021

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Brigham Bush
Brigham Bush Pred dnevom
Pure science. I love it
The Bus Bums
The Bus Bums Pred dnevom
Who knew a plastic chuck would save it 🤔
Jeff Fleischut
Jeff Fleischut Pred dnevom
Ryobi-what amatures use Dewalt-what people that kind of know what to do use Milwaukee-what real construction workers use and nobody cares about the other one
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho Pred dnevom
Much more entertaining then wranglerstar
Sethan Dotts
Sethan Dotts Pred dnevom
DeWalt wins!!
Mark Golden
Mark Golden Pred 2 dnevi
Even matt doesnt trust the RN-50.
joe wimberly
joe wimberly Pred 2 dnevi
Lol! Hit with the 50 and not even a mark on it. Forget my Dewalt I'm gonna get a ryobi
I love my Ryobi drill! Yeet yeet!
Hunter Weaver
Hunter Weaver Pred 4 dnevi
I like how he got more confident with ryobi after every test
Rudy Fardon
Rudy Fardon Pred 5 dnevi
Project farm is jealous
Graden Longan
Graden Longan Pred 5 dnevi
It hurt so bad to hear him say "I'll just leave the out here" and throw a 1911 on the ground
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke Pred 6 dnevi
A totally bias free episode with 100% repeated testing on each product.
MVND Pred 7 dnevi
this video is great for people like me who have almost no knowledge about power drills or guns. i'm just entertained
josh Williams
josh Williams Pred 8 dnevi
You forgot craftsman
CJ PLAY'S Pred 8 dnevi
Dual all the way
Cmoney_ 5955
Cmoney_ 5955 Pred 9 dnevi
Dewalt should have won that i don't think he hit that shot with the 1911 cheater😂😂😂
Plebbles Pred 9 dnevi
What the dog doing
sterling richardson
sterling richardson Pred 9 dnevi
Glad to know dewalt is more bullet proof then Milwaukee
RHEC Bronco
RHEC Bronco Pred 10 dnevi
Looked like some plastic and all the Milwaukee got was a dent🤷‍♂️
Michael Cox
Michael Cox Pred 11 dnevi
What?!? No Craftsman C3 drill?
Maria Nenow
Maria Nenow Pred 11 dnevi
Maybe if you didn’t shoot them you would think differently about the Milwaukee
BiG PiMpIn C
BiG PiMpIn C Pred 11 dnevi
Makita all the way
Hellfire Pred 12 dnevi
How can a drill fire a bullet
mozartiko Pred 12 dnevi
i love how he pushed the brocken Ryobi with his leg so we couldn't see at the end :D
Beech Balls
Beech Balls Pred 12 dnevi
This is the most biased experiment I've ever seen
kevin lesher
kevin lesher Pred 13 dnevi
Had a ryobi impact and the whole chuck assembly fell out while I was using it. Switched to Milwaukee and have had no problems.
Peter Four
Peter Four Pred 13 dnevi
for what it worth I have used them all professionally, and I still buy Ryobi. It has held up the best. I have a 20lbs cordless drill that works like a champ.
РЖАКА Pred 13 dnevi
I'm a fan of yours from Russia. It's cool how you run your ranch... And you have a lot of guns. You're a tough guy...Give me your autographed T-shirt. Please destructor not destructible
Nightmare Hound
Nightmare Hound Pred 14 dnevi
No joke this is the only intro that I have seen that has something to do with the intro
Mikey Alexander
Mikey Alexander Pred 14 dnevi
9:04 Your middle finger has a good bb size blood mark. Did it come back and hit you in the finger?
Valkota Pred 15 dnevi
I bought a cheap TOPELEK power drill, never heard of them before, but I liked the colours. For a brand I never heard of, and for like $70 CAD, with bits and extras to go with it, it works shockingly well, and the battery lasts a long a time. If I had 3 times that amount of money, I would have bought a DEWALT drill, which would have only came with the drill and 1 battery, and nothing else... But still some really nice drills. I bet if Matt shot the Ryobi instead of throwing the gun at it, it probably would have killed the Ryobi, but we will never know.
Joe Pinaglia
Joe Pinaglia Pred 15 dnevi
You never hit the royobi
William Gaddin
William Gaddin Pred 15 dnevi
What about ridgid???
Алекс Маршал
mason mcneill
mason mcneill Pred 16 dnevi
Milwaukee is by far the best
Czech Mate
Czech Mate Pred 17 dnevi
Good thing to know If I ever need to build a house
Gism0815 Pred 17 dnevi
In Germany DeWalt is known as a cheap Throw-away Product, u use it, and if it gets broke, doesnt mattter, is cheap and buy a new one.
sam peterson
sam peterson Pred 17 dnevi
ryobi is garbage who agrees
Mike Slicker
Mike Slicker Pred 18 dnevi
Best tool test I have ever seen!
Sucker 481
Sucker 481 Pred 18 dnevi
Dude you need to do some more tool test. I could watch this all day
Zachery Harper
Zachery Harper Pred 18 dnevi
The ryobi is only reliable because of its loose tolerances. It can't accurately drill
Jack Krauser
Jack Krauser Pred 18 dnevi
Ryobi is actually great at price for performance. Dewalt can just go bankrupt tho
Zen Sheep
Zen Sheep Pred 18 dnevi
Damn people care too much about drills and tool brands, just accept a screw driver and elbow grease is better
Faded Frank
Faded Frank Pred 18 dnevi
Im a dewalt man
Colby Smith
Colby Smith Pred 19 dnevi
Tshirt idea, have a picture of matt best with an x across it with a picture of matt carriker labeled the best matt lol
Bud M
Bud M Pred 20 dnevi
Ryobi, the Hi Point of cordless tools.
Punisherr _495
Punisherr _495 Pred 21 dnevom
This is to funny
Marc S
Marc S Pred 21 dnevom
I keep watching this video and wonder how the hell was the intro made. Somebody else shooting?
OldHead Gaming
OldHead Gaming Pred 21 dnevom
And it’s kinda crazy though I’m a contractor I do it for a living and Milwaukee has lasted the longest for me overall then dewalt and Mikita ... and Ryobi last... every drill I got from ryobi hasn’t lasted long on the actual job site and they have low torque power so that’s why ryobi doesn’t get used much!
OldHead Gaming
OldHead Gaming Pred 21 dnevom
Ok cool test.. it all depends on exactly where these drills get hit... of course you hit Milwaukee and desalt straight where all the gears are at and had it locked in wedged in there lol take the piece of lead out they might work lol
Olli Pred 21 dnevom
I almost got excited to see which drill was the best, the intro was too good haha. 😂
Erich Groth
Erich Groth Pred 21 dnevom
Nice Matt! But Milwaukee all the way! You should do a saws all test!
Hector Cardenas
Hector Cardenas Pred 22 dnevi
Bad ass shirt Matt just ordered one a hat and a beer cooler coozie cause MERICA
BurningGlory Pred 22 dnevi
Even though I like milwaukee... I don't pity fools for torturing themselves with Ryobi... Unless they're on MY job site.
Jade Pierson
Jade Pierson Pred 22 dnevi
What about rigid
Portal Pred 22 dnevi
That poor Serbu is getting put through it's paces at Demo Ranch
DoubleOught Kennels
DoubleOught Kennels Pred 22 dnevi
Love that lever action 12 gauge
weslar7 Pred 23 dnevi
Nice movie reference
Barzin Lotfabadi
Barzin Lotfabadi Pred 23 dnevi
Watching this with my family as a bonding experience
King2Times93 Pred 23 dnevi
Drills fighting back throwing bb’s haha
Zac Pred 23 dnevi
I’ve had my Makita driver for 15 years she still goes strong mate
Ahmad Harith
Ahmad Harith Pred 23 dnevi
What a biased tester 😂
Randy Kirsch
Randy Kirsch Pred 23 dnevi
Its fun seeing everyone argue over which is the best. Even funnier that no one feels the need to disagree on which is the worst..
Gavin Paholke
Gavin Paholke Pred 23 dnevi
Video idea: Matt shoots skeet but instead of skeet he uses high points
EL TALLER DE LUCAS Pred 23 dnevi
Like.... I been using it for the last 4 years
EL TALLER DE LUCAS Pred 24 dnevi
I actually think that the Ryobi it's decent for the price
Sean Esparza
Sean Esparza Pred 24 dnevi
Did he just kick the Ryobi that got obliterated by the serbu and he brought out a different Ryobi
Nick Trujillo
Nick Trujillo Pred 25 dnevi
Not biased against Milwaukee at all😂
Gamerlux Pred 25 dnevi
The intro a wranglerstar diss lol
cody lanford
cody lanford Pred 27 dnevi
Yo bud tell me where u got at shotgun at.. I gotta git me one of em...
Charles Rochette
Charles Rochette Pred 27 dnevi
i forget u hav an accent then hear random hints of texan boy flair in ur words
Jaydon Li
Jaydon Li Pred 27 dnevi
The main point of the video is that is a drill bulletproof 😂🤣😂🤣
Logan Yates
Logan Yates Pred 27 dnevi
Anyone else see that birdshot ricochet right past the camera back at Matt 😂
Ryan Sanders
Ryan Sanders Pred 27 dnevi
Until he finds out Milwaukee and ryobi are owned by the same parent company with the similar parts
MrNo Nayme
MrNo Nayme Pred 28 dnevi
16:03 great Jim Carey reference 🤣🤣🤣
admanajw Pred 28 dnevi
WOW, that Ryobi still looks brand new! I know what brand I'm going for now!
KingLui Pred 29 dnevi
Hilti nr1
Aussie Legend
Aussie Legend Pred 29 dnevi
Matt: regs it so Ryobi is the best When he knows it isn’t
Shawn Myers
Shawn Myers Pred 23 dnevi
Congrats you found the joke! Also it's rigs not regs. 🙂
AUSTIN ELLERY Pred 29 dnevi
Do you know drills are meant to be used as a target and it also depends on what type of drill you get is it a impact driver?
Azuz Habash
Azuz Habash Pred 29 dnevi
Chris Sciple
Chris Sciple Pred 29 dnevi
U should test a kobalt drill from lowes
James Stevens
James Stevens Pred 29 dnevi
My family is devoutly dewalt, I actually hadn't heard of ryobi before this video
Abell Larsen
Abell Larsen Pred mesecem
Try a craftsman...
Ross McMurry
Ross McMurry Pred mesecem
You should do Bosch
ryan martinez
ryan martinez Pred mesecem
Ammo collection video??
Deen Fredericks
Deen Fredericks Pred mesecem
Milwaukee not working What's up? Hahaha
What Curve?
What Curve? Pred mesecem
I’m going have to stick with dewalt.
Rob Shapiro
Rob Shapiro Pred mesecem
you did buy the budget version of the milwaukee. thats like 3 years old. the fuel is a hoss
Motzaik Muzik
Motzaik Muzik Pred mesecem
Sly Cooks1
Sly Cooks1 Pred mesecem
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United States Of America
You forgot a drill brand there is another drill brand called ridgid
Kumarie Morel
Kumarie Morel Pred mesecem
I hate Ryobi drills.
TheLostCause Pred mesecem
I love how when he does these vids the bias gradually increases as the video goes on. And one more thing, that serbu is the second ugliest gun I've ever seen. Ik its not meant to be a good looking gun... but still...
Patti Trisha
Patti Trisha Pred mesecem
Kind of sad
Patti Trisha
Patti Trisha Pred mesecem
Wow your channel is trash now
Saxxon Martin
Saxxon Martin Pred mesecem
Collin McKeon
Collin McKeon Pred mesecem
Damn what a cool intro
Trent Ufford
Trent Ufford Pred mesecem
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Nicholas Bingham
Nicholas Bingham Pred mesecem
Just sold all my Milwaukee tools after this😂😂... jk
Ben Varga
Ben Varga Pred mesecem
I am very impartial and I love ryobi.
A Rivera
A Rivera Pred mesecem
Me 2