Brand New KelTec P50... Better than FN P90??? 

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13. apr. 2021

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Bob Jim
Bob Jim Pred dnevom
How does it feel to scrape away 1/5 of the ozone layer
Thomas Dalto
Thomas Dalto Pred 2 dnevi
You buy this for $995 and then it's over $50 per mag if you can find the ammo
Steven Wanko
Steven Wanko Pred 2 dnevi
When is someone gonna make a sunshot conversion kit for this. Someone in R&D is definitely playing some Destiny!
SplinterCell96 Pred 3 dnevi
The Laugo Arms Alien pistol might fit your criteria on guns, I presume
Keith Baumer
Keith Baumer Pred 3 dnevi
Chad, why did KelTec stop production on the P11. I have been carrying it well over 10+ years. Love the weight, in an N8 Tactical holster, don't know it's there. And always fired, when trigger pulled..Bring it back PLEASE.
duduntak Pred 3 dnevi
This looks like something from a cyberpunk novel
Shahzad Mughal
Shahzad Mughal Pred 3 dnevi
Except for one thing which is engine which produces 99% of total energy.
John Lyxander Murilla
Well.... The FN P90 is replaced..
Joshua N. Ajang
Joshua N. Ajang Pred 4 dnevi
P50: something what US Colonial Marines would use as PDW.
Cayeysoldier Pred 4 dnevi
Lol 😆 so much shooting and all I can think about is ammo price
WhiteOwl 8 5 0
WhiteOwl 8 5 0 Pred 4 dnevi
It's looks like the 10MM pistol from fallout 😂
Evan Moriyama
Evan Moriyama Pred 5 dnevi
Looks like something out of fallout
Dutch Pred 5 dnevi
I remember when this dude hung with nutnfancy, he was a douche then and still is...
Dani _
Dani _ Pred 5 dnevi
14:49 barulho de um dia normal no rj
Dani _
Dani _ Pred 5 dnevi
6:16 bota a porra da bandoleira 23
Von W.
Von W. Pred 6 dnevi
Ah, I see the aliens have come again with their old tech to give to us humans!
RedWolf777SG Pred 6 dnevi
Well, gotta love Kel-Tec. They're not afraid to try new and innovative firearm designs be it successful or not.
Jayce Mathis
Jayce Mathis Pred 6 dnevi
Reloading that thing looks terrible, but I’d still buy one lol
ProjecthuntanFish Pred 6 dnevi
Dude just throws those mags around like trash.
speed is how i get through the day, keltec 50 bmg
Gamingboynola Pred 7 dnevi
Alternate title: The AP Pistol from GTA is now in real life, and I am gonna fire it
cplinstructor Pred 7 dnevi
Perfect use for solar panels though…
cplinstructor Pred 7 dnevi
Only $49.95!… per round… Neat design but the ammo is pretty much unobtainium lately. Has to have a brace though.
Eric London
Eric London Pred 7 dnevi
Love the solar joke !
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Kendall May
Kendall May Pred 7 dnevi
Thank you Kel tec. It’s everything that I ever wanted.
gregor domer
gregor domer Pred 7 dnevi
its a solar power truck.... actaly it is the left blinker. i love it , i love it ;)
burnsnation Pred 8 dnevi
Begin by throwing rocks at the target really hard as a benchmark
My dude is recycling 😂😂😂🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿
Justine Biebler
Justine Biebler Pred 9 dnevi
solar panels contain toxic materials, I wouldn't recommend breaking them into pieces and contaminating the environment.
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Pred 9 dnevi
That charging handle looks flimsy as hell.
Yoshiki Haro
Yoshiki Haro Pred 9 dnevi
P50 VS Zombie Apocalypse Akimbo means 100 rounds for a potential of 100 dead zombie
Ethan Johnson
Ethan Johnson Pred 9 dnevi
“We are in America”-smart guy “Luckily not in California”-other smart guy “Let’s completely destroy guns”-murdered guy from California
WoNe Martin
WoNe Martin Pred 9 dnevi
Well....if it's Kel Tec....it's probably awesome looking and a good engineered design.....but it's P50/P50 if it runs 💯.
Bill Randolph
Bill Randolph Pred 9 dnevi
PM100 :D
Daddy Dollaz
Daddy Dollaz Pred 9 dnevi
Ah dump was nice
Sneaky Shart
Sneaky Shart Pred 9 dnevi
Great explanation of the gun guy from the company... maybe you should hire Matt as a salesman.
ksifry Pred 9 dnevi
12:20 is that the Halo DMR??
damon fong
damon fong Pred 9 dnevi
Chow yun fatt would love these guns
namo shukit
namo shukit Pred 9 dnevi
Where does this man get his money from¿?
Maems Lol
Maems Lol Pred 10 dnevi
I want one.
Hull breach detected
Hull breach detected Pred 10 dnevi
This is a legit Robocop gun. Wish it had burst fire mode.
Art Cast [OFICIAL]
Art Cast [OFICIAL] Pred 10 dnevi
Liso Campos
Liso Campos Pred 10 dnevi
Too bad a full mag costs more than the gun.
Potassium Cyanide
Potassium Cyanide Pred 10 dnevi
Should be called keltech 57
party ops
party ops Pred 10 dnevi
Time to use a 20mm
Jeffery Messer
Jeffery Messer Pred 11 dnevi
Tell me why it looks like the pistol from wolfenstein
Anthony Palacios
Anthony Palacios Pred 11 dnevi
The ending wit them together 😂💀
sensational savage
sensational savage Pred 11 dnevi
I see what you did there haha solar powered left blinker. That’s about all your gonna get. go green......😂😂😂
Kaleb Piper
Kaleb Piper Pred 11 dnevi
OMG. I just realized that i wasn't subscribed to your channel anymore. Like wtflip. No wonder i stopped getting your vids in my recommended.
FAT BOY R6 Pred 11 dnevi
Bro that thang sick AF
Keturunan Rothschild
Keturunan Rothschild Pred 12 dnevi
I wish I could have guns like this
Royal Raptor Gaming
Royal Raptor Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
Its over all sillouhette reminds me of a mag7
Matthew Langley
Matthew Langley Pred 12 dnevi
I don't care too much for keltec their guns feel like a $5 water gun.
Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett Pred 12 dnevi
Chad i love my sub 2000!
Darren 0613
Darren 0613 Pred 12 dnevi
So this is sort of like the gun maniac cop used in the police shoot out
Angel Amador
Angel Amador Pred 12 dnevi
Omg the Bizon from MW
Yeet Haw
Yeet Haw Pred 12 dnevi
What recoil? Its practically nonexistent
BloBBerT 1328
BloBBerT 1328 Pred 12 dnevi
Who's here to see the silly putty
50cahaya Pred 12 dnevi
He got a kimbo pistol that's size of a Desert Eagle but they stick together and have lower recoil.
To Ade
To Ade Pred 12 dnevi
5.7 FN was made to pierce through soft body armour so like 5.56, it goes really fast, pierces armour and then deforms or fragments in the body. The .45 is bigger and wider so it's less likely to penetrate due to being slower and heavier, but also less likely to get ripped apart by it's own speed.
Erick Lita
Erick Lita Pred 12 dnevi
50 bmg with a black tip because i wanna penatrate. 🤣
Rean_Schwarzer Pred 13 dnevi
Reminds me of Whipple shielding.
Joe Nuthin
Joe Nuthin Pred 13 dnevi
“Speed is how you get through anything”. I said the same thing during final exam prep back in college.
Caleb Shuping
Caleb Shuping Pred 13 dnevi
Keep it up brother
RonnieFit Pred 13 dnevi
Legend has it he's still shooting both to this day. People bring him water and donate food.
S leigh
S leigh Pred 14 dnevi
Lol..its always.sunny.... Youve got it wrong a power bottom is generating most of the power !!Now worse the.power come from the size.or the stream th of the bottom? I've heard its about speed Aww yes!Speeds incredibly important oh speeds the name of the game .. Idk what you be? Your definitely not a twink !!! Maybe a otter? Greatest show ever!! Back to the speed of a 5.7 rd
S leigh
S leigh Pred 14 dnevi
Why they haven't put a stock on this really bugs me..its like Kel Tec seems to fear the brace ? Just need company's not to be afraid cause if there nervous we all will be screwed ..they should be standing up for brwces
TopazSplash Clips
TopazSplash Clips Pred 14 dnevi
“As you can see it’s tiny”, pistol bigger then his arm.
Creeper Gaming
Creeper Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
The halo 3 smg
Makirop Normal
Makirop Normal Pred 14 dnevi
Where i could buy this truck?
Zack B-Wheal
Zack B-Wheal Pred 15 dnevi
The news disclaimer was funny
TOL1488 Pred 15 dnevi
Dwayne Young
Dwayne Young Pred 15 dnevi
HelllllYeahhhh brother!! You are having way to much fun out there.
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi Pred 16 dnevi
3:35 best explanation in attachment
Ayano Aishi
Ayano Aishi Pred 16 dnevi
P90 HYBRID People: so it's a pistol Keltec: well yes, but actually no
jdm1066 Pred 16 dnevi
Why didn't Matt shoot Ranch in this video? Anyone else think he needs to test guns with Ranch in every new video? This question needs a...dressing.
MidgetMan 420
MidgetMan 420 Pred 16 dnevi
How to shred your lungs in less then 5 minutes I'm talking about the glass particulate
Preston Milam
Preston Milam Pred 16 dnevi
Well that was a waste of panels tho .
Preston Milam
Preston Milam Pred 16 dnevi
S U Pred 17 dnevi
Why is no one talking about the fact that his name is 'Chad'?
Hello there ! Ian Maxim Burrows
What's the general opinion of Keltec as an arms manufacturer ? I don't live in the US this company is new to me.
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Pred 17 dnevi
KSG 7? When that came out? I had the KSG 14 and didn't like how bulky it was but a 7 would prob love.
aussiezombie Pred 17 dnevi
Not sure who exactly he was mocking with the intro.
Crazy Lego
Crazy Lego Pred 17 dnevi
You should make music with those gunshots
Mr. Penguin
Mr. Penguin Pred 18 dnevi
hey matt, can you rap? taht would be awesome if you can!. and i also reallllllyyyyy like your vids so much i cant stop watching :D
Sergei Yatskin
Sergei Yatskin Pred 18 dnevi
What about the shotgun Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima?
Kris Guadarrama
Kris Guadarrama Pred 19 dnevi
That is an amassing beard.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Pred 19 dnevi
How many bricks of ground coffee does it take to stop a bullet?? C'mon Matt!!
K. Fuji'
K. Fuji' Pred 19 dnevi
rule of speed'll get it, right..?
alf alfa
alf alfa Pred 20 dnevi
We got big ol' calibus 9:04
uberschnil the great
uberschnil the great Pred 20 dnevi
Definitely gonna expect to see this gun in media and games
MC. Jasper
MC. Jasper Pred 21 dnevom
Looks like robocop would use this gun
Noah Wright
Noah Wright Pred 21 dnevom
came here for the silly putty ngl Not dissapointed though
Shawn Gillespie
Shawn Gillespie Pred 21 dnevom
Now I wanna shoot big pieces of tempered glass
l RZE l
l RZE l Pred 21 dnevom
Bro is this Santa in Matt's VID?
hans davis
hans davis Pred 21 dnevom
PP-19 Bizon : Who are you? P50 : I'm your American Cousin Comrad
Dave H
Dave H Pred 22 dnevi
He just shot $5000 worth of 5.7
Александр Исаев
When he shot with two hands in Macedonian. I had to yell like Rambo and open my mouth crookedly)))
Gema Mahardika
Gema Mahardika Pred 23 dnevi
cool lol
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