I Unlocked the Boss Gun... The Gold Barrett 50cal... And Shot my Raptor... 

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13. feb. 2021

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Soar zaxy hight
Soar zaxy hight Pred 3 urami
Wenn he said nah it’s just a glock lol
Slayer Dave
Slayer Dave Pred 7 urami
9:26 was that a quiet F bomb I heard there Matt?
Aldrin Serrano
Aldrin Serrano Pred 8 urami
Lol codm player gold arctic 50
Chelsea Hutchins
Chelsea Hutchins Pred 18 urami
hey matt when will you make a video revewing all your guns
Tyler Reynolds
Tyler Reynolds Pred dnevom
CrippledMerc Pred dnevom
Matt 2021 “What’s the point of getting any other guns?” Me: Ummm... excuse me? Who even needs a reason in the first place?
Nitish Thoudam
Nitish Thoudam Pred dnevom
One shot one kill
Finck92 Pred 2 dnevi
9:14 at .25x speed i promise is gold content lmao
phat sack 420
phat sack 420 Pred 2 dnevi
love this guy .. man looks like a good time for real
Hayden Masters
Hayden Masters Pred 2 dnevi
Nah it's just a glock lol
MetalHatBonnie [M.H.B]
Well, Matt. Maybe shoot 100 ballistic dummies with the gold .50 cal. (also shoot some AP as well :))
mrflimalm81 Pred 3 dnevi
Matt: what do u want me to shoot next Me: Shoot ur other gold 50bmg
NAGA RAPPER Pred 4 dnevi
Please give me that car n you can shoot my leg.
Lincoln Cooper
Lincoln Cooper Pred 4 dnevi
Can you put a M2 50 cal Machine gun on top of a van that would be so funny
Benjamin Gieschen
Benjamin Gieschen Pred 4 dnevi
dude your shirt looks like the red hot chili pepper shirt
gregor domer
gregor domer Pred 4 dnevi
i am impressd by your gun art!
Martin Plays
Martin Plays Pred 4 dnevi
The cameraman is shaking how good the berret looks
Twactical Pred 5 dnevi
Shoot another 50 cal with the 50 cal
Solve Everything
Solve Everything Pred 5 dnevi
more 50 cal vids plz
Doggo Cheese
Doggo Cheese Pred 5 dnevi
The kid that actually wanted a lollipop from a float just gets half his body blown off XD
Miguel Sandoval
Miguel Sandoval Pred 6 dnevi
Shoot gold desert eagle
ImaMonaKnight Pred 7 dnevi
Happy I Found Yuo💯💞🔥💕💝💘💋
ImaMonaKnight Pred 7 dnevi
Hahahaha 👈🎃👍
ImaMonaKnight Pred 7 dnevi
My Home Alberta 👈🎃👍
ImaMonaKnight Pred 7 dnevi
Thanks Foreverything..I'm in Vancouver BC 💯💞
Ravinder Kaur Bains
Ravinder Kaur Bains Pred 7 dnevi
NitroJuice Pred 7 dnevi
after destroying 1000 items you unlock gold camo :O
CH3MIC4LS Pred 7 dnevi
*Cough Cough* Didn't blur out his license plate *Cough Cough*
Marc Tristan Peralta
POV: your a spraypaint artist who has 20 commisions due tomorrow
Wizard FPV
Wizard FPV Pred 7 dnevi
cameron milowski
cameron milowski Pred 7 dnevi
Let me have the truck shit
Drayton Williams
Drayton Williams Pred 8 dnevi
In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse please proceed to your nearest Demolition Ranch.
Ebay Account
Ebay Account Pred 8 dnevi
Dude made AT LEAST a smooth 100k off 5K T-SHIRTS!! Thats NUTS, he owns the business so it's all profit
Jack Zulz
Jack Zulz Pred 8 dnevi
fun fact i do trap shooting and am about to to the fallon shoot torment.
Joe Bruce
Joe Bruce Pred 9 dnevi
Get that tacky ass gold paint off that poor gun that thing looks like crap
kendrix beasley
kendrix beasley Pred 9 dnevi
shoot a bunch of gel head dummys like 50!!
Trevor Crotwell
Trevor Crotwell Pred 9 dnevi
ya hit 10mill sooo I wanna see it
ordinary with even better breaching
love the "just a glock" truly amazing and loud!
Chris Lindner
Chris Lindner Pred 9 dnevi
Shoot the engine f(_)!$ IT
Chris Lindner
Chris Lindner Pred 9 dnevi
Fine art lol
M Pred 9 dnevi
Whistlin let the money go to his head.
TNYT Pred 9 dnevi
Nice u reached 10 million subs
jason vander heyden
jason vander heyden Pred 9 dnevi
Namikaze Pred 9 dnevi
Arctic Gold camo
Ian M
Ian M Pred 10 dnevi
Good old American truck needs a few 50 cal holes.😂
Hell Boy 1996-2017
Hell Boy 1996-2017 Pred 10 dnevi
Oooop he hit 10m show us the gun collection
91classicrock Pred 10 dnevi
Its 10 million !!!!!!!!!
Igneous Hammer
Igneous Hammer Pred 10 dnevi
Me with a cool ass pellet gun thinking I'm cool
The Architect
The Architect Pred 10 dnevi
can’t believe Matt got his favourite anti-material rifle gold plated, good for him!
Trapgod Nah
Trapgod Nah Pred 10 dnevi
You need that diamond camo
†_I like ya' cut G_†
Matt: **Shoots a raptor with a 50 cal rife** Everybody else at jurrasic park:
Ida Schou
Ida Schou Pred 11 dnevi
Hell yaaa 😍 lets go 💯🙌💥
D x H
D x H Pred 11 dnevi
hear me out (50 cal) tommy gun how insane is that
Mark Podobnik
Mark Podobnik Pred 11 dnevi
Axis Pred 12 dnevi
When the boss gun has the same stats as your best gun with a different skin. Smh It is a solid skin though...
Melia Fleeman
Melia Fleeman Pred 13 dnevi
Is it bad that I’m nine and have shot a 22 a high brass 12 gage low brass 12 gage a 9 mil and a 30 30
Festie Pred 13 dnevi
This is in no way a way to pay for the gold barrett and him losing his truck, right? Lol.
Littletimelord 27
Littletimelord 27 Pred 13 dnevi
11:07 it sounds like he says I’m gonna f*** my pants... No thanks.?
drunken mother
drunken mother Pred 13 dnevi
can't wait for the day he pulls out a damascus or dark matter Barrett
Babooshla Pred 13 dnevi
i feel like there's an artist out there who unironically creates art like this
Marcia Arends
Marcia Arends Pred 13 dnevi
why don't you gold plate all your guns
SkeppyMagma Pred 14 dnevi
You too much camping welldone, you unlock golden camo
Marcin Pred 14 dnevi
you clearly havent dreamt of golden howitzer..
Karanveer Singh
Karanveer Singh Pred 14 dnevi
Precision boring tool for truck beds
Robert Ogura
Robert Ogura Pred 15 dnevi
So much money to play with.
Golbez Pred 15 dnevi
you should shoot whistlin' diesel next with the gold 50BMG
Golbez Pred 15 dnevi
RIP DemoRanch Raptor
Jonathon Stump
Jonathon Stump Pred 15 dnevi
Amazing watching the progress you've made over these last few years. Love the channel, keep doing big things!
Tracey McClurken
Tracey McClurken Pred 16 dnevi
Shoot one of your video cameras
CosmiX_Loka Pred 16 dnevi
ok so... who's buying the table?
RamenXz Pred 16 dnevi
wow You have better art than me
Francium Wave
Francium Wave Pred 17 dnevi
Guys, maybe you do not remember, back in the day that we made art with brushes 😲
Raven Garage
Raven Garage Pred 17 dnevi
haven’t watched the vid yet, and I can already tell he’s gonna shoot a Dino raptor
Silenced Rage
Silenced Rage Pred 17 dnevi
St. Jude isn't even subd, I am
DSG gaming
DSG gaming Pred 17 dnevi
He’s finally in gta 5 with a gold barret gets explosive rounds and your complete
Vipersaurus Pred 18 dnevi
When you have enough points to unlock the special secret weapon in a game
Francisco Chavez
Francisco Chavez Pred 18 dnevi
Ford: "build though" 😂
Hoyt1027 Pred 18 dnevi
We can paint with bullets, America will be pleased with that.
Blaze.Hildenbrand Pred 18 dnevi
Up next on demolition ranch " shooting my house with a 50bmg" 😂
Gekkebadmuts O
Gekkebadmuts O Pred 18 dnevi
How Americans go to a party 0:37
Justin Dougherty
Justin Dougherty Pred 19 dnevi
That first painting from the spinning wheel was cool.
Jasper Pred 20 dnevi
Quick! Get him to 10 mil!
Dean C. Miller
Dean C. Miller Pred 20 dnevi
Dean C. Miller
Dean C. Miller Pred 20 dnevi
Okay I’m convinced you and your friends are Q ! 🤔😳🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 nice disguise 🥸
frakillwe123 Pred 20 dnevi
you need disposable glove at the hq would make things a lot easier when you want to clean
Josh Mallett
Josh Mallett Pred 21 dnevom
Awesome man
Roope Niskanen
Roope Niskanen Pred 21 dnevom
no one tell him about the diamond or dark matter colors
Bluebirdy Pred 22 dnevi
When the shell hit the camra i bet the camra man was like bruh!
B. BANKZ Pred 23 dnevi
Why not donate the car to one of your middle-class fan/supporters during these rough times who I'm sure still find the few extra dollars to spend on supporting you and your merch instead of giving it to another well off youtuber with multiple cars. Just noticed your always asking us to buy buy buy give give give and your a millionaire already but you never really do anything to give back to the ones supporting your life style I mean even those shit paintings really $25 instead of including them into purchases ready to ship already foh demo
jersey kid12
jersey kid12 Pred 23 dnevi
I dare you to shoot a live octopus and squid
David Pred 23 dnevi
so a 50 bmg can shoot right through a f-150, or two cans of spray paint
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer Pred 24 dnevi
when did you tube mess up so badly that you cant read the comments and watch a video at the same time on a pc anymore
Alexander Andazola
Alexander Andazola Pred 25 dnevi
I love arizona and texas
John Knight
John Knight Pred 25 dnevi
im a big fan
Gun Got Damn Freedom
Gun Got Damn Freedom Pred 26 dnevi
Let me get a free BMG 50 cal brotheren
Random Person
Random Person Pred 26 dnevi
if a couple of polka dots can sell for a couple thousand that art is great.
DoggoBoi Pred 26 dnevi
You should get a Chey Tac M200 Intervention if you don't have one already
Johnathan Pred 26 dnevi
I would rather a gold revolver. I love revolvers. Or maybe a henry rifle
Tonya Griffin
Tonya Griffin Pred 26 dnevi
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy Pred 26 dnevi
You might want to install the mid lock pin before you shoot next time.
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