Can WET Concrete Stop a Bullet??? 

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17. mar. 2021

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DemolitionRanch Pred 25 dnevi
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/teHpDC ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/5sRTn4 ✅ PC: clcr.me/vNgtIu and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Aidan Kirby 2.0
Aidan Kirby 2.0 Pred 9 urami
@AndyJamison exactly
Sylas K.
Sylas K. Pred 10 urami
Raid is a trash game, dont let them sponsor you, its to repetitive, instead try and get sponsored by Nord VPN or Honey.
Handle On The Fridge
Handle On The Fridge Pred 18 dnevi
Where does Raid get the money to sponsor everyone. Nobody plays the game
AndyJamison Pred 19 dnevi
Do not take sponsorships from raid, lots of fishy stuff going on behind the scenes.
Aidan Kirby 2.0
Aidan Kirby 2.0 Pred 21 dnevom
It’s good that you got sponsored but the game is bad and too many people get sponsored so it gets annoying
Emmanuel Amable
Emmanuel Amable Pred 2 urami
6:11 imagine getting shot 27 times and waking up to a crackhead infront of you
Fagner Athayde
Fagner Athayde Pred 10 urami
BunkerBrand doesn’t ship to Brazil! 😔
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Pred dnevom
Next, try soupy corn starch, more pressure against, harder it gets
Prabhat Lamichhane
Prabhat Lamichhane Pred dnevom
Wtf is this. Is this man a legend or what?
Troy Niggal
Troy Niggal Pred 3 dnevi
That's some soupy concrete
Stacy Hamblin
Stacy Hamblin Pred 3 dnevi
Can jello stop a bullet?
Džudžulica Pred 4 dnevi
u have to put 6 shovel of sand so u can make concrete.. xd
andrea andrea
andrea andrea Pred 4 dnevi
The sound on that engine oh my, so sexy!
Basic Juan
Basic Juan Pred 5 dnevi
si que si que armota
Divine Crocodile
Divine Crocodile Pred 5 dnevi
Every video. “Oh heat is hot”!
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones Pred 5 dnevi
I’m kind of sad you destroyed that ElCamino
Tyr Silva
Tyr Silva Pred 6 dnevi
Can a stop sign stop a bullet
Blazed homosapien
Blazed homosapien Pred 6 dnevi
That's not concrete. That's just cement.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Pred 6 dnevi
Honestly Don't know why SLtv is recommending your videos to me BUT I DONT CARE, ITS FUN WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS.
Demon Wolf
Demon Wolf Pred 6 dnevi
Try bullet proof tirres
Gaz S
Gaz S Pred 6 dnevi
That's not concrete though... Just wet cement
ObsessionClips Pred 7 dnevi
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Randomeer Pred 7 dnevi
G Boeve
G Boeve Pred 8 dnevi
PreyingTig3r Pred 9 dnevi
Matt: "WHY DID YOU POUR IT" Also Matt: Haha El Camino go brrrrrrr!
MyAcer20 Pred 11 dnevi
if you have enough of it everything can stop everything
Aaron Gisclair
Aaron Gisclair Pred 11 dnevi
Can gun powder stop a bullet?
Miselfis Pred 11 dnevi
What car is that in the intro? Sounds awesome!
Jose Ayala
Jose Ayala Pred 13 dnevi
You should let it dry inside the mixer up to the top and see what it’ll take to go through it 😀
Anthony Gaiman
Anthony Gaiman Pred 13 dnevi
If concrete is wet it is not concrete,
Hakken NR
Hakken NR Pred 14 dnevi
concrete like from 8 y.o. :D
Michael Warren
Michael Warren Pred 14 dnevi
He said that there’s 357 magnum bullet is traveling very fast which I thought it was funny because is there any bowling that doesn’t travel fast is there any gun that It’s slow running into the air
Fredrik Svantesson
Fredrik Svantesson Pred 15 dnevi
You have waaay to many adverts on your damn videos.
J Ro
J Ro Pred 15 dnevi
Awesome intro.
Seth Hamilton
Seth Hamilton Pred 15 dnevi
Hey bud, I have a quick question. Did your concrete have rocks in it or aas it just like a mortar mix???
Rocco Zakutney
Rocco Zakutney Pred 15 dnevi
I love the intros
harry2110 Pred 16 dnevi
So anyone else catch that he called a SU16 a sub-2000 you can definitely tell he doesn’t shoot it much?
Brendan Hasty
Brendan Hasty Pred 16 dnevi
"But then one of them fell out of the back of an El Camino" 😂😂😂
SixThousand Blankets
SixThousand Blankets Pred 16 dnevi
Concrete is supposed to be a mixture of ballast and cement.
Ken Tsujigiri
Ken Tsujigiri Pred 17 dnevi
3:47 That mixture is weak. The consistency is a lot like porridge and there's no gravel nor sand. Just a sack of cement and water. I worked as a Lab Tech in a ready mix concrete factory. That's not even a quality good enough for installing marble tiles. I think if this one was done properly, it would've made quite an interesting outcome. Don't forget about chemical admixtures too. -- Unless, this is a recipe you got from china, then, it's fine. We can see how weak their structures are. HAHAHA!! Awesome videos as always. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.
Bethelast Gamer23
Bethelast Gamer23 Pred 17 dnevi
Can I have that GoPro
Faiz Syazrin
Faiz Syazrin Pred 17 dnevi
Konkrik tu simen kan?
Tony Leahy
Tony Leahy Pred 17 dnevi
Terrible shitty raid advert over at 2:20
Trenton Emerson
Trenton Emerson Pred 17 dnevi
The 50 is the soulution to everything 😈
Billy Makarou
Billy Makarou Pred 17 dnevi
Raid 🤮
Master Fish
Master Fish Pred 18 dnevi
To think it’s already been two years since Raid: Shadow Legends
AtronixZ Pred 19 dnevi
Its usually a bit of a let down when something can't really stop a 9mm, but by God do i love waiting for him to destroy it with a .50 cal
Aaron Christ
Aaron Christ Pred 24 dnevi
Mat: i want to buy a gopro Gopro: oh no i live is gonna be short
Ryan Wagoner
Ryan Wagoner Pred 24 dnevi
the intro to this video really made me realize that this man is living his best life
Bak Komak
Bak Komak Pred 24 dnevi
The burly pakistan strangely identify because ping visually mug across a sour bottle. glossy, various meal
Greg Maresh
Greg Maresh Pred 25 dnevi
yk those blue above ground pools can you shoot from one end to the other?
SirGunsnstuff Pred 25 dnevi
I swear I hit like on 90% of your videos just from the opening.
Jay Pred 26 dnevi
I love you, i‘m NOT gay, but i love you
Mr. Webb
Mr. Webb Pred 26 dnevi
I was gonna comment use flex tape too then I saw you use it flex tape fixes everything
David Montgomery
David Montgomery Pred 26 dnevi
How much powder is in a subsonic 9mm
alex lamison
alex lamison Pred 27 dnevi
Can I have that broken mixer ? I wanna fix it and use it.
james greene
james greene Pred 27 dnevi
No not the serbu matt
Julie Finley
Julie Finley Pred 28 dnevi
The intro
Hero_knight USP
Hero_knight USP Pred 28 dnevi
Kinda didn't get" It's so thick it's not coming out so fast." If you have a larger hole then you would expect a bigger flow right?
Jude De jose
Jude De jose Pred 29 dnevi
The most powerful gun you had vs most powerful armour pls,if some want comment demolition
Jake Witmer
Jake Witmer Pred 29 dnevi
"Flex tape" vs "flexed ape"
huggleskuishy Pred mesecem
That mixture was way too wet.
Dmitro Azhdier
Dmitro Azhdier Pred mesecem
U said "oh my gosh" like a Kentucky ballistics 😂
Scotty D
Scotty D Pred mesecem
It needs rocks in it to be called concrete. If it's sand and cement it's only mortar.... No not that kind of mortar Matt !
TPS_HEATMAKER99 Pred mesecem
That elcamino tho
Jeffery Powell
Jeffery Powell Pred mesecem
will a bullit go though a full port a potty
John Havins
John Havins Pred mesecem
Shoot a fully inflated semi tire,
Tyler Block
Tyler Block Pred mesecem
I've had to build so many of those stupid mixers for one of my old jobs. This video is very cathartic for me.
Papa Bless
Papa Bless Pred mesecem
good ol el chromino.
Gabe Bourque
Gabe Bourque Pred mesecem
I would like to see a compilation of all the things the .50 can’t beat
Celticwarwizard M
Celticwarwizard M Pred mesecem
6:11, what a wholesome smile
Growing Up Shain
Growing Up Shain Pred mesecem
Cool 22 rifle
nipa films
nipa films Pred mesecem
0:00 This car sounds so good!!
mubeen Rafudeen
mubeen Rafudeen Pred mesecem
Is Felix tape bullet proof
Ryan Ferguson
Ryan Ferguson Pred mesecem
Will an incendiary round ignite a bag of charcoal?
Lone Star Millennial
Hey Matt, here's an idea, put the GoPro on a steel post or similar *next to* the mixer. So frustrating that as much money is spent on the making of these, we don't get good camera angles. PLEASE FIX.
Baba Pred mesecem
Why does this man do what he does
Goonie Nanko
Goonie Nanko Pred mesecem
Literally 99% won’t see this but, God bless you and be safe during these times I’m struggling to hit 1k. 😢🖤
Markky Pred mesecem
Haha, very funny. Pretending to shoot an invisible rifle as his first gun.
Boruto Uzumaki
Boruto Uzumaki Pred mesecem
Matt I can not find you in raid I been playing for 4 years or so and I still can not find you
Noah Downs
Noah Downs Pred mesecem
What’s the second pistol?
Steven McCort
Steven McCort Pred mesecem
@KentuckyBallistics DO NOT watch this video! It's too soon.
Josh Rackemann
Josh Rackemann Pred mesecem
That is very very very wet concrete 😂😂
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts Pred mesecem
The camera!!!!!! No!
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts Pred mesecem
The chromino is loud!
TY DG Pred mesecem
Next let the concrete dry inside of the mixer and then shoot it
Mark 10328
Mark 10328 Pred mesecem
This is the most american thing I've seen all day
Adam Nazafi
Adam Nazafi Pred mesecem
Where did he get a drag race car???
Seventh Seal
Seventh Seal Pred mesecem
Stopping it at 9:45 and closely looking at Kentucky Ballistics....
Tay Tommila
Tay Tommila Pred mesecem
U should do how many shirts does it take to stop a bullet
Iain Norquay
Iain Norquay Pred mesecem
I do not think your twin brother got many apples when they fell from the tree.
EL FLAKO SIERRA Pred mesecem
You have to mix sand in with it its not as strong with out it
The Plane
The Plane Pred mesecem
Мэт дай 100$ или слабо?
Plebbles Pred mesecem
What the dog doing
Anthony Italiano
Anthony Italiano Pred mesecem
This makes no sense...if you shoot it while its moving how are you going to tell where the bullet exited (if it was able to)?
Пользователь Пользователь
Hi,, Matt! I think, shot from 50.BMG hit higher waterline concrete You missed! Bet 1000 Kazakstan tenge: concrete stop 50.BMG!
Braxton Avedissian
Braxton Avedissian Pred mesecem
Matt your the best make some more amazing videos like this!!
The_Señor Pred mesecem
Matt but couldn’t the bullet come back to you with the machine spinning
Dean Rush
Dean Rush Pred mesecem
5:49 when I heard that’s a lot of damage I Knew he was going to slap a piece of flex Tape on.
Hunter Munoz
Hunter Munoz Pred mesecem
Kyle Brake
Kyle Brake Pred mesecem
I love your videos!
Алекс Маршал
We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
I want the elcamino
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Math Has a Fatal Flaw
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
see you soon
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