I Got Body Armor for my Dog.... And I'm Gonna Test it... 

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Kentucky Ballistics
Kentucky Ballistics Pred 11 dnevi
Definitely the proper shirt for this video lol!
Moldy Bread
Moldy Bread Pred 10 urami
@Flaming Rice it’s really not funny
James Smith
James Smith Pred 14 urami
been looking to find ammo and i jumped on omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846 they are certified FFL dealers, they sell all possible ammunitions available including guns... fast delivery services they have 9mm, 223, 5.56, 300 blackouts etc You can contact them through their website below omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846
cohen Pred dnevom
@Flaming Rice menace to society
Blu wolf
Blu wolf Pred dnevom
@Flaming Rice bru hater
AnonEyeMouse Pred dnevom
@Richard It's an impressive video, the guy is alive and on the mend and he's got awesome new lie of merch out of it... so jokes about it are certainly within bounds. That said, Flaming Rice couldn't summon up enough humour to stop his elbows falling off. It's an anatomy joke... Matt'd get it.
Lason Blackmon
Lason Blackmon Pred 40 minutami
POV of being the person filming him do this in the back of ur head ur thinking just shoot the dog already
Kevin Morrison
Kevin Morrison Pred 2 urami
Ar500 has a bulletproof backpack you should shoot
Lucas Roberson
Lucas Roberson Pred 4 urami
Demo:roll over Fluffy:DO A BARREL ROLL
Josiah Stirewalt
Josiah Stirewalt Pred 9 urami
i am bullet proof
Josiah Stirewalt
Josiah Stirewalt Pred 9 urami
Hooker Pred 9 urami
I wonder how that dog got the name Fluffer ? I can’t think of anything.
Avery ApeHandz
Avery ApeHandz Pred 10 urami
Helps a ton when the ATF wants to take your shit!
HENRY MEILLIER Pred 10 urami
Nut cups for the military.
Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker Pred 10 urami
Shoot frying pans pleeeeaaaaaasssseeee
Saxmaster Gaming
Saxmaster Gaming Pred 13 urami
Perfect thing to put on your pet before you call the police
Alejandro Reyes
Alejandro Reyes Pred 14 urami
can you see through that sight or is there a blackness around the lens and you only see a small fov ?
Alejandro Reyes
Alejandro Reyes Pred 14 urami
im asking about the socom 16 scope.
James Smith
James Smith Pred 14 urami
been looking to find ammo and i jumped on omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846 they are certified FFL dealers, they sell all possible ammunitions available including guns... fast delivery services they have 9mm, 223, 5.56, 300 blackouts etc You can contact them through their website below omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846
discocrazy 2006
discocrazy 2006 Pred 16 urami
Whats up with the Kentucky ballistics shirt
Trevar- The-Other
Trevar- The-Other Pred 17 urami
Just have to appreciate the plush dog rolled over in the air with no repercussions
Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter Pred 18 urami
Ben H
Ben H Pred 21 uro
Matt sell that shirt in other colors please! Id definitely buy a few of them lbs
Ben H
Ben H Pred 21 uro
yooo that shirt!!!
Rüski Pred dnevom
*matt becomes atf member*
Benjamin Jensen
Benjamin Jensen Pred dnevom
Bullet proof tiressssss
Kush T
Kush T Pred dnevom
What breed is demo? Lovely looking mastiff rottweiler mix but I'm guessing would like to know for sure
ct hoffman
ct hoffman Pred dnevom
"what kind of sick doggy snuff film is this?!"
Bloopy 07
Bloopy 07 Pred dnevom
At 3:42 an adult man playing with a stuffed animal
The Kingdom of Prussia
alt title: i got body armor for my dog and im gonna shoot him and hope he doesnt die
vi si
vi si Pred dnevom
Isaiah Nelson
Isaiah Nelson Pred dnevom
Ranch is life
Noodle Badoodle
Noodle Badoodle Pred dnevom
What da dog doin ?
Simon Nilsson
Simon Nilsson Pred dnevom
I hope he’s not the DEMO dog See what i did there?
Preston Arnold
Preston Arnold Pred dnevom
hmmm yes peta will be knocking on your door fren
agarrison Pred dnevom
^Shoots dog^
Skin Is delicious
Skin Is delicious Pred dnevom
Alternative Title: Matt Tries ATF Training
Ichigo izuku uzumaki
10 mil lessgooooo
Snowman 77
Snowman 77 Pred dnevom
If an emp went off I don't think that brand new truck would run cause it relies on all the computers and electronics to run
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Pred dnevom
Can you do how many pans it takes to stop your arsenal.
SCDHL2.0 Pred dnevom
LoL - this was great, poor fluffy.
Derp Cade
Derp Cade Pred dnevom
Alternate title: Roleplaying as an ATF Officer for 11 Minutes
BigBoom518 Pred dnevom
Test the front plate😢
Papa Crusader
Papa Crusader Pred dnevom
ATF simulator
Fireman 8710
Fireman 8710 Pred dnevom
Did anyone get scared at the thumbnail
Blu wolf
Blu wolf Pred dnevom
I thot he was gona shoot his sog lol
Ian Ray
Ian Ray Pred dnevom
A Google User
A Google User Pred dnevom
Test a .50 cal barret on it
CyberCanine Pred dnevom
See this is exactly the kind of content Matt is perfect for. Guns? Crazy stuff? Veterinary Medicine?? He's the only guy I'd trust to do a test like this 💗
Toby Monaghan-Gray
Toby Monaghan-Gray Pred dnevom
I fell asleep through a playlist and woke up to watch a dog getting shot and falling over. That’s a bad trip right there.
trevor chance
trevor chance Pred dnevom
Why are your videos now being demonatised?
Boxer Luke
Boxer Luke Pred 2 dnevi
Was u in the army
Cool videos and crap
Who would shoot a dog
TheGoodHunter Pred 2 dnevi
atf training video
Dio D
Dio D Pred 2 dnevi
The 44 magnum kinda looks like the boltok from gears of war
Ethan Fenstermacher
Ethan Fenstermacher Pred 2 dnevi
Does this make anyone oddly uncomfortable to watch 😅
DragonBolic Pred 2 dnevi
This is the best demo ranch video I’ve ever seen! Just because of the fact that you used a dummy, dog, and played with it makes it total gold for a video. Do more like this! Maybe even try to use body armor for a human and wrap it around other household pets or unusual animals that you shouldn’t have in captivity that could actually survive a 50 BMG. LOL!
The Camo Gungnir Productions
Anyone notice the kentucky ballistics shirt he was wearing
slav Pred 2 dnevi
Peta is not gonna mess with u
Dragon Cat
Dragon Cat Pred 2 dnevi
You can see the pain in the eyes of fluffy
Eric D P
Eric D P Pred 2 dnevi
During your intro, I swear I heard "opium" and not "oatmeal" lol
Moises Sanchez
Moises Sanchez Pred 2 dnevi
Who eats salads 🤣🤣😬
Ian Rogers
Ian Rogers Pred 2 dnevi
They are actually really good with ranch. Caesar salads my favorite. When I was vegan I was really healthy, had more energy, bigger muscles than now and I have a large arsenal and love Trump. Look up vegan body builders. It good to at least incorporate vegetables, fruit and more non meat food lot of benefits I notice.
RvL Dark Banana
RvL Dark Banana Pred 2 dnevi
Johnathan Saegal
Johnathan Saegal Pred 2 dnevi
Hey... the armor stopped what it is claiming it will stop... and that .50AE? That could have been survivable... the others? Well, that's what plates are for, not IIIa, so this is a win for the armor.
Jeremy Two
Jeremy Two Pred 2 dnevi
Your Daddy's Boy, had me laughing.
Jeremy Two
Jeremy Two Pred 2 dnevi
Fire the entire Democratic party and watch America prosper..
Abdullah Ahmed
Abdullah Ahmed Pred 2 dnevi
Can we know who is behind the camera work please annex you can do anything else you want
Kiwi the awesome Literally
Andrew Gulatto
Andrew Gulatto Pred 2 dnevi
i'll try to send you something.
Off Road Kingdom
Off Road Kingdom Pred 2 dnevi
Is this boy on juice?
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson Pred 2 dnevi
Realizing that if he did that to his dog he would be hurt
Donita Karst
Donita Karst Pred 2 dnevi
The precious chemistry basically train because good-bye repressingly rule off a filthy dew. momentous, prickly step-grandfather
Sued Wall
Sued Wall Pred 2 dnevi
I see fluffy rolling over in my nightmares
ZECT צורי
ZECT צורי Pred 2 dnevi
Finally, I can protect my dog from my damn neighbour testing out his new pistols and smgs every weekend!
Mustang Drifter GT
Mustang Drifter GT Pred 2 dnevi
Can we see the camera man
Ming Li
Ming Li Pred 2 dnevi
Why not 50BMG
Ryan Ramsey
Ryan Ramsey Pred 2 dnevi
Atf tutorial video
Best and the funniest guy on earth
Baked And Afraid
Baked And Afraid Pred 2 dnevi
Nobody likes a dead 🐕.
Har Ries
Har Ries Pred 2 dnevi
please do not joke about ear infections my dog had one that turned into cancer and she sadly passed away
Chad Desharnais
Chad Desharnais Pred 2 dnevi
POV: starts shooting the dog
II playZ
II playZ Pred 2 dnevi
for a second i thought he was gonna shoot it while his dog was wearing it what is wrong with me
Yuhri Miller
Yuhri Miller Pred 3 dnevi
Big D ring (snicker)... yes I'm a child.
Ivan Valentin
Ivan Valentin Pred 3 dnevi
They won’t come after your dog now
TheMainBrain Central
That’s the most american dog I’ve ever seen
Nemc gamerTH
Nemc gamerTH Pred 3 dnevi
Can you shoot this glove? Lol probably not! blaplan.com/products/blaplan-full-finger-tactical-gloves-hard-knuckle-army-special-forces-ops-fire-resistant-water-proof-gloves-2021
HighGras Pred 3 dnevi
turtle fpv
turtle fpv Pred 3 dnevi
Gorko Pred 3 dnevi
Too bad ATF is going to ban these
Mark O'Brien
Mark O'Brien Pred 3 dnevi
Jatniel Pred 3 dnevi
He had us on the first half
Ali-A Sphere
Ali-A Sphere Pred 3 dnevi
You should test bullet proof backpack inserts.
Ali-A Sphere
Ali-A Sphere Pred 3 dnevi
"It only went like 4 inches deep into Fluffy" -Matt 2021
Gideon Harripersad
Gideon Harripersad Pred dnevom
Guillermo tux
Guillermo tux Pred 2 dnevi
ImFayd Pred 3 dnevi
5:48 "roll over" *does mid air 360*
RedRP Studios
RedRP Studios Pred 3 dnevi
Uh oh don’t pull an Alinity
Ryan B
Ryan B Pred 3 dnevi
*shoots fluffy*. “Oh noo! Fluffy are you ok?”😂😂 Congrats on 10 million!!
Qw Qw
Qw Qw Pred 3 dnevi
Those skits with the dog make me die with laughter. Especially the one with the tricks where fluffy goes (no_clip 1) and rotates in the air
a23919763 Pred 3 dnevi
10:39 Be nice to your dog, dude..............
Alex Daly
Alex Daly Pred 3 dnevi
As far as body armor testing there was a I think it was a $2,000 rig for a full body like chest piece shoulder piece arm piece crotch piece thigh shin and I think foot as well but I don't know if they're still selling it but I do have pictures if you're interested let me know
Johnny Evans
Johnny Evans Pred 3 dnevi
The dear sampan contradictorily flood because haircut phytogeographically type abaft a assorted quarter. new, elderly silk
Anthony Mercado
Anthony Mercado Pred 3 dnevi
6:35 u can see the hand that’s holding fluffy up
schmitti schmitt
schmitti schmitt Pred 3 dnevi
conclusion: Fluffy`s a gewd boy
Sage Wilson
Sage Wilson Pred 3 dnevi
Just found your channel today. y'all are a bunch of dorks...I love it!!!
Jaxon smith Smith
Jaxon smith Smith Pred 3 dnevi
Imagine mats dog was there to Wondering why he wasn’t getting all the love
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime Pred 3 dnevi
This makes things more difficult for the ATF.....
Ben Sansom
Ben Sansom Pred 3 dnevi
Armoured Floof
Test Firing The AK-50
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