How Many Mirrors Does it take to Stop a Bullet??? 

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6. mar. 2021

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Hello Fellow Weebs.
Hello Fellow Weebs. Pred 21 minuto
I feel guilty for all the new people who move there and have no idea what’s going on.
fishin with dad
fishin with dad Pred 2 urami
How many cinder blocks does it take to stop a bullet
Kumpa Vile
Kumpa Vile Pred 14 urami
His luck for the futer 7 years ↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️
Mister Casual
Mister Casual Pred 17 urami
man, cleaning that up is gonna be a pain..
James Horsted
James Horsted Pred 17 urami
Bro,You never contact me back,Love all your videos,Jimmy maylands.
The Nopalzz
The Nopalzz Pred 23 urami
I legit read it as "how many *minors* does it take to stop a bullet"
CraftMetric Pred dnevom
I read the title as "How many minors does it take to stop a Bullet??? "
CrippledMerc Pred dnevom
I feel like Matt’s intro’s could make up their own cinematic universe at this point. We’ve got recurring characters, plot lines, easter eggs, the whole shebang! It’s the DCU! The Demolitia Cinematic Universe. I was going to call it the MCU, aka Matt’s Cinematic Universe, but I think Disney and their many lawyers might have something to say about that...
ShadesOfMist Pred 3 dnevi
destroy mirrors , black cat and a ladder ^^ and he found a PENNY XDD
Timothy Payne
Timothy Payne Pred 3 dnevi
No wonder your truck got broken into…. 😂
Daniel Bickford
Daniel Bickford Pred 5 dnevi
Show me counted about 30 fresh mirrors that will broken not including the shards he shot twice, and if you go with the Superstition of a broken mirror bring 7 years bad luck, he should be expecting over 200 years of bad luck.
ObsessionClips Pred 6 dnevi
Ethan Guisinger
Ethan Guisinger Pred 6 dnevi
This guy is awesome
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Animals Animals
Animals Animals Pred 8 dnevi
congrats for reaching 10m
Jeopardized 07
Jeopardized 07 Pred 9 dnevi
How many uno reverse cards can it take to stop a bullet? New video idea
Beatboii_556 Pred 9 dnevi
Me thinking that the mirrors aren’t gonna break
Nickolas Viscosi
Nickolas Viscosi Pred 9 dnevi
Speaking of trees...How many trees does it take to stop a bullet???
Mariusz Pred 9 dnevi
i'm crying :D
Michal Sniadala
Michal Sniadala Pred 10 dnevi
for each mirror he got 7 years bad luck oof beter hope it stops in the first one
Jared McMullen
Jared McMullen Pred 10 dnevi
Was Scott the camera man...
Syruss Tha Great
Syruss Tha Great Pred 10 dnevi
*video gets demonitized*
Elio Andraos
Elio Andraos Pred 10 dnevi
So close to 10 milll🥳🥳
Deon Robertson Fishing
Them intro videos are so annoying fuck sakes
Cade Hale
Cade Hale Pred 11 dnevi
One of the strangest videos you’ve made but the little cameos really tied it all together
Fire Pred 11 dnevi
How much glass does it take to make Matt stop breathing? Find out next time in Dragon Ball Z
nadi doğan
nadi doğan Pred 11 dnevi
I hope that tree was alteady cut❗️
blaze EXE
blaze EXE Pred 11 dnevi
1:09 YT: and demonetised
Ffsfs adada
Ffsfs adada Pred 12 dnevi
Try to shoot at uno reverce card
Alpha Killshot
Alpha Killshot Pred 12 dnevi
Xfero Slash
Xfero Slash Pred 13 dnevi
Everyone watching this will receive 7 years of bad luck if they don't like and subscribe!! Act quickly to remove the curse!! 😁
Sleek Pred 13 dnevi
Hey nice video!
Skolas, Kell of Kells
Skolas, Kell of Kells Pred 13 dnevi
I would also find out but I cringe looking at mirrors
Calvin Gray
Calvin Gray Pred 13 dnevi
First comment i laughed s O hard
stghhjs artharth
stghhjs artharth Pred 13 dnevi
This guy just brings joy.
Ghost_Slayer141 Pred 13 dnevi
Love Love your Intro... it cracked me up soo much 😂😂😂
KrypticViper Pred 13 dnevi
Who desk popped? I love that movie Also the intro was hilarious
Tyler Jardine
Tyler Jardine Pred 13 dnevi
This it bad luck gone wrong
Storm Ratliff
Storm Ratliff Pred 13 dnevi
The amount of times Matt had shot him self in his bits is amazing.
Lucas Evans
Lucas Evans Pred 13 dnevi
Now would be a great way to learn how to apply a tourniquet....... to the leg
samurai dog
samurai dog Pred 13 dnevi
this is the most crackhead video ive seen from this channel
Landon Flood
Landon Flood Pred 13 dnevi
Nice intro name
Jesse Stanley
Jesse Stanley Pred 14 dnevi
You obviously not worried about bad luck lol how many years would this be?
Tavares Allen
Tavares Allen Pred 14 dnevi
Everybody like omg bad luck u went under the ladders me ..what ever
daorange 1337ner
daorange 1337ner Pred 14 dnevi
black cats, falling mirrors, going under ladders many red flags for unluck
Not Draz
Not Draz Pred 15 dnevi
This video kind of sucked imo but I’m still glad to see you’re still around! Stay safe!
Jack zerof
Jack zerof Pred 15 dnevi
His channel finna flop🤡💀💀
Dank memes And sh!t
Dank memes And sh!t Pred 15 dnevi
The only bad luck he could’ve had is if the video didn’t record
Hunter Pred 15 dnevi
Idk why I laughed really hard every time the cat was on screen
Waylon Garrett
Waylon Garrett Pred 15 dnevi
also what what about the full auto browning machine gun
Waylon Garrett
Waylon Garrett Pred 15 dnevi
What if you shot lots of ketup
Jay livick
Jay livick Pred 15 dnevi
That intro and the falling trees wtf
Dgisch Pred 16 dnevi
ill call you BJ no worry sir
Charles Jurca
Charles Jurca Pred 16 dnevi
7 years bad luck that is. (7years per miror)
Clapster Pred 16 dnevi
Steak vs angry Texan
Smokey Pred 16 dnevi
How many bullets does it take to stop a bullet🤷‍♂️
Sean Brennan
Sean Brennan Pred 16 dnevi
Starting a gofund me page for when Demo Ranch turns into a FEMA Superfund site.
Andreas Larsen
Andreas Larsen Pred 16 dnevi
how many years of bad luck to stop a bullet?
Avraham Orsini
Avraham Orsini Pred 16 dnevi
I’ve always wanted to see a bullet hitting a mirror in slow motion then you can see the bullet in the reflection
DIESELmedia Pred 16 dnevi
Soon on demo ranch: how manny bullets would it take to stop a bullet
Isaiah Nuanes
Isaiah Nuanes Pred 16 dnevi
A mirror is 7 years bad luck
Original God
Original God Pred 17 dnevi
man straight up cursed himself, i like the dedication.
carlos zerpa
carlos zerpa Pred 17 dnevi
talk about cursed videos
Rich Rigney
Rich Rigney Pred 20 dnevi
I could see myself doing this test.
Soda Pop
Soda Pop Pred 21 dnevom
Lol who desk popped
Mike Turner
Mike Turner Pred 21 dnevom
Can you shoot the poly foam that's put in tires?
Squidnortty Pred 22 dnevi
*Doesn't use 50 Cal* My disappointment is immeasurable.
david nelson
david nelson Pred 24 dnevi
Matt shoot a zigana px9 9mm
I'm Toxic
I'm Toxic Pred 24 dnevi
Matt with two of the bigger guntoobers have 50 cal accidents don’t you think you should be precautions and not ya know HEX YOURSELF
Matthew Pred 24 dnevi
Watching this while high is quite an experience
DeividasR DeividasR
DeividasR DeividasR Pred 27 dnevi
Indeed Matt is right a real mans calliber is a "niny" mm. Nine mm. Is a baby boy calliber.
Sawyer Rhodes
Sawyer Rhodes Pred 27 dnevi
A tree fell behind you
luckyest video ive ever seen. 13 DEVILS RELMS ARE WATCHING YOU☠
Potosi Missouri Vlogging
alot of bad luck breaking mirrors lol
H maddox
H maddox Pred 28 dnevi
Also I think it's bad luck to break a mirror if your face is that ugly to break it you already had bad luck and will have bad luck forever
H maddox
H maddox Pred 28 dnevi
Not going to lie the intro was informative and pretty funny
Francisco Rodríguez
Francisco Rodríguez Pred 28 dnevi
The beginning of the video is funny but when I think about it, most of people where I live, if needed to handle a gun, would need those first lessons unironically hahaha
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish Pred 28 dnevi
the last time I desk popped was September 08
Hero_knight USP
Hero_knight USP Pred 29 dnevi
Why is breaking mirrors bad? It's just a glass with foil. I have seen more horrible and expensive stuff been shot on this chanel.
Nihilist Pred 27 dnevi
@Hero_knight USP i don't know any superstitious people either so i can't really say🤷🏽‍♂️
Hero_knight USP
Hero_knight USP Pred 27 dnevi
@Nihilist Ok then but how many ppl are superstitious I can't recall enyone I know to be.
Nihilist Pred 27 dnevi
there's a superstition about it causing unluckiness.
Wade Willson
Wade Willson Pred 29 dnevi
There's only one rule in demolition
Zechariah Gammon
Zechariah Gammon Pred mesecem
Why do I feel like hes gonna open an umbrella inside
Donavin Guillory
Donavin Guillory Pred mesecem
You should get more mirrors and put them closer together instead of spaced out. Feel like that would have worked better.
theerascal Pred mesecem
You nailed it buddy Its like reading one page of a book then telling ppl you know the ending
Spencer Lorenz
Spencer Lorenz Pred mesecem
You thought you were slick when you said “ you can call me BJ for short” lol
Borea Pred mesecem
I read minors instead of mirrors
Blayne Brasseaux
Blayne Brasseaux Pred mesecem
So much bad luck
morfu Pred mesecem
dude, you seriously make the best intros, so much creative stuff
Sheldon Hall
Sheldon Hall Pred mesecem
You should make a video of how bullet proof a monster truck tire is
Matt Brabo
Matt Brabo Pred mesecem
Yea buddy! Top 5 vids.
Craig Hall
Craig Hall Pred mesecem
You should try silicone after it has hardened up. Like a big block of it
Gun Got Damn Freedom
Hell yeah Murcia
Rebel Soldier
Rebel Soldier Pred mesecem
You can never break a mirror because it will just turn into more mirrors
Cadyn Man
Cadyn Man Pred mesecem
is a gun bullet proof?
microfanka Pred mesecem
7 years of no luck, 1 destroyed mirror
ダニーthe savage boiii
I feel that you shuld make a airsoft video like if y’all agree guys
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez Pred mesecem
How many condoms does it take to stop a 50 cal
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Pred mesecem
How many tractor tires?
gamejotter 109
gamejotter 109 Pred mesecem
That's a lot of bad luck...
King Ukno
King Ukno Pred mesecem
Y did the thing role from the hill
Javier Alvarez
Javier Alvarez Pred mesecem
Your video of testing Kevlar is on another SLtv video what is kevlar