I'm Gonna Put a Grenade in a Porta Potty... 

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5L...



9. feb. 2021

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Therealguy Pred 7 urami
3:54 when you hold in a sneeze: what happens on the inside
Tristan Gilmore
Tristan Gilmore Pred 7 urami
That's me after explosive diarrhea
Jebediah B
Jebediah B Pred 7 urami
Matt i love your creativity but i think you might have multiple personalities 🤣
Andrew Marhula
Andrew Marhula Pred 8 urami
poke holes
Ryker Castle
Ryker Castle Pred 9 urami
Keven is a psychopath.
snoozinghipo Pred 17 urami
Being honest a good dump does the same thing :D
Ricardo Aguilar
Ricardo Aguilar Pred 20 urami
Jeff twin brother
Ricardo Aguilar
Ricardo Aguilar Pred 20 urami
Are you okay Matt
RCoady Pred 23 urami
Isn't the German potato masher HE and not fragmentation?
Brandon Case
Brandon Case Pred dnevom
You might’ve gotten a small gasoline explosion with the door closed (the vapors are the primary source of combustion). Grenade IN the gas would also make a satisfying plume (so long as it’s already on fire)
Andrew Murrey
Andrew Murrey Pred 2 dnevi
Ah so they didn't end up banning you. I setting fire to a car wasn't too extreme for guys who own tanks.
Larsyy12 Pred 2 dnevi
Jerry Richburg
Jerry Richburg Pred 2 dnevi
ImagineWT Pred 2 dnevi
i love the skits where there's one rational Matt and one near-insane Matt
G_HURLES Pred 2 dnevi
I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw this today
Ghillie M.G.
Ghillie M.G. Pred 3 dnevi
granades are much more disapointing then i though wow
Land0n_7 Pred 3 dnevi
MARC FLETCH Pred 3 dnevi
Close the door for 20 mins and watch a Fuel Vapor 'Burn".
Andrés Ospina Stepanian
Geez...... it was the best intro ever.....
Lunch BoxFTP
Lunch BoxFTP Pred 4 dnevi
That intro was epic 😂😂😂
ray wyatt
ray wyatt Pred 4 dnevi
sure cure for hemroids
AniSyko Pred 4 dnevi
Love how the Camry is still there
Wild boi Lucian
Wild boi Lucian Pred 4 dnevi
I remember this Kevin person
Guitarate Pred 5 dnevi
Ohhhh I forgot about the way you are
Joey Craft
Joey Craft Pred 5 dnevi
Diesel blows up tho
Valley Automotive
Valley Automotive Pred 5 dnevi
opens toilet matt oh come in come in me WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Devan C
Devan C Pred 6 dnevi
Best intro ever
pico Pred 7 dnevi
same rc car
Mike K
Mike K Pred 7 dnevi
Pollution ranch
Your father
Your father Pred 7 dnevi
5:20, thats an expensive choice 🤣
Kalem Timms
Kalem Timms Pred 7 dnevi
Toilet: explodes me: walks out of bathroom that was some good Taco Bell
Velma Steele
Velma Steele Pred 7 dnevi
Nano i love u
Bruce Aitken
Bruce Aitken Pred 7 dnevi
You realize this is not an accurate test as the porta-potty is not filled with methane, which any construction worker who has had one of those units on the site can testify. You have to USE the porta-potty over time, allowing the gasses to build, BEFORE you set off the grenade.
SmokeBomb Pred 7 dnevi
❹ᴘғ.gaming Pred 7 dnevi
Put a hand grenade in the toilet
Jiminy Gomran
Jiminy Gomran Pred 7 dnevi
You need to make a lampare, gas WITH a grenade
KROOK Pred 8 dnevi
GEEZ 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS MORE THAN MR BEAST!!! I do see why tho No offence to mr beast
TIK TOK Pred 9 dnevi
Ian Butler
Ian Butler Pred 9 dnevi
Maybe pass on the comedy
Matt Parzych
Matt Parzych Pred 10 dnevi
You gotta leave the gas in the cans so that the vapors can't dicipate and set it off with a grenade
Yasu Lupo
Yasu Lupo Pred 11 dnevi
WTF this Intro 😂😂😂😂😂😍
Juanita Thompson
Juanita Thompson Pred 11 dnevi
Montegomery Wood
Montegomery Wood Pred 11 dnevi
The toilet after I had taco Bells
pianotm Pred 11 dnevi
I was just thinking, "But gasoline doesn't explode..."
Josh Williams
Josh Williams Pred 11 dnevi
Matt’s decent into madness continues
Michael Baker
Michael Baker Pred 11 dnevi
Explode the gas with a grinade
Patrik Houg
Patrik Houg Pred 11 dnevi
That intro is fucking hilarious
Sturmgewehr44 Pred 12 dnevi
Me after seeing a lot of gasoline is just slowly burning: My disappointment is immesurable and my day is ruined
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson Pred 12 dnevi
Should have had a 50cal ready to space up that little fire
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Pred 12 dnevi
For all the toys you get to play with you seem very scared and uncomfortable around danger
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Pred 12 dnevi
No way that's gas... The fumes would have ignited before rc got there.. that's DIESEL douche
Airplane 64
Airplane 64 Pred 12 dnevi
Me playing Star Fox 64: *chill* Peppy: 0:02
SeRoze ZED
SeRoze ZED Pred 12 dnevi
Yo that clip in The start be kinda crazy 😅
Kyle Woodfin 364
Kyle Woodfin 364 Pred 12 dnevi
3:55 me after taco bell
Huỳnh Yuri Văn Vladamir
now if the potty already used and he drop a grenade in it....that is glorious
[First Name] [Last Name]
What I want to know is what if the grenade is inside the toilet (toilet lid over grenade).
Goblins From Mars
Goblins From Mars Pred 13 dnevi
Do a Biden Creepy Out Intro!
Absolute Studios
Absolute Studios Pred 13 dnevi
The gasoline and the German bomb would be so epic.
Rayce Stiggins
Rayce Stiggins Pred 13 dnevi
Last time i saw you with a gurnade you nurderd a teddy bare.
Isaiah Anderson
Isaiah Anderson Pred 13 dnevi
Wish he used tannerite
Parker Plays
Parker Plays Pred 13 dnevi
3:49 who ever was in that port-a-potty probably just ate Taco Bell (Edit: he said that like two minutes after I commented that 😐)
Cobrinha Naja Do Brasil
They say it's safer to weld a full gas tank (or better just fill it with water...) than a empty one, I mean, if the empty still has fumes in it. The fumes need to be traped bro explode, that's why the gas in the toilet didn't explode.
sdrfox gaming
sdrfox gaming Pred 14 dnevi
that into, matt you ok? also R.I.P my ears
DRXFENCER101 Pred 14 dnevi
Lmaoooooo, 0:34
Jaxon Garza
Jaxon Garza Pred 14 dnevi
seomeone throws a grenade me: ... GET IN A PORTAPOTTTY
HotBooty pics
HotBooty pics Pred 15 dnevi
Kevin is such a backseat driver
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Pred 15 dnevi
The comfortable element approximately join because yam successively spoil through a far orchestra. callous, vast cupcake
Joshua Maynard
Joshua Maynard Pred 15 dnevi
Still can’t get over the fact that southerners say chuNk instead of chuck.
Jace Phippen
Jace Phippen Pred 15 dnevi
If you let the gas sit in there longer so it evaporates it might work better. It is the vapors that explode.
Matt Lunsford
Matt Lunsford Pred 16 dnevi
nicki salyer
nicki salyer Pred 16 dnevi
Blow up a jet fuel
Jarrett Green
Jarrett Green Pred 16 dnevi
Your energy is incredible
Yeetlord101 Pred 17 dnevi
He heee
Sussy sanji
Sussy sanji Pred 17 dnevi
I remember how Porta potties were so hot inside
Molly Clark
Molly Clark Pred 17 dnevi
SodaCup Pred 17 dnevi
"matt you cant stick a match in that its dangerous!" "no im not im gonna stick a flair in it, with this rc car"
Martin Caskey
Martin Caskey Pred 19 dnevi
You needed to put aerosol cans in the gas so when it gets hot they explode
Evan Skaar
Evan Skaar Pred 19 dnevi
The title reminds me of those Rick Astley wants to videos
Annette McBride
Annette McBride Pred 19 dnevi
O yah the Kester is back
Some Wendigo With Internet Access.
That feeling when you've had a taco bell extra chili bean burrito
Mr. Slime Gaming Official
Me: clicks on video Me sees intro: Help
AJ Pickle
AJ Pickle Pred 20 dnevi
It’s just going to pull Os
ShroobZ Pred 21 dnevom
Cooter come back
Jacob Marley
Jacob Marley Pred 22 dnevi
Where does average Joe obtain WWII German stick grenades? Huh?
Dumb stuff
Dumb stuff Pred 23 dnevi
Grenade:me smol Gasoline:dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson Pred 23 dnevi
Almost 10 million subscribers
Dr Criggz
Dr Criggz Pred 23 dnevi
Evan Elwin
Evan Elwin Pred 24 dnevi
Again what does the intro have to do with the actual video
MizzouPatriot 88
MizzouPatriot 88 Pred 24 dnevi
That was one weak ass grenade.
Eli Shufeldt
Eli Shufeldt Pred 25 dnevi
John C.
John C. Pred 26 dnevi
Had Jack Vale been in there it would be like Hiroshima.
Screamin Yellow Mach
Screamin Yellow Mach Pred 26 dnevi
Do a barrel roll!
Just a waheela with internet access
We need to see the Kevster return.
suki Pred 26 dnevi
When he was in the Porta Potty, it reminded me of when the characters got interviewed in the show "Total Drama Island" lol
Eugene Stewman
Eugene Stewman Pred 26 dnevi
You need to go to Hollywood or run for president both I think would be the same!!
Tonya Griffin
Tonya Griffin Pred 26 dnevi
タイクツナトモ Pred 28 dnevi
.......in case Matt really do loose it,this video is a confirmation sign
Jamey Powell
Jamey Powell Pred 29 dnevi
For more vlogs about RC cars check out Mark Santa Maria here on SLtv.
0vercl0ckVR Pred mesecem
That wasn’t a grenade in the crapper, someone combined Taco Bell, Chipotle and a extremely spicy pepper and went to town in there
Bruh Mania
Bruh Mania Pred mesecem
Still waiting on the burning 100,000 trees christmas video
David Rosky
David Rosky Pred mesecem
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