How Strong is a Giant Ball of Obsidian?!?!? 

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1. maj. 2021

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DemolitionRanch Pred mesecem
Download Lords Mobile to win BIG prizes here: www.igg.com/event/demolition $30,000 CASH GIVEAWAY and a $350 gift pack for everyone!
Minion Craft Ricks
Minion Craft Ricks Pred 4 dnevi
Compressed plastic ball
- PowerBAND - GAMER -
I'm sure that's just black glass, you got ripped off
B Quick
B Quick Pred 5 dnevi
What knife you got there Matt??
BIG BIO Pred 6 dnevi
I alredy have lords I’ve had it for years
random stuff
random stuff Pred 7 dnevi
@Andreas Kapaj short barreled shotguns are felonies
Zilla Productions878
You NEED to shoot bedrock
Joshua Turner
Joshua Turner Pred 5 urami
Reverberation ?
Lazar Ristanovic
Lazar Ristanovic Pred 9 urami
dont even bother watching the video anymore, just the intro lol
Thomas Mcdougall
Thomas Mcdougall Pred 12 urami
Try shoot through giant ball bearing
obama barack_thicc
obama barack_thicc Pred 12 urami
Obsidian its just unpure glass
British Person
British Person Pred 13 urami
Probably from surface area and shock waves of the rounds, thats why they arent piercing but rather shattering
Bumples Mcstumpsauc Nord I love your videos broe
Please stop little using that knife I don't like the scraping sounded sounds really weird can you please stop using this use your finger not the nail of this normal finger but just don't let the scraping sound thank you so much
Root-Nation.com Pred 14 urami
Hey, HEY, New Vegas was not that bad at the launch, put the gun down!
Corey Baxter
Corey Baxter Pred 14 urami
are you on stairoids
Braden Pasibe
Braden Pasibe Pred 15 urami
Have you tried a giant bearing ball?
Spark198rus Pred 18 urami
Kinetic energy
mayUplods... Pred 18 urami
why does minecraft make obsidian look bulletproof?
Eric Haas
Eric Haas Pred 19 urami
And now your mini boker kalashnikov is dull...
Seigward of Catarina
Seigward of Catarina Pred 20 urami
Thing looks like a Sigil Stone
Jake Padilla
Jake Padilla Pred 20 urami
nobody tell him, noooobody tell him
Amir Acelin
Amir Acelin Pred 21 uro
Its simple in the point of impact and the moment of impact a equal reaction force to bullets force is specter .
Ch3kz42 Яма
Ch3kz42 Яма Pred 21 uro
Do you not worry about ricochets?
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Pred 22 urami
WHHHHHHHYYYYYY?!?! Of all the things to shoot why obsidian? As a collector of such stone I can't even watch this one... Dammit! I want one of those.
Nawaf Haidar
Nawaf Haidar Pred 22 urami
I think because the shockwave
حسـامـ القاسـمـ
You should get a diamonf pickaxe
Fuzz Fuzz
Fuzz Fuzz Pred dnevom
Black magic = No White magic = Yes 💯😎👍
RoG_ members
RoG_ members Pred dnevom
Obsidian is a glass form (edit) : the molecular sructure is rigid and has more molecular connections
Yeetus The Feetus
Yeetus The Feetus Pred dnevom
I feel bad for Matt because he thinks it's actually obsidian when it's not........... Matt you got scammed
Lee Braddock
Lee Braddock Pred dnevom
Need to shoot it with the 50cal first, and then back down, it was already broken into a thousand pieces before the 50cal hit it
Lee Braddock
Lee Braddock Pred dnevom
Dude, that 308 would demolish that glass ball, even from the first shot, 308 hits so hard!!
Lee Braddock
Lee Braddock Pred dnevom
It creates energy when it hits that ball, hence the reason why it explodes at impact and shatters the rest, if it weren't so hard, the energy would explode that thing! Energy moves so fast, and that ball of glass is so hard, it doesn't have time to do the damage it could!
Wrench 475
Wrench 475 Pred dnevom
David Sortino
David Sortino Pred dnevom
How to protect yourself from a 44 long colt. ✨trash can ✨
Liam Cooke
Liam Cooke Pred dnevom
Matt, I don't know if you're still reading comments ITT, but obsidian is (last I checked) the sharpest substance known to man. It's very hard, but chips super easy - creating extraordinarily sharp pieces. The Aztecs (if I remember correctly) used to make swords by pinching a bunch of the shards between two pieces of wood. When the Spanish came to South America and were mucking about, one of the Eagle/Jaguar warriors (I don't remember which) cut off the head of a Conquistador's horse with a single swing. As far as why the obsidian stayed put where the bullet hit and not all around it, I believe it is because of how hard and brittle the volcanic glass (obsidian) is. The glass shatters, but compacts very little - remaining in place where it was hit but easily falling away as soon as you scrape it. Frontal impact has a lot less of an effect on it than impact at any non-perpendicular angle, even if it's very slight - hence the shattering all around the point of impact. t. Physics student in university. P.S. I love your videos, please stay safe.
Jimmy D
Jimmy D Pred dnevom
You absolutely bought colored glass... That ain’t obsidian
Jimmy D
Jimmy D Pred dnevom
Dude 4 minutes... sad how you turned into a sellout channel as all the others do.
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson Pred dnevom
Can I please have the big chunk of obsidian? Pretty please. I’ll buy it and subscribe twice.
Edwin Rivas
Edwin Rivas Pred dnevom
Do a one gun challenge and do it through 200 layers of metal
Adam Cabell
Adam Cabell Pred dnevom
And people thought stepping on a lego would be bad....
Ryan Langston
Ryan Langston Pred dnevom
What would a .44-40 be equivalent to 44 or 44 magnum?
Jo Dar
Jo Dar Pred dnevom
i never remember you doing oobleck/water and corn starch mixture, please do it if you see this
Wastelander1972 Pred dnevom
The physics occur as a result of the obsidian being isotropic.
Northrend Icecrown
Northrend Icecrown Pred dnevom
The issue is the time you fire the armor piercing around the obsidian was already week and from being hit
UnKnown DemonSlayer
It breaks arround cause its a ball shape if it was like a plate it would break it normaly
Hyfr_ tags Yt
Hyfr_ tags Yt Pred dnevom
Shoot a ball of solid plastic pvc
Anxiety 2006
Anxiety 2006 Pred dnevom
Last super power is basiclly jumping
NikonGuy Pred dnevom
I hope you didn't throw that obsidian out, it would be cool to shoot out of a cannon as grapeshot.
fortnitesavage34 Pred dnevom
6:36 is the camera man good tho ._.
Alcir Figueroa
Alcir Figueroa Pred dnevom
@DemolitionRanch #DemolitionRanch you should make some arrow heads
Nobody Pred dnevom
It cracks the back due to constructive interference at the diameterically opposite point and does not crack where the bullet hits because of destructive interference
Nobody Pred dnevom
It's the same physics as the earth when an earthquake happens
Jed Pred dnevom
Its annoying to have to skip 4 minutes of video to get to the titled content.
Aldrin Chua
Aldrin Chua Pred dnevom
How do shooting ranges work? Do you buy the property or is it public and anyone can use it?
Mano County Ban Center
POV: You saw this on your recommended and you thought of minecraft Obsidian
Kevin Clover
Kevin Clover Pred dnevom
Try a 12inch rubber band ball
trolllollollol Jonson
Brayden Bailey
Brayden Bailey Pred dnevom
Do you have a twin your camera man looks like you
15:25 what is that airplane door doing there?
owen bareman
owen bareman Pred dnevom
Where is creepy cooter
Ibrahim MOHAMMED Pred 2 dnevi
Why the fuck did you touch the sharp obsidian scalpels are made of that
John Wick
John Wick Pred 2 dnevi
It is because of the impact. When the slug hits the ball, the ball will absorb some of the impact energy, right where it hit the ball, but won't really reduce the wave of energy sent around the ball.
Aran Hedd
Aran Hedd Pred 2 dnevi
hit it with a tank
SI Schröder
SI Schröder Pred 2 dnevi
my hobbie is too shoot with dragon breath pumpguns in the WOODS
Susan Gray
Susan Gray Pred 2 dnevi
How dull is that knife
Josh THAT GUY! Pred 2 dnevi
Can any one tell me where I can buy drangons breath rounds?
Everything EDC
Everything EDC Pred 2 dnevi
Is that a mini boker kalashnakov?
Nazar Perepelytsia
Nazar Perepelytsia Pred 2 dnevi
Just to your idea about the diamond. Lets asume you want 1 kg of diamond ball. 1 carat costs 2,900$ - 3,600$, so if you want 1kg of diamond you would need ca.5000 carats, that is equal to 16,250,000$ - 18,000,000$ you better buy a tank then a small diamond sphere. Btw. a M1 Abrams is priced around 6,210,000$ - 8,920,000$, you can basically buy 2 tanks for a small diamond sphere
Ev01 Nike
Ev01 Nike Pred 2 dnevi
You. Should have done a 50 cal
Joshua Manasye
Joshua Manasye Pred 2 dnevi
imagine an archeologist comes to this place and got confused
Leon Jacob-Wood
Leon Jacob-Wood Pred 2 dnevi
that was satisfying with the 50 cal
Leon Jacob-Wood
Leon Jacob-Wood Pred 2 dnevi
i live in England so i cant get a piece :( also i try to see if i can guess the gun from COD knowledge
Vic Stanfieldshire
Vic Stanfieldshire Pred 2 dnevi
Matt: It’s almost like glass... Obsidian: That’s VOLCANIC GLASS to you!!
Nagawan Einstein
Nagawan Einstein Pred 2 dnevi
When u realise shattered obsidian is sharper than a surgical scalpel
Scope Pred 2 dnevi
spencer wilson
spencer wilson Pred 2 dnevi
Your poor knives😔
Gabe The Dog
Gabe The Dog Pred 2 dnevi
if you can only fly 12 inches off the ground for one second, then that is called jumping...
Enderverse Gaming
Enderverse Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
i also have a giant ball of obsidian but with a bit of silver swirl
Fakename Pred 2 dnevi
probably too late my thoughts are the balls are more dense in the middle. it forces the bullets impact to spread its force to the sides. also some force still goes straight through so it cracks the backside.
doppeltegenkidama Pred 2 dnevi
i wana see the explosion on the 50bmg on the slomo guys cam @ 1 000 000 fps
Sentient Badge39
Sentient Badge39 Pred 2 dnevi
Have you done this with prince rupert droplets?
Ty Meador
Ty Meador Pred 2 dnevi
I'd be interested in seeing the glass ball VS an RIP round
Scotty Do
Scotty Do Pred 2 dnevi
The more he shot it the more it looked like an arcane egg from Hollow Knight
Doc Respectful
Doc Respectful Pred 2 dnevi
Just fyi that is glass 😊
Diegito Pred 3 dnevi
Get a 5x bigger ice ball and shoot that pls
pgame20 Pred 3 dnevi
Extremely resistant to direct strikes, extremely weak to shearing strikes.
Micha Grill
Micha Grill Pred 3 dnevi
This IS vulcanic glass m8 😂
Robert Allison
Robert Allison Pred 3 dnevi
Sad you shot that solid rock crystal up! You are trigger happy
Greg Kaatz
Greg Kaatz Pred 3 dnevi
Matt just figured out gun flintknapping....much more fun then the traditional way!!
Kurus Guimond-Beliveau
I'd suggest doing it with slow motion camera, You'd be amaze the shots you can get.
Edward W.
Edward W. Pred 3 dnevi
I do flint knapping & obsidian makes awesome knives & arrowheads, although the knives are of course brittle as are the arrowheads, but can often be knapped again to make a smaller blade.
sheesh yeet
sheesh yeet Pred 3 dnevi
i think it was stronger than the glass
Mark O'Brien
Mark O'Brien Pred 3 dnevi
Obsidian is a freakish volcanic mineral
Mark O'Brien
Mark O'Brien Pred 3 dnevi
Electric Squid
Electric Squid Pred 3 dnevi
Fluorite would be a great ore to shoot or a hunk of copper
TheReal RevB0T
TheReal RevB0T Pred 3 dnevi
I think the magic physics is just pressure, when it hits, it creates pressure and it cracks behind it. I could be completely wrong though.
Sean Frosty
Sean Frosty Pred 3 dnevi
6:34 lmaooo poor camera man shit himself 😂
Mustafa ali
Mustafa ali Pred 3 dnevi
But if u shoot it with something like a 50 bmg but to mine it is hard and rare but if u wanna mine it u need expensive tools to
Mustafa ali
Mustafa ali Pred 3 dnevi
Now obsidian cares about protecting its inside so physically the outside is like glass easy to break but inside is EXTRA hard
Mykal Bowden
Mykal Bowden Pred 3 dnevi
The only way to know you have the superpower of being able to float 6 inches off the ground for a second only while being naked is either by being told that you have that power or you tried to jump off a building naked for some reason 🤷🏾
Faded Sparrow vlogs
Faded Sparrow vlogs Pred 3 dnevi
I mean I'm not a science expert but I think it's cause it's going so fast that it compacts it an the shock wave cracks/brakes it
Cesare Cerri
Cesare Cerri Pred 3 dnevi
Tell me if i’m wrong, but obsidian is a volcanic glass, and it’s also amorphous as the glass we use, i’m not certain about the composition of that obsidian (i can’t tell if it has any particular propriety that glass doesen’t have) but it makes sense to se a similar behaviour
Anjo Berlin
Anjo Berlin Pred 3 dnevi
Obsidian can’t compress so it’s shearing off the edges
nathan thompson
nathan thompson Pred 3 dnevi
lol thats cuz its glass from the ground
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