Is an Elevator Cable Bulletproof? 

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24. maj. 2021

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Carlo Bustamante
Carlo Bustamante Pred 53 minutami
That doesn’t look like matrix to me
I would bloody well hope that it’s bulletproof
Derpotato23 Pred 2 urami
This video makes me feel better while riding an elevator
billylo1992 Pred 6 urami
After seeing this vid.Who needs body armor? Just wrap a big elevator cable around you. Thats all the protection you need.
daniel Chacon
daniel Chacon Pred 6 urami
In theory, a cut/break to any load baring cable/thread/rope/or string that was made by weaving together many thinner lines has the potential to cause the line or in this case an elevator cable to unravel/break/or fray apart if the right conditions of tension/weight applied to the cable along with variables such as the age of the cable, the frequency of it’s use, thickness and material used to make it and where it was hit are met. I think these variables should have been considered when making this video. I would like to see him revisit this experiment after doing some research and collecting more data. He should have contacted an elevator manufacturer and requested the most popular cable used then using 2 heavy trucks to pull the cable tight enough to simulate the tension of an elevator dangling from 4 stories or so. Any good experiment takes into consideration as many variables as possible to test your hypothesis in an environment/situation that is as controlled as possible to gather consistent data and results. That being said, this was a very entertaining video for sure. Good job I love watching for what you’re going to do next. Don’t ever stop lol.
Armando Cass
Armando Cass Pred 6 urami
If you had tension on it whole different story
billylo1992 Pred 6 urami
The intro is movie koala-ty 10/10 would watch
Michael Main
Michael Main Pred 6 urami
Matt... I think you just want a reason to shoot the 50 cal
Sparkie Wof
Sparkie Wof Pred 6 urami
Matt Mare is going to hate this but... you should get another suppressed MPK5 pistol.
Scrombomb Pred 6 urami
No tension on the cable. Also they usually shoot the connectors.
Drew Hansen
Drew Hansen Pred 8 urami
Mat, "I think leprechauns come in the middle of the night and mess with my scopes" Mare laughing in the background
Chris Tyler
Chris Tyler Pred 9 urami
Not sure how much an elevator weighs but, I'm assuming you would have different results with the weight and tension the elevator provides. Still don't think a 9mm would be enough.
Solid Mike P
Solid Mike P Pred 10 urami
Fares Amor
Fares Amor Pred 10 urami
Things do not work the way they do in real life inside the matrix
Johnny Cash Flow
Johnny Cash Flow Pred 11 urami
Matt, you poor dumb bastard, you forgot the most critical element of the Matrix scene in your recreation: There is no spoon.
Chuck Pred 11 urami
Mattt shoot a high tension cable under tension!!!
Chuck Pred 11 urami
Wasabi snooters before shooting
최락규 Rak Gyu Choi
im curious of the result if the wire had same tension as its pulling an elevator. i think the wire got less damage because it had no tension so it replicated. sorry for my bad english im korean, and i dont know any scientific knowledge.
Alex Shady
Alex Shady Pred 13 urami
Not saying 9mm would be able to do it especially 1 bullet but wires due tend to snap easier wen theres a lot of tension
Kevin Karbonik
Kevin Karbonik Pred 13 urami
There's no tension on the cable..... no good.
Sans Pred 15 urami
a cable under 3 tons of stress pulling on it would have broken
Not Woke
Not Woke Pred 15 urami
Remember, those lines would normally be under some strain also.
HiDro BrokeHouseInc
HiDro BrokeHouseInc Pred 16 urami
Mark Ramos
Mark Ramos Pred 16 urami
elevators create a good amount of tension. Just saying
Kungfu Killah
Kungfu Killah Pred 16 urami
Would be awesome if you brought a ppsh with a drum Meg to the show 🙏🙏
a. phytophile
a. phytophile Pred 16 urami
I coulda sworn he shot the cable in the movie with a desert eagle not a 9mm, but hard to remember. Maybe it was a 92F after all, or one of the scorpion SMGs but I think he drops those; it's been too long. I know he shoots it twice, right at the anchor point rather than just the cable. Dunno if that'd do it, but it happens in the matrix where they basically have superpowers anyway. So it's kinda moot lol, just like this comment xD... but it's such a common thing in movies in general it's still a fun idea to test. P.S. I'm jealous of your MP5. I was unable to keep my dad's that he left to me, for financial reasons at the time, plus interstate gun laws/lack of an SMG license/nowhere to store it legally where I was living. I was barely 21 and on the other side of the country, was a very sudden thing. It got a good home but I miss it. Le sigh.
a. phytophile
a. phytophile Pred 16 urami
I love how you used the silly trope of entire unfired cartridges flying through the air in the intro, bad 80s cartoon style.
rider of the apocalypse
sltv.info/label/hrJ4v6vIaZOriJA/video THIS IS MUCH BETTER
videos Pred 17 urami
He shoots the connector in the movie lol
videos Pred 17 urami
put cable under tension
AuntieSandra YT
AuntieSandra YT Pred 18 urami
12:01 😂😪 feels bad
EpicGamer AK
EpicGamer AK Pred 18 urami
I don’t know why but I thought this was a pewdiepie video lmao it looked liked that because of the thumbnail
Aleksi H
Aleksi H Pred 21 uro
In the movie the cable was actually a little thinner than that cable but it would 100% be impossible to shoot it in half with a 9mm
arman ghasabian
arman ghasabian Pred 21 uro
the 9m probably wouldnt still cut the cable but you have to consider that you probably have a brand new cable and its not bearing a whole elevator cabin but if it has been used for a few years at least and its bearing a whole cabing underneath it i think there is a bigger chance of it getting cut by most bullets
Álvaro Gil
Álvaro Gil Pred 23 urami
Columbine outfit 0:26
Hell's Games
Hell's Games Pred 23 urami
your editing skills may never be as good as a movie editor because movie edits have work put in them....not saying your intro don't have work in them....but uh...hmm................
FPS SERBIA Pred 23 urami
elevators usually have safety factor from 9 - 11 (usually it should be 11 ) , the thickness of cables depends on the carrying capability of elevator, now we have flat elevator cables that have much smaller cables in them but more then 1 and are covered with rubber and there is no way that 1x 9mm bullet will do the job because you usually have more then 1 cable on elevator, glass elevator that is at my university have i think 4-6 cables on each side, they are not that thick but much stronger then those old cables
Andy Newman
Andy Newman Pred dnevom
Maximize tension at manufacturers specifications THEN fire away. The 50cal would certainly send your perpetrator to the basement…with a few hits. Destruction is fun, yes?
Xurten Pred dnevom
I'm really high and this intro is really fucking dope
Micah Wats
Micah Wats Pred dnevom
It almost feels the tension... Should be that of an elevator for a building... If it was hanging an elevator... For a building... To see 👍😝😵😝👍
Roman Sevilla
Roman Sevilla Pred dnevom
you have to take in account tension from the elevator
Omar Okbelbab
Omar Okbelbab Pred dnevom
maybe they just hit the part where the cable connects with the elevator and they dont necessarily cut it
MarsarahCheetos Pred dnevom
so you're saying we need bullet proof vests made out of elevator cables?
Adam Gray
Adam Gray Pred dnevom
I know you meant to say wire rope because that is what it is you are talking about. Just saying.
DJ Revolver
DJ Revolver Pred dnevom
Shouldn't the cable be taught, and also usually when they shoot at the cable, they shoot at the connector, which is the weaker part of the assembly
Ronnie Tooley
Ronnie Tooley Pred dnevom
The light tenor acromegaly part because worm secondarily beg under a dynamic south africa. cool, ambitious organ
Javi Chairez
Javi Chairez Pred dnevom
The intro reminded me of mabness combat
john handcock
john handcock Pred dnevom
No Tension.. No comparison.
Eric Abril
Eric Abril Pred dnevom
In the movie neo shot the harness rope’s anchor point. And he was the one.
Tim Eales
Tim Eales Pred dnevom
Should have done it while under tension for a more realistic test.
digduck Pred dnevom
Might need RPG7 and 20mm
Mark Nathan Padua
Mark Nathan Padua Pred dnevom
im just imagining neo holding on to the wire/cable and then he pulls out a sniper to hip fire the cable and shoots is while hes full arm just YEETS BACK and he cuts the cable haha
Bryan Medina
Bryan Medina Pred dnevom
The cringe level so high in the beginning
Elijah Pred dnevom
All the other...
Šimon Buďvesel
Šimon Buďvesel Pred dnevom
Well, the matrix is a kind of a ''dream world'' where they just have to *believe* and stuff happens :D
BrendonDeal Pred dnevom
The Matrix is real.
sniperwolf 0327
sniperwolf 0327 Pred dnevom
Well not only did the cable not have tension on it bro didn’t shot the cable. He shot the connection between the cable and the elevator
Shawn Willis
Shawn Willis Pred dnevom
Why would an elevator explode?
Glitzy FC
Glitzy FC Pred dnevom
Why do you always skip .40 your so biased towards .40 🥴🥶
Ivan Vallejo
Ivan Vallejo Pred dnevom
Why don’t u do another video but with the cable holding something have like if it was a elevator and it’s gonna make the cable hard so u might see how it works bcz the cable is not holding nothing to keep it in place and when u shoot the cable moves
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor Pred dnevom
Your videos are always entertaining
Jerred Cebula
Jerred Cebula Pred dnevom
Should’ve had the cable attached to a couple trees with some actual tension so the cable isn’t just flopping around when hit.
Rozq Pred dnevom
Hang some serious weight on that cable and shot it, you will see a solid difference, not making it break with 9 mil copper bullet but you will see it. If the weight will be decent, even if you will cut only 1-2 of the smaller cables, a rapid redistribution of stress and pressure over the rest might break them.
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Pred dnevom
I imagine it would be different it the cable was under tension and probably easier then but not like in the movies
Squapie Pred dnevom
Pumped up kicks starts playing
Terry Roswell
Terry Roswell Pred dnevom
i have a question is maybe the reason none of them went threw is because the cable is not under any weight? what would happen if the cable was under weight like it would be in the elevator shaft
iȘtefan Pred dnevom
aoleo, zici ca esti din filmele Matrix.
Chris Koort
Chris Koort Pred dnevom
I didn't know Matt was a veteran. Pretty cool though.
Damian Frančák
Damian Frančák Pred dnevom
That 50. cal - I am glad you didn't use Slap rounds, which youruber would I watch then?
Damian Frančák
Damian Frančák Pred dnevom
But in movies that cable is under pressure, thats why it gets destroyed even with 9 mm.
Damian Frančák
Damian Frančák Pred dnevom
That mp5 with supressor looks really bad, just use Mp5 sd6.
domeq domeq
domeq domeq Pred dnevom
There is no elevator cable.... as a wise kid said once.
IAMFOOZY Pred dnevom
Could you imagine using a plastic table cover? #RedPill
Finck92 Pred dnevom
thanks for the matrix spoiler 100 years later
Nitin Zhala
Nitin Zhala Pred dnevom
beast man
xl_EleoBrst Pred dnevom
Обычно я смотрю твой канал с русской озвучкой😅
Subham Kumar Sharma
Man your intro is good but those bullet animation and CGI Vs real bullets transition is just awful, ridiculous and ruined the feel of the intro. 😂
extra virgin olive oil
How Europeans see America 14:37
Richard Fitswell
Richard Fitswell Pred 2 dnevi
Tension.. that’s the only thing removing this from the field of science.
6ixGodGaming Pred 2 dnevi
watching you in the tub atm i love this channel and the enegry man i love it kicks my depression away ans love the intros hahahah ;) hahahah the cape dance
Wightcrow Pred 2 dnevi
I don't know by how much but tension on the cable would really change the physics here
Mamadou van Leijen
Mamadou van Leijen Pred 2 dnevi
The undesirable machine desirably question because death comparably steer in a frequent twilight. fresh, detailed pressure
Gh0st K1LLZ
Gh0st K1LLZ Pred 2 dnevi
12:01 voice crack
Robert Nixon
Robert Nixon Pred 2 dnevi
Shoulda used a Black Talon.
Cody Mason
Cody Mason Pred 2 dnevi
I wonder if the cable material is EEIPS OR EEEIPS
Evan Jones
Evan Jones Pred 2 dnevi
The Mattrix
mickerdoodle51 Pred 2 dnevi
Matt, You are an amazing shot!
Lee Newberry
Lee Newberry Pred 2 dnevi
Different rounds can shoot very different in the same gun don't worry about leprechauns
Dennis Ligatti
Dennis Ligatti Pred 2 dnevi
You should have shot it under tension Demo!
Austin Duvall
Austin Duvall Pred 2 dnevi
I'm with everyone else. Each of those strands of metal are made so they flex just a little bit when tensioned but without tension they can flex more obviously so I'm wondering if the tension would change the results significantly because with tension I would see it being a more solid object which would mean it has to absorb alot more energy compared to something flexible.
TheFlaminFist Pred 2 dnevi
at 9:40 he looks like a kid showing his dad what toys hes gonna play with for the day
TheFlaminFist Pred 2 dnevi
no hate but i get a different vibe from the backwards hat and the long jacket
Takahashi Shinazugawa
Love the jacket
dodo Pred 2 dnevi
if there was weight on the cable as much as elevator, you would have done much more damage. it swinging around when impact occurs dissipates a lot of force.
Max K
Max K Pred 2 dnevi
I doesn't need to chop it in half, it only needs to weaken it to the point of failing under load
Milan Wagner
Milan Wagner Pred 2 dnevi
You are getting better with effects but, those scénes are more urealistic. I would rather see ,more accurate actions
Ploughman's Backyard
I'm wondering if it would be different if you had the weight of an elevator to that cable and then shot at it.
Knot Sure
Knot Sure Pred 2 dnevi
Would the cable being under tension make a difference?
askikr79 Pred 2 dnevi
You have to realize, there is no spoon.
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts