The WWII Liberator vs My Giant Nuts 

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3. mar. 2021

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Lukas Schurad
Lukas Schurad Pred uro
A pistol given to civillians called liberator is the most American thing ever.
ahitepo yt
ahitepo yt Pred uro
this sounds so gay
Kevin Hudson
Kevin Hudson Pred 2 urami
There was a wood dowel to push the shell out and the grip has a spare rounds.
joes347 Pred 5 urami
"Ideally it doesn't explode" needs to be a bumper sticker
obama prism
obama prism Pred 11 urami
Matt was never able to have kids again...
max krohn
max krohn Pred 12 urami
Hello does anyone know a good editing software for windows ?? I
WHOBEATYA HAHA Pred 18 urami
Ayoooo not the shooter lol 😂
TGenics Pred 18 urami
The outro, wow!!
TGenics Pred 18 urami
12:02 because I realized there was another one at the end :D
Frog Power B
Frog Power B Pred 19 urami
Did you buy the 25 auto, because you thought it was automatic. (matt humor is grate)
Patrik Houg
Patrik Houg Pred 20 urami
Lol the ending😂😂
Patrik Houg
Patrik Houg Pred 20 urami
Small nuts, not shooting black tip. Lol kidding
Patrik Houg
Patrik Houg Pred 20 urami
He threw that 12guage onn purpose 😉
Jake Awesome_USA
Jake Awesome_USA Pred 20 urami
Those are big work and I get some this is not a joke I’m curious what kind of stuff that’s made for
MR GRIZZ Pred 23 urami
It should have a ram rod to knock the bullet out...but the gun was made as a throw away gun you would assassinate a enemy then you would take his more able rifle
Aren Sereathy
Aren Sereathy Pred dnevom
The liberator redefines the phrase “Shitty hooker pistol,”
Cody Ashcraft
Cody Ashcraft Pred dnevom
if you want to shoot more rounds at it turn it to the side and measure how far in they go, so you know if it would go through, and its a flat surface
zach luck
zach luck Pred dnevom
I laughed so many goddamn times during this
Hank the haybot
Hank the haybot Pred dnevom
thats nuts
Hank the haybot
Hank the haybot Pred dnevom
nuts liberated
PhantomGaming56 Pred dnevom
Me reading the tittle: that’s what she said
Rzler Pred dnevom
how many cashew jokes where in this video i’m nut sure
MrTimTam Pred dnevom
So if o were to wear that thick metal on me I would be iron man?
Samir Sheko
Samir Sheko Pred dnevom
Which nuts?
GoGoSqueezeX Pred 2 dnevi
When the demolitia is sus
illigal alien
illigal alien Pred 2 dnevi
i did not know gay people could own guns C:
Daniel Marino
Daniel Marino Pred 2 dnevi
7:39 "what sound does a nut make when its sneezing" *FART NOISE OFF IN THE DISTANCE* the timing! im dying xD
Asianplague Pred 2 dnevi
Nice nuts
Antonio Serenil
Antonio Serenil Pred 2 dnevi
omg a compilation of the nut jokes would be gold. I had to replay the last one over and over
trip Pred 2 dnevi
Respect for the blind people that heared this
Daily [BRM-5]
Daily [BRM-5] Pred 3 dnevi
Ayo chill...
Fortpro34 Pred 3 dnevi
I love his sense of humor 🤣
Marcus Ortega
Marcus Ortega Pred 3 dnevi
Pls let me know when you would want to sell the little 25 pistol ever if not I would totally understand 🙌🏼🤟🏼
Jesse Pred 3 dnevi
One bullet!? C’mon ‘merica.
John R. Timmers
John R. Timmers Pred 3 dnevi
The Liberator, the original "Level Up" gun. See Nazi, shoot Nazi, take Nazi's gun.
Keegan Nagel
Keegan Nagel Pred 3 dnevi
Testicular torsion
John Waite
John Waite Pred 3 dnevi
it was a point blank gun, it came with a diagram on how to use just pictures no words , there would have been a small wooden dowel to push empty cartridge out. in France usually a pretty girl would lure a German into an allyand boom
Garpu _
Garpu _ Pred 3 dnevi
I love this video title
TarHeelsFan23 xx
TarHeelsFan23 xx Pred 3 dnevi
I love that mini 14
SnkrheadArt Pred 4 dnevi
5:33 you didnt even hit it, it went into the top right.
Tanner Barry
Tanner Barry Pred 4 dnevi
Astronut in the ocean
Donz Milky
Donz Milky Pred 4 dnevi
Lot of power behind that bullet to throw those nuts that far.
Lucas Brunner
Lucas Brunner Pred 4 dnevi
i would love to clean up the place for you and collect the cases
Sleepythesage Pred 4 dnevi
nice nuts
Jan Collins
Jan Collins Pred 5 dnevi
i wanna know how many takes this took
Ben M
Ben M Pred 5 dnevi
When you see her for the first time after quarantine. 10:48
Average Picker
Average Picker Pred 5 dnevi
I don’t care what critics say, I love that stupid little gun.
Fox Studio's
Fox Studio's Pred 5 dnevi
Nothing like some good chrome plated nuts, those are probably some strong nuts since they are chrome nuts
entitydotexe Pred 5 dnevi
ATF: What are you shooting at? Mat: *DEEZ NUTS*
Arcqx Pred 5 dnevi
10:02 😳
Arcqx Pred 5 dnevi
“The WW2 Liberator vs My Giant Nuts” *I READ THAT WRONG AND CLICKED TOO QUICK.*
InternetShibe47 Pred 5 dnevi
it cocks just like a nerf gun lmfao
Brane benz
Brane benz Pred 5 dnevi
Nuts of steel.
lyx Pred 6 dnevi
nut bodyarmor
Joey Wallace
Joey Wallace Pred 6 dnevi
huntre yancey
huntre yancey Pred 6 dnevi
The liberator shal now liberate how big those nuts are
Quack the duck
Quack the duck Pred 6 dnevi
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez Pred 6 dnevi
What are you talking about? Thats a nerf jolt...
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez Pred 6 dnevi
this man put his tools at risk for our entertainment. respect
Jochem Pred 6 dnevi
the new employee was just a clumsy assassin
Leslie Tyerman
Leslie Tyerman Pred 7 dnevi
4:52 you didn’t shoot yourself in the nuts, but you did shoot your nuts
Gentcheeto Pred 7 dnevi
7:21 ring of fire
amber jones
amber jones Pred 7 dnevi
Ha GIAINT NUTS hahahahah
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Frank7489 Pred 7 dnevi
What’s Demolition doing for views nowadays? Ah, he just gets on camera and knocks his nuts around a lil bit
Rumpleman456 Pred 7 dnevi
Should have been titled "liberating my giant nuts"
Lurvy Fn
Lurvy Fn Pred 7 dnevi
most sus video of 2021. by: guinness world records☑️
Shinigami13 Pred 7 dnevi
Nazi's ya say? Guns we'll drop guns from the sky by the hundreds. We'll even drop ammo on their heads. -murica These nut jokes are hilarious my guy 😂😂😂
Joe M
Joe M Pred 8 dnevi
Matt, you are such a man child. I love it
matthew natividad
matthew natividad Pred 8 dnevi
You meant deez nutz
That Dude Who Tries To Be Funny But Isnt
i love this man
The Architect
The Architect Pred 8 dnevi
hey, can you hand me that fragmentation impact grenade? sure, i’ll even pull the pin for you! 💥
Ahmed _VR
Ahmed _VR Pred 8 dnevi
How didn't you get demonetized
Historybuff2008 Pred 9 dnevi
I’m seriously surprised it survived this video and testing, if I’m correct it was made to fire 5-15 shots before purposely falling apart
Mason Guthrie
Mason Guthrie Pred 9 dnevi
people reading the title ;}
Just a Jackalope
Just a Jackalope Pred 9 dnevi
Cashues are not nuts actually either are penuts
stoneonyx 429
stoneonyx 429 Pred 9 dnevi
Those are some big nuts 🤠
outof .context
outof .context Pred 9 dnevi
This made me slightly exhale through my nose
Muhammed Yahya Ekici
this video is kinda nutty
MintyClover Pred 9 dnevi
“You’re gonna love my nuts” -Vince from Slap Chop
TheSpaceXplorer Pred 10 dnevi
"Come touch my nuts, I love that" lmfao
Ion Castro
Ion Castro Pred 10 dnevi
Yo, that thing ohgly!😤🤢🤣
MonsterSnakez Pred 10 dnevi
Your jokes are so nutty
PoCanDo _
PoCanDo _ Pred 10 dnevi
Matt got slugs on his nuts
Dr hydration
Dr hydration Pred 10 dnevi
That bullet hit a Vietnamese sniper
B. Andresen
B. Andresen Pred 10 dnevi
That gun never made it to Denmark… btw, that show was nuts……
Nate B
Nate B Pred 10 dnevi
DeadSmiles Pred 10 dnevi
he really is such a nutjob...
Logan Edmonds
Logan Edmonds Pred 10 dnevi
The incorrect vocabulary asswell
Logan Edmonds
Logan Edmonds Pred 10 dnevi
OMG THE AMOUNT OF TIMES YOU SAY NUTS But it’s kinda funny not gonna lie good job matt
Robert Stevenson
Robert Stevenson Pred 10 dnevi
It wasn’t JUST the nazi’s it was also just normal german soldiers.
Shadow Boom
Shadow Boom Pred 10 dnevi
Who were working for the Nazi state. Thus by fighting the german soldiers, the Americans were fighting the Nazis state and thus, were always fighting the Nazis. Yeah I’m being pedantic because that comment was a bit pointless-everyone knows that and nobody cares.
Atomik Cosmonaut
Atomik Cosmonaut Pred 11 dnevi
Nah that's sigints ez gun
MyAcer20 Pred 11 dnevi
Only about 25,000 pistols were dropped to Resistance groups in Europe out of 1,000,000 made most of these guns where destroyed after the war
MyAcer20 Pred 11 dnevi
they were made for one shot intentionaly the point to those guns is to steal a real gun from a nazi do not buy this gun if you want to shoot it alot some parts will bend and fail after 100 rounds or so
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller Pred 11 dnevi
So you're telling me guns were literally falling out of the sky? that's heaven for me!
Aguy Pred 11 dnevi
I'm fairly certain Forgotten Weapons covered the liberator and unfortunately the distribution of them didn't happen due to the immense volume of pistols produced and capacity of the planes. Apparently one plane run dropped too few pistols and there were just so many produced. Most were dumped into the sea I believe
Infinite Gold
Infinite Gold Pred 11 dnevi
There were so many nut jokes in this video it drove me *nuts*
T-MAN Kimbrough
T-MAN Kimbrough Pred 11 dnevi
Did y’all hear the guy behind the camera after he almost gets hit with the 50ae desert eagle shell? 7:23-24.
Sean Raines
Sean Raines Pred 11 dnevi
No no no this is a smaller gun then that and it is called the calibre
Gavin Carnivale
Gavin Carnivale Pred 11 dnevi
man this guy has balls of steel get it
Falcon Cudney
Falcon Cudney Pred 11 dnevi
the title is just sus
Mr. Ballzak
Mr. Ballzak Pred 11 dnevi
He says sheesh at 7:23