Torture Testing the Worlds Largest Fire Extinguishers 

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23. feb. 2021

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DemolitionRanch Pred 3 meseci
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: clcr.me/ozRZ7J and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Guitarman Pred 13 dnevi
You should buy the biggest mag you could find and unload it on ranch
Debra Shaw
Debra Shaw Pred 20 dnevi
What is your clans name
Hat Man
Hat Man Pred 2 meseci
We have extinguishers about that big sitting parked out at each spot on the flightline ramps I work on. Every parked plane is required to have one in front of it, particularly during maintenance and engine runs.
brayden clements
brayden clements Pred 2 meseci
you should shoot oobleck
white death. Lau Larsen
No I don’t think I will
Henry Schoon
Henry Schoon Pred 5 urami
i miss the 500 magnum
Tara Nuse
Tara Nuse Pred 8 urami
Hydrogen tanks
A_Roof_Korean _
A_Roof_Korean _ Pred 11 urami
Airport firemen: *stares at AFFF soaking into the ground* *sees matt getting covered in cancerous foam*
videos Pred 14 urami
should have poured gasoline over it all
Drake Crandus
Drake Crandus Pred dnevom
Snowing in texas didn’t age well XD
David Martin
David Martin Pred dnevom
white stuff
CrippledMerc Pred dnevom
And here I thought Matt had finally gotten serious about fire safety at the ranch.. Nope, just more weird stuff to shoot at...
Luc!d Official
Luc!d Official Pred 2 dnevi
exatcly 43,400 you were on point
Czech Mate
Czech Mate Pred 2 dnevi
I'm at the dollar store and I have $10, let's set how many things I can buy. Okay, now i have $40 let's see what I can get. Okay, now I have $100..... Now I'm going to line them up....
Matt c
Matt c Pred 3 dnevi
$43,000! THAT'S LIKE 50,000 OF MY TRUCKS!!!!
Jack kuchera
Jack kuchera Pred 4 dnevi
Is that 9mm glock u used a polymer80?
Zeej Ahmed
Zeej Ahmed Pred 5 dnevi
Who was watching till the end of the video
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Den M
Den M Pred 7 dnevi
That stuff can get down into well water and completely ruin it. I live by a air force base and they had a leakage and it ruin the tap water still to this day.
Phillip Vogler
Phillip Vogler Pred 8 dnevi
Honestly, the armorpen shot probably lost a lot of energy against the fluid shooting out. It might have gone through the empty tank
Jon Hayz
Jon Hayz Pred 8 dnevi
Have you ever shot a tin can full of water? If you hit the bottom it will likely rip the can apart. I wonder if the same would apply to a 55 gallon drum and a .50 cal?
Shea Bearden
Shea Bearden Pred 8 dnevi
I work on these for a living, and have wanted to do the same thing for years just to see what would happen. 😂😂 Thanks for this.
Chris K.
Chris K. Pred 9 dnevi
I'd say you sufficiently fireproofed the range If you can get ahold of another one of these I'd be curious to see what it would take to get through the nitrogen tank on it before you pressurize the rest of the tank.
F Mills
F Mills Pred 9 dnevi
F Mills
F Mills Pred 9 dnevi
Where do you dispose of all the bullet riddled items you've shot over the years?
Michael Kearney
Michael Kearney Pred 10 dnevi
I wouldn't be keen on walking up to it after shooting it 😅🤣
Caleb Shuping
Caleb Shuping Pred 10 dnevi
Keep it up Mr 10 million!
Christian Ibarra
Christian Ibarra Pred 10 dnevi
Just some FYI about the nozzle. As the foam passes the holes, it draws in air through the venturi effect. As air passes through the tip, it creates a low level of pressure that allows air to enter from the side holes and aerate the foam.
Token zirdo Zirdo
Token zirdo Zirdo Pred 10 dnevi
Why don't you try shooting bamboo
The Stone 74
The Stone 74 Pred 10 dnevi
the B E A N S
There’s so much white stuff
Albert Felix
Albert Felix Pred 11 dnevi
Orange Peel
Orange Peel Pred 11 dnevi
Shoot go pros
Syphon Toastie
Syphon Toastie Pred 11 dnevi
Ok those are not the worlds largest fire extinguishers. You have obviously not seen what guards gas storage...
Olov Öhman
Olov Öhman Pred 11 dnevi
Just me who wanna see tank vs giant fire extinguisher?
FBI open up motherfucker
8:37 that's what she said
Monke High Command TF2
Raid is borin realy
Productions Someone
Productions Someone Pred 12 dnevi
Kinda thinkin about the fact that Matt's outro is depending on the amount of fun he had making content for us. Like the really energetic "I lllllllove youuu, and IIiiiii seeeee yyya next tiiiiiime" is a great time for him. It was a kinda okay type of fun, cause these didn explode. Also keep going man you're awesome! ✊
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat Pred 12 dnevi
anyone remember the era of demolition ranch that was just can cannon videos
domenic Musto
domenic Musto Pred 12 dnevi
domenic Musto
domenic Musto Pred 12 dnevi
Sounded like he said the n word
domenic Musto
domenic Musto Pred 12 dnevi
domenic Musto
domenic Musto Pred 12 dnevi
uzi Stzy
uzi Stzy Pred 13 dnevi
very good intro😹😹😹😹
Tony Halbersma
Tony Halbersma Pred 13 dnevi
How many light bulds does it take to stop a bullet
John Silverman
John Silverman Pred 13 dnevi
Seems like such a waste when they could be loaded on the fire truck for a last resort.
Nason Dalack
Nason Dalack Pred 13 dnevi
Sweet Guacamole ! Hopefully that dummy has insurance, that looked painful !
Vinnie G
Vinnie G Pred 13 dnevi
How about full propane barbecue tanks with tracer or exploding rounds .
Vinnie G
Vinnie G Pred 13 dnevi
How about full propane tanks with tracer rounds . 👍
Mellissa Michalides
Mellissa Michalides Pred 13 dnevi
Dam hes a smart mans cuz the exact price of all of the tanks is 43,400 jeez he smart
Antonio Parker
Antonio Parker Pred 13 dnevi
What is that ring on your hand ?
Ty miller32
Ty miller32 Pred 13 dnevi
How many mailboxes
Nuke161 Pred 13 dnevi
13:40 you are my girl pov
Ryan Brin
Ryan Brin Pred 13 dnevi
Wes' TECH Pred 14 dnevi
Now we knew where WD gets his wheels.
Yugen Maharjan
Yugen Maharjan Pred 14 dnevi
all dond in raid
Gate Keeper
Gate Keeper Pred 14 dnevi
I must say your my idol bro hands down best SLtvr on SLtv
Nigga Frog
Nigga Frog Pred 14 dnevi
Shoot an airplane
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts Pred 14 dnevi
“Some of the champions are. . . *stutters and stares at hot girl. What was I saying?”
Joshua Warby
Joshua Warby Pred 14 dnevi
Let it snow
Would love to have one of those
Cam TheMemeMan
Cam TheMemeMan Pred 15 dnevi
5:48 Not fax... Tho one where you shot a bunch of ranch was the messiest
Aaron Ronanater
Aaron Ronanater Pred 15 dnevi
43, 700 dollars
Tonya Griffin
Tonya Griffin Pred 15 dnevi
chasemccain Pred 15 dnevi
Imagine taking it to the fire department to have them refill it.
TheBlackFalconVII Pred 15 dnevi
12:53 dam i would spend 10 years in prison for that AR
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Pred 15 dnevi
The spiky detective geographically fear because button uncommonly snatch off a good knight. chubby, rabid chocolate
steven hughes
steven hughes Pred 15 dnevi
Try shooting the thick af wheels on those things see what makes it through
Titan Pred 16 dnevi
That can of beans shot... True demolitia feels good :p
Throat Punch
Throat Punch Pred 16 dnevi
Have you ever seen a person so irresponsible yet responsible enough to be a Dr. Of veterinary medicine have a beautiful family and crazy ass SLtv channel all at the same time!
Zachary MOZZY
Zachary MOZZY Pred 18 dnevi
📸Caught in 4k 1:26
Jacob beavers
Jacob beavers Pred 19 dnevi
46,900 is the price
MinerYT Pred 19 dnevi
13:37 pov: your girlfriend
Jesse Viarengo
Jesse Viarengo Pred 20 dnevi
15:46 little did he know that when it snows in texas it is not a magical moment
TechnoTiger01 Pred 20 dnevi
shot a whol lode of chocolet cakes
Ian Hoard
Ian Hoard Pred 20 dnevi
Why’s it not illegal for him to shoulder the 7.62 ar pistol just asking because I’ve always thought that’s the law
Tony Leahy
Tony Leahy Pred 20 dnevi
That raid sponsorship made me loose respect for you
no one
no one Pred 21 dnevom
Isn't it funny how Matt's videos usually have millions of views and only 100k likes??!! HMMM SLtv, Throttle much? I'm not sure that math works.
John Donnelly III
John Donnelly III Pred 22 dnevi
Hello my name is John Donnelly the third. and I am a SLtvr also and, I was wondering if you could buy a bunch of happy meals, then fill them up with rocks, and then see how many of them it takes to stop a bullet.
Dav0d Magnum
Dav0d Magnum Pred 24 dnevi
5:18 me on december 1st
Lee Greenawalt
Lee Greenawalt Pred 24 dnevi
I wanna see you shoot one of them with a armor piercing Incindiniary 50 bmg and see the difference
Omar Pred 25 dnevi
jared m
jared m Pred 25 dnevi
How much you want for 1?
Ghost Pred 27 dnevi
Comes back to mention the Ranch Sauce video
JaydaFurry Pred 27 dnevi
Your videos make laugh love your channel
AJSgyhdwqiusadw ddd
AJSgyhdwqiusadw ddd Pred 27 dnevi
That intro looked like the most painful death
EpicFailFTW Pred 28 dnevi
what about ice blocks or dry ice ?
Jake Savoie
Jake Savoie Pred 28 dnevi
Fire extinguisher. Built tough. Apparently 🤷‍♂️😂
Julie Byrd
Julie Byrd Pred 28 dnevi
Gas tanks please
Grant Dolgoff
Grant Dolgoff Pred mesecem
Aye we got those on the flight line 😂 Matt would be the kind of guy to sweep the flight line lolll
BazingaBalls Pred mesecem
Doo doo stains
Brady Self
Brady Self Pred mesecem
simi tires at full psi
Aidyn Boothby
Aidyn Boothby Pred mesecem
Seems like Matt still has his truck
Coleman Streater
Coleman Streater Pred mesecem
Why not shoot some BBQ's?
EpikBonkers Pred mesecem
Shoot an old bus, short or full size, but put tons of tannerite targets throughout it or something
Lise Morin
Lise Morin Pred mesecem
the answer is 43400
CODM_ NA_YT Pred mesecem
Bravo0296 Pred mesecem
Matt quick draw skills at the end. 10/10
Fultronn Pred mesecem
I love how Matt’s demo ranch shotgun intro thing hasn’t changed one bit in like a whole decade
GhostAddiction -Unknown
The counterweight or rear side of a forklift- PLEASE!
Mauricio Balbinus
Mauricio Balbinus Pred mesecem
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee Pred mesecem
Venturi effect on the nozzle...
Bobby Bobby McNeal
Bobby Bobby McNeal Pred mesecem
Hey Matt have you not seen the new reports of fire foam being harmful??? Best check into that bro.
Anomer19 Pred mesecem
Before the vid starts i would like to thank our sponsor raid sh- *+30 Secs +30 secs +30 secs +30 secs*
Connie Fields
Connie Fields Pred mesecem
can you make a video of shooting mentos and coca cola with a 22 magmom and a 50 bmg
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