World's Smallest AK vs 300lbs of Butter 

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19. mar. 2021

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DemolitionRanch Pred 2 meseci
Download WARPATH through my link: patron.me/DemolitionWarpath Use my creator code to get awesome in-game rewards: @Demolition Join the event to have a chance of winning a PS5, Switch, or tons of Amazon Cards. Check the link: bit.ly/Demolition_Giveaway
videos Pred dnevom
@Lee Shufelt by ruining the environment
Lee Shufelt
Lee Shufelt Pred dnevom
@demolitionranch how do you get so much butter broooo😂
videos Pred dnevom
vladimir susic
vladimir susic Pred 8 dnevi
.. and now what we have here is a 18 inches main gun from Iowa class battleship. Stay tuned, we brought a Tomahawk cruise missile as well, and for the end - minuteman nuclear ballistic missile.
Jaime Vega
Jaime Vega Pred 16 dnevi
Hey Matt I think I have a good idea for you for the next Bulletproof test video.. you should bring different walls from different houses and see which ones actually can stop bullets including doors.. I've always wondered if you hide behind a wall if somebody shooting at you and see if it would help..
Tony Tone
Tony Tone Pred 2 urami
this anyone know the lil bike he uses in the video lmfao
You kinda look like dark from the walking dead but older at some points
Wilba 1809
Wilba 1809 Pred 5 urami
why dont they just make tanks out of butter?
Joel Mansur
Joel Mansur Pred 5 urami
13:00 when mom sees my fleshlight
SmellMy Finger
SmellMy Finger Pred 6 urami
Can I barrow some butter?
catperon 21
catperon 21 Pred 7 urami
When he wip out the BIGGER IRON
Chase B.
Chase B. Pred 7 urami
Matt putting sticks in the butter bullet holes will always be funny to me.
brant barker
brant barker Pred 7 urami
Butter me.
Sam McBride
Sam McBride Pred 8 urami
Why is butter so popular? It cannot be anything like meat. No one says wow...this knife cuts through butter like meat. ;)
Mac Pred 9 urami
Honestly kept scrolling passed this one for 2 months. Big mistake.
Arjune Rajput
Arjune Rajput Pred 12 urami
The craziest thing in this video was him eating huge chomps of butter.
David Miller
David Miller Pred 13 urami
Shot a round into the wall of your house and see witch one would go fouthr
Richard Cox
Richard Cox Pred 13 urami
You needed gav and dan for the butter episode
Damion Gonzalez
Damion Gonzalez Pred 15 urami
PS1 the initials for the PlayStation one
Jerand Pred 16 urami
In my kitchen trying to fry eggs, ummm I have no butter. Butter shortage? I don't know how!!!!
Louis Babycos
Louis Babycos Pred 19 urami
If you shoot two 25ACP pistols duct taped together wouldn't that be a 50 Cal ? Ducks and runs
Matthison The Gamer
Matthison The Gamer Pred 19 urami
no one gonna ask how he got all that butter
LadmanMp4 Pred 20 urami
I love how much he sounds like Chris Pratt
TMAK 11 Pred 21 uro
thanks for eating the butter. i can now sleep at night ;)
Caleb Lott
Caleb Lott Pred 22 urami
*The Department of Defense, Ballistics Research Division, would like to know your location.*
Caleb Lott
Caleb Lott Pred 22 urami
There are so many puns which may be created by this video. The meme-metrics scales are off the charts. Truly, this is peak internet: on par with the Great Leroy Jenkins Old.
Jason Hinton
Jason Hinton Pred 22 urami
Use 50 bmg armor
Drippy Pred dnevom
With a big iron against his butter
lavathrower gameing
Now thats what i call a big iron
Rodd Banks
Rodd Banks Pred dnevom
You know Matt’s from the south when he considers weather in the 60s as “chilly”
Aile Moonstream
Aile Moonstream Pred dnevom
But what about cheese.
Nate Cook
Nate Cook Pred dnevom
PAR1 = Pistol Automatic Rifle 1 PAK1 = Pistol Avtomat Kalashnikova 1
Chevaughn Arnold
Chevaughn Arnold Pred dnevom
Am only here wishing I had me some bitter make some daam popcorn for Christ shake instead somebody as an an melting it
Jinks Pred dnevom
I have often wondered what Matt does with all his old shell casings?
Dominique Cordone
Dominique Cordone Pred dnevom
What a waste
Palvelus Music
Palvelus Music Pred dnevom
(16:03) from the start of the video i was imagining you shooting that with a 50 BMG
Burnt Waffles
Burnt Waffles Pred dnevom
Bro schools work better than butter
Agent 45
Agent 45 Pred dnevom
Waste of butter. What a shame
will geo
will geo Pred dnevom
Wasting a lot of butter for a video of useless information
Chhin Chhon
Chhin Chhon Pred dnevom
First thought: peope are hungry and we are shooting butter? Second thought: cool fucking gun lets shoot that butter lol
Marcavius Pred dnevom
"Even though it's hard to be straight, I'm gonna try today." - me at most ranges
JWonz Pred dnevom
12:55 Dude! It just cut through it like butter...
Quinn Moore
Quinn Moore Pred dnevom
13:50 every day Brandon Herrera wakes up he's like...
Bustermaniax Pred dnevom
The Luger fires the less common NEIN!mm rounds, though it is interchangeable with the standard 9mm.
Michael Wernecke
Michael Wernecke Pred dnevom
E E Pred dnevom
Bless you for busting out the 50 on this one!
JD Pred dnevom
Soo funny😂
Julio1ATE7 Pred dnevom
"If u hadn't downloaded it yet, like this idiot" *unsubscribes*
Michael Venable
Michael Venable Pred 2 dnevi
Mat!!!! Your a nut!!!
Felix Pred 2 dnevi
it's 3:22 Am me: me want see big hole butter 🦍
Rj Hobson
Rj Hobson Pred 2 dnevi
In the first one there was a bullet in the bottom right corner after the 50 big long barrel
Dean Chiasson
Dean Chiasson Pred 2 dnevi
Matt goes to school and does math science and English but instead he goes and shoots butter life is unfair
Paul Kettner
Paul Kettner Pred 2 dnevi
Prediction: at least 1 “I can’t believe it’s not butter joke”
Redoccer Pred 2 dnevi
That table is stronger than Thor's hammer
Plasma_Protogen Pred 2 dnevi
Me: Hey have you seen butter get hit by a 300 magnum? My Friend: no Me: Well here you go 14:42
Leon Jacob-Wood
Leon Jacob-Wood Pred 2 dnevi
"its chilly outside in the 60s" wtf
Let's Games
Let's Games Pred 2 dnevi
Every German loves butter ( I know hitler is not from German origin)
Crashalot Pred 2 dnevi
god why the fuck do I just want to take a bite out of one of those massive blocks of butter
Colan Porter
Colan Porter Pred 2 dnevi
WTF this dude eating 🧈. Gonna have cholesterol problems
E Titone
E Titone Pred 2 dnevi
Trump 💘
Kmoney Pred 2 dnevi
Who records these videos
Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall Pred 2 dnevi
butter is pretty close to fat so I bet it could stop alot of stuff
Jesse Schmidt
Jesse Schmidt Pred 2 dnevi
You almost buttered your nutts!!! Lmao
101-Reagan B
101-Reagan B Pred 2 dnevi
Butter Burnout
131313user Pred 2 dnevi
6:26 Michael Scott anyone?
Aditya Chavan
Aditya Chavan Pred 2 dnevi
In some country people doesn't have anything to eat and look at you idiots you didn't realise ur wasting food and for what you can earn some money you bastards. 👿
Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger Pred 2 dnevi
Gun powder and butter, the diet of man!
:) EzE :)
:) EzE :) Pred 2 dnevi
I love this dude
It's Trzy
It's Trzy Pred 3 dnevi
Why didn’t he just turn the butter to the side instead of just moving it, or putting it in the back so you still have all the blocks in case
Paul Pred 3 dnevi
That’s like a weeks worth of butter at Stacey Abrams house
Paul Pred 3 dnevi
sticky mc slickens
sticky mc slickens Pred 3 dnevi
Finally an AK that you can put in your pocket
Reise Clark
Reise Clark Pred 3 dnevi
Should’ve shot a 57
Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom
Most other countries probably think that we eat that as a mid-night snack, they wouldn't be wrong, but there's still a large number of people who don't eat like that.
benji Pred 3 dnevi
all these holes in the butter are giving me bad ideas
Zack Gibson
Zack Gibson Pred 3 dnevi
Dude i know you prolly wont read this cause all the comments you get but i just wanna say u a smart guy this is one of the best channels i watch on SLtv and your brilliant to come up with such a good idea for a channel glad you made it this far hope the best for ya keep up the good work
Braden R
Braden R Pred 3 dnevi
Since there’s no slide he should’ve put his left hand on top of the gun (away from the barrel obviously) so it didn’t recoil into his hand and cause pain
TechniqGamePlays Pred 3 dnevi
diabetes in one video
Benjamin Eastman
Benjamin Eastman Pred 3 dnevi
What are we going to do for are next video? Hold my butter
Tyler Phares
Tyler Phares Pred 3 dnevi
You got me at it just cut through it like butter. I am thinking he's gonna look at the camera with a goofy look and sure enough 🙃
Lucas Murphy
Lucas Murphy Pred 3 dnevi
"It's chilly out here, it's like, in the 60s". My man's neva been north of literally the top of texas hahaha
I won’t respond don’t bother
11:49 I’ve been single for so long, I saw that and opened an incognito browser
Butter Pred 3 dnevi
Do I get a commission?
JOHN RACINE Pred 3 dnevi
Hiiiii sooooooo cooooooooollllll
MemphisMG86 Pred 3 dnevi
you could also have simply rotated the first block by 90°. to create a new page for the other calibers.
ColdieHU Pred 3 dnevi
Where in the world can you get that much butter? Were no questions asked? What a waste tho....
Guy Straatsma
Guy Straatsma Pred 3 dnevi
He just could turned the block of butter for a fresh side haha
Stacie Harmon
Stacie Harmon Pred 3 dnevi
Over here in Pennsylvania we are lucky to get 60s or above
fazemtg5566 Pred 3 dnevi
Demo is not an idiot you are mad
Bob Jamaica
Bob Jamaica Pred 3 dnevi
Damn don’t be wasting all of that it’s still good mann
Peter Wotta
Peter Wotta Pred 3 dnevi
America: the only place where people do burnouts with dirtbikes on literal blocks of butter
June cakes
June cakes Pred 4 dnevi
"Holy cow." "I can't believe it's not butter."
Joe Lobello
Joe Lobello Pred 4 dnevi
Can confidently say youre the first person to use butter and shooting gloves in the same action
Harry J. Riley
Harry J. Riley Pred 4 dnevi
I want that gun
PartyPenguin78 Pred 4 dnevi
I am going to vomit
Enzo Medina
Enzo Medina Pred 4 dnevi
hahahaha best intro i ever seen
SquattingFrog22 Pred 4 dnevi
This video gives me chest pains
SquattingFrog22 Pred 4 dnevi
This video gives me a subscriber
John Bradley
John Bradley Pred 4 dnevi
You never shot 380 guns I feel bad for the 380 family lol I would love to see u shoot 380 n the videos
Keller weskier
Keller weskier Pred 4 dnevi
still didnt go through ever block. reset and use AP? or up to 14.5 or 20mm?
severussnape222 Pred 4 dnevi
Ah yes. This is what we do with guns and butter in America!
SpudHead Pred 4 dnevi
Let's all play a game on a tiny screen and squint our way to a migraine. Lovely.
Holisti K Mente
Holisti K Mente Pred 4 dnevi
What a great way to waste all that butter.
SawseMasterA Pred 4 dnevi
Got Damn Yosemite Sam!
see you soon
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