Futuristic Bullet Proof Shoulder Armor!!! 

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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25. feb. 2021

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David Guyton
David Guyton Pred 3 meseci
Awesome thanks for destroying my creation!!!
96Gunnin Pred 13 dnevi
went from slug to 762x54r. wouldve liken to see a 55 or ay 39
David Guyton
David Guyton Pred 18 dnevi
@Wil Thanks Wil I appreciate that!
Wil Pred 19 dnevi
Great writer and making small arms armor. Fantastic
No One
No One Pred mesecem
Honestly, I knew it wasn't gonna stand up to the GLORIOUS MOSIN Still, excellent design. If it stops a standard .556 I'll buy.
matthew mehl
matthew mehl Pred 2 meseci
When can we buy these bad boys?
Boondoggle Pred dnevom
Power armor be like
Candice died
Candice died Pred 2 dnevi
this man look like a older version of captain price
etihwtaerg Palmer
etihwtaerg Palmer Pred 3 dnevi
It looks like something from Wolfenstein.
Tanner Barry
Tanner Barry Pred 4 dnevi
He got smacked with that snowball
TheBajamin Pred 6 dnevi
I love the channel but it always bothers me he shoots the same armor over and over in every video. It gets weaker with every shot, thats how things work. I wish sometimes he would just hit ti with the medium to big rounds first. I know he needs to fill time, but armor reviews are useless if they are shot with 20 different guns/rounds in one go.
Cffrfgbfbfbf Pred 6 dnevi
You’d be able to find it anywhere except California
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler Pred 9 dnevi
I want a whole suit.
omq vixbes
omq vixbes Pred 10 dnevi
He looks dope in that vest; and the whole attire
Pyrokine Pred 10 dnevi
Is that the brotherhood of steel shoulder pad
B. Andresen
B. Andresen Pred 10 dnevi
Burning off the snow🤣
Kabin Bhandari
Kabin Bhandari Pred 12 dnevi
9:20 "I feel like that probably would have missed his vitals" ...and....*Bang*😂😂😂😂😂
DrUnpublished _
DrUnpublished _ Pred 13 dnevi
"I feel like that probably would've missed his vitals" *Violent outburst and slams the mannequin to the ground*
No One
No One Pred 13 dnevi
Prototype composite armor from 2021 : "I am bulletproof" Rifle thats over 120 years old : *CYKA BYLAT*
96Gunnin Pred 13 dnevi
great vid
Dustin Matthews
Dustin Matthews Pred 13 dnevi
It looks like armor off the video game fallout. A character group called the brotherhood of steel had something that looks similar to this. Interesting.
Emanuel Ruiz
Emanuel Ruiz Pred 13 dnevi
"If U want to penetrate something, U gotta move fast" words to live by lol
fazeton Pred 13 dnevi
I miss creepy cooter
Littletimelord 27
Littletimelord 27 Pred 13 dnevi
9:55 looks like naked darth Vader.
Дима Димов
Дима Димов Pred 13 dnevi
Я думал, что в Техасе снега не бывает.
Mykhaio Borshchivskyi
Mykhaio Borshchivskyi Pred 14 dnevi
One of many steps forward full space marine armor.
Rade Gojic
Rade Gojic Pred 14 dnevi
Don't throw auto mag 3 please NOOOOO!!!!!!
Jordan Kovach
Jordan Kovach Pred 15 dnevi
Hi where did you get your mosin nagant demolition ranch guy (sorry I don't know your name im new to the channel )
Tonya Griffin
Tonya Griffin Pred 15 dnevi
swampliger Pred 15 dnevi
Almost to 10mil
Tait horovitz
Tait horovitz Pred 15 dnevi
7:07 it looks like a finger under the bullet wtf
Lansing Michigan
Lansing Michigan Pred 16 dnevi
If they demonetized you, then your doing something right.
Chief B2
Chief B2 Pred 16 dnevi
Bro we gonna make army of two soldiers now damn
A fairly large but not quite small BEAN
Brotherhood of Steel, here we come!
砂witch蝶蝶 Pred 23 dnevi
Isn't shooting propane tanks illegal? That what I was told at least because it counts as an incendiary device. That's why molotovs are illegal at least.
Operator Bun
Operator Bun Pred 25 dnevi
I swear that shoulder armor reminds me of the Power Armor in Fallout.
Crusse89 Pred 26 dnevi
No Space Marines reference?
Robbie Walker
Robbie Walker Pred 27 dnevi
Ajleeswag1 Pred 28 dnevi
I feel like that could have missed his vitals. Fucking mollywops it with the armor.
Jake Savoie
Jake Savoie Pred 28 dnevi
Buddy of mine has a Mosin. It has a deceivingly strong recoil in my opinion. But it’s awesome.
Axemuth Pred 29 dnevi
looks like a T-45 armor piece
AK KILLER Pred 29 dnevi
Did anybody else see the thumbnail, and instantly think. "Fallout power armor"
Mr. Texahoan
Mr. Texahoan Pred 29 dnevi
8:32 Matt talking like young Lincoln "powoful round" 🤣
Drew McKnight
Drew McKnight Pred 29 dnevi
I think you may be hanging out with whistling diesel to much bud. He's a bad influence.
Jeremy Hull
Jeremy Hull Pred mesecem
I want to see what the cameraman looks like
Jordan Janssen
Jordan Janssen Pred mesecem
I didn’t know it snows in Texas?
GroovyTankMain420 Pred mesecem
space marines
Sovietsky Productions
This reminds me of T45 Power Armor. Let’s see if we get a full set by the end of the decade
Sarcophagus Pred mesecem
Always wondered why the soldiers just gave some plain metal plate on the chest and helmets and instead not make better advanced armor like some fucking headphones that can pick up sounds from far away
Nikolai Sansone
Nikolai Sansone Pred mesecem
I’d wear it, most shootings are done with small arm fire in the states. Rather have that on my arm covering my side vitals than have nothing
Gist Archery
Gist Archery Pred mesecem
His camera man is a douche for the snowball 4:04
Simp simon
Simp simon Pred mesecem
That looks bad ass!
K. Kirby
K. Kirby Pred mesecem
not using keepers on the vest
Commander gree
Commander gree Pred mesecem
Matt is the king of sponsors
Alexander The Greek
Alexander The Greek Pred mesecem
Is a block of sodium bulletproof with an ice bullet and water bullet with a firefighter spring water on all over it
Constant Craftsman
Constant Craftsman Pred 27 dnevi
You can cut sodium with a butter knife it is extremely soft, also a water bullet wouldn't really be possible
Alexander The Greek
Alexander The Greek Pred mesecem
No hidden fees I thought this is part of the skit for for a second. Oh he's actually advertising
FrostyTheTerminator Pred mesecem
The guy who made the dragon scale vest needs to send one of them over for Matt to shoot, I herd they can stop AK47 rounds
Spanked Bacon
Spanked Bacon Pred mesecem
walle fle
walle fle Pred mesecem
Best Chanel u could watch
Alex Bawldin
Alex Bawldin Pred mesecem
What happened to when Matt used to test armour properly moving up like one calibre at a time Instead of jumping from 9mm to 30carbine straight to 7.62x54. Like obviously it's not stopping that
Kristóf Erdődi
Kristóf Erdődi Pred mesecem
I think you might be the guy who has the least need for SimpliSafe. Nobody in their right mind would even go close to your property without an invitation :D
Plebbles Pred mesecem
What the dog doing
HoodedRage Pred mesecem
Everyday we get closer and closer to Halo
JimmyCrack Pred mesecem
Jump cut at 7:21 ?
nick bosley
nick bosley Pred mesecem
The first snow he’s ever seen, and all of a sudden a polar bear is there😂😂
cjrockband Pred mesecem
5:07 "Something with that suppressor wasn't working..." *throws gun not 10 seconds later* hmm, i wonder why the gun ain't shootin straight. Could be anything really, totally unrelated to gun abuse lol
Miguel F. Welton
Miguel F. Welton Pred mesecem
how u get demonetized you literally shot gun how does that work
liam matthews
liam matthews Pred mesecem
The random clip of Matt’s rage killed me XD
Georges Ibrahim
Georges Ibrahim Pred mesecem
U should have wore the futuristic helmets with these
Duntavious Kill
Duntavious Kill Pred mesecem
Getting Chad from Bleach vibes
qwisha 666
qwisha 666 Pred mesecem
by Zёбра
Luke Z
Luke Z Pred mesecem
This channel is about to reach 10 million subscribers. He deserves all of them
General Obi Wan Kenobi
Oh the snow lasted a lot longer than a few hours. It snowed a fuck ton (for Texas anyway) and it stuck around. After a couple of days it started to melt a tiny bit, then it snowed again. Yeah, it was around about a week so we had a 7 day free trial of Alaska here in Texas. Thankfully, here in Seguin, we didn't have any burst pipes so we didn't need to boil our water. We also had our power on longer periods than San Antonio actually did. My grandmother said they only only had power for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. At least we got 30 minutes on and 30 off. The snow was so beautiful on the wide open fields on our farm here. The water pipes froze though. Forgot to leave them running. It was a relief when the water started flowing again after three days when the temps rose to 36. That melted the snow a bit, then it re-froze. the snow went from powdery to the wetter snow that can be packed and thrown. then it snowed again. Patches of snow in lower lying areas and in the shade stuck around for almost two weeks after the first snow fall. It was a beautiful sight, but it was kind of ruined with the whole power issues and the water. Luckily it was cold so we didn't sweat at all. Did feel a bit grimy after three days without water. Fortunately, I had left the shower on full blast so it woke me up in the middle of the night to alert me we had water again. I hope I live to see another beautiful snow covered Texas like that again. Only this time, utilities better be able to keep the damn power on by properly refitting the damn power stations. Yeah, Fox News, fuck you. it wasn't green energy that failed us in Texas. it was the fossil fuel burning plants that failed. Green energy accounts for only a portion of the state's power. Even with all the solar and wind power plants off line, we have more than enough gas and coal burning plants to make up for the shortfall by far, but they failed us. Only areas of the state that could connect to the power from neighboring states did not have any rolling blackouts. Thanks for fucking us and blaming it on green energy, fossil fuel burning cunts. Even our nuclear plants were caught un-prepared. For $200 a month during the hottest months, I expect reliable power! I really have to look into back-up power generators, propane and propane accessories. Damn heater (that runs on electricity and not gas) would blast us with cold air every time the power came back on. Other than that, it was beautiful.
PopperSnipes WZ
PopperSnipes WZ Pred mesecem
Miguel Volpane
Miguel Volpane Pred mesecem
He looks like a russian ultranationalist
Ty Bates
Ty Bates Pred mesecem
This is the funniest video by demolition ranch 😂
Alec Miller
Alec Miller Pred mesecem
It seems your power armor is defective brother
HuJAN Pred mesecem
DemoRanch: Shoulder armor exists Punisher: Heavy breathing
FyXe Pred mesecem
Matt looks like a space marine with that shoulder shield
Justin Marquez
Justin Marquez Pred mesecem
Til it gets hit while the arm is too high and the bullet goes into the dome... even though Matt said basically the same so maybe it should also be rounded out at the top, not just gladiator.
Bread goat
Bread goat Pred 2 meseci
crazy strong prototype imagine the finished one, this is awesome
Dirt Cobain
Dirt Cobain Pred 2 meseci
Damn who decked Matt in the face with that snow ball 😭 for people who don’t get snow, snow is not at all as soft as it looks in fact it’s ice, so it’s really as hard as a rock. So even though he might be playing it off I know that had to hurt a bit, it sounded like a punch lol
Dejuan Mcgowan
Dejuan Mcgowan Pred 2 meseci
Don’t poker bears eat meat 😢
Dejuan Mcgowan
Dejuan Mcgowan Pred 2 meseci
When I first saw this I said .. that’s a wonderful power suite arm... paint gold an pin stripped in white gold..... with gems
Officerbt3 Pred 2 meseci
When the propane exploded it looked like you were playing COD from the GoPro pov
littlesargent12 Pred 2 meseci
I saw a Russian SLtv video show up in my recommended, it stole this videos thumbnail, they didn’t do anything to hide it
VCM "Cowboy Krizzy" Tha Wolf
Needs to use some of that AR 500 steel from the sword and it'd be perfect just too heavy lol
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez Pred 2 meseci
That snowball nailed him! 4:00
Axel Zachow
Axel Zachow Pred 2 meseci
Something feels wrong I'm shooting at a naked man with something covering his face: Me: yah your hands
Axel Zachow
Axel Zachow Pred 2 meseci
bro you need to stop throwing your guns it's still funny tho!
OCTPUSIK Pred 2 meseci
He Should have done how much snow does it take to stop a bullet
Darth Chicky
Darth Chicky Pred 2 meseci
he thought it would last for two hours little did he know then it lasted for almost a week
General Laro
General Laro Pred 2 meseci
The power didn't though
Legendás Eposz
Legendás Eposz Pred 2 meseci
+1 9:23 :D:D:D
Matthew Hylton
Matthew Hylton Pred 2 meseci
It locks like the power armor for the brotherhood in fallout 3
Nathan Berthiaume
Nathan Berthiaume Pred 2 meseci
How did u know I don’t like to wear clothes
Deaf Sam Tunes
Deaf Sam Tunes Pred 2 meseci
7:46 Matt: I've seen bigger bulges
Steven Pittman
Steven Pittman Pred 2 meseci
Shoots a big powaful round lol
Kerrn Yang
Kerrn Yang Pred 2 meseci
My this gives me the MGS 5 vibe, big boss’s shoulder
Matthew Pieterse
Matthew Pieterse Pred 2 meseci
How bulletproof is snow
NoxiousPlays Pred 2 meseci
I thought you lived in Texas until I saw your suppressors, which when I last checked were Illegal in Texas. But I don't know, the law could have changed. Never mind
cheerio boy
cheerio boy Pred 2 meseci
What happened at 9:23 🤣
David Lopez
David Lopez Pred 2 meseci
Someone’s been playing destiny
Preston Allen
Preston Allen Pred 2 meseci
Reminds me of Buckys arm
Josh Sand
Josh Sand Pred 2 meseci
It’s not even cold there
People Who Got Caught In 4k