I Got a Brand New Hi Point Rifle with Whistlin Diesel 

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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26. mar. 2021

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Brooks Neal
Brooks Neal Pred 3 urami
Well this guy made me really nervous and this was made in the past and i'm hundreds of miles away.
Fire gamer 026
Fire gamer 026 Pred 7 urami
I love how Matt who know more about guns than a military armory worker asks whistlin diesel what the flattened bullets are
mr. qwikshift
mr. qwikshift Pred 8 urami
This dude and the fact you invited him is the reason I'm unsubscribing
Scott O
Scott O Pred 14 urami
How can you not like the carbine. Fun cheap . Bullets scream out it.
Liberty Pred 16 urami
I like how it feels like he's the Tazmanian Devil.... Just a wild animal lol. Where's the next Yota video WD???? >.
OGWhistle Pig
OGWhistle Pig Pred 19 urami
Did he shoot that Raptor lol
Joshua Clausell
Joshua Clausell Pred 20 urami
Blake THLABUUTH Pred 21 uro
Whistlindiesel reminds me of a mate i used to hang out with as a kid and when he came over mum had to put my good toys away so he didnt break anything 😂 this is why we cant have nice things
Dillon Hawkins
Dillon Hawkins Pred dnevom
The ak 47 round will stop
Plasma Eskamite
Plasma Eskamite Pred dnevom
I have hearing AIDS now.
Anthony Palacios
Anthony Palacios Pred dnevom
Should shoot more 10mm
digital subliminal messages
S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S Oh wow / / ../ sweet/ ...no , not the issue /.but thanx , for being on the level / /////So we can stay away from each other ,
Ghost Leader1997
Ghost Leader1997 Pred dnevom
They Need more videos together.
LeftInRuins522 Pred dnevom
Its a 45 tho
LeftInRuins522 Pred dnevom
My dad got one too because of you
Justin Ratliff
Justin Ratliff Pred dnevom
WD kinda makes me nervous with his firearm handling…
First Generation Outdoors With Greg Morgan
Had to watch the intro twice! Funny af 🤣
Cal Seabolt
Cal Seabolt Pred dnevom
He is dangerous
Cal Seabolt
Cal Seabolt Pred dnevom
Matt whilst is dangerous with weapons
Michael Gilman
Michael Gilman Pred dnevom
Just saying i think its only the hand guns that are ass
Michael Gilman
Michael Gilman Pred dnevom
I knew i didn't hear a round go in lol
Michael Tyrrell
Michael Tyrrell Pred dnevom
Next time fire the 50 at a object that hasn't been weakened by all other weapons first not that it would prolly matter lol
Chase R
Chase R Pred dnevom
I was just thinking. Use an AK
Nick Fish
Nick Fish Pred dnevom
Came here after the 50 cal video and now him reading that do not fire 6 inches label is fucking hilarious.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Pred 2 dnevi
Need to get this weapon on C.O.D.
Ninjay 42
Ninjay 42 Pred 2 dnevi
I love how their comedy just works together so well
Ghost Pred 2 dnevi
Probably all whistling can afford after wrecking all them trucks
Metro Mitch
Metro Mitch Pred 2 dnevi
Need a whole lot more videos with him
Robert Mayet
Robert Mayet Pred 2 dnevi
*showes up to Matt's house with absolute hi-point power*
owo uwu
owo uwu Pred 2 dnevi
how did he hipfire that .50 cal how does he still have arms
Loading Ellipsis
Loading Ellipsis Pred 2 dnevi
Teach that guy some firearm safety, so he doesn’t almost kill himself with a .50 again
Joe Kerr 555
Joe Kerr 555 Pred 2 dnevi
jacques merde
jacques merde Pred 2 dnevi
Pablo Escobar, Gustavo Gaviria, Carlos Lehder all called... They want their guns back!
Harley Vulcan Cobra4.6
I never say I hate a gun because I love all guns! If you were in a serious situation and needed a gun and high point was all you had you would be thankful you had it! High points are great guns with lifetime warranties made in America! Love’em! Silly video!😎☠️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️☠️
Adf Adf
Adf Adf Pred 3 dnevi
There, I can say I've watched a demolition ranch video. I look forward to the eventual accidental firearm death of these idiots.
Cheezy Rider
Cheezy Rider Pred 3 dnevi
The intro gave me anxiety lol
Julio C Rodriguez Abreu
The best intro eeeverrr!!!!!! 🔥🔥Naahhh, but it’s definitely around there! 🤪🤘🤘
Cindy Bowe
Cindy Bowe Pred 3 dnevi
Clean your god dam guns
DannyT Pred 3 dnevi
1:38 why did you just snatch it off him 😂
MoneyyMoose Pred 3 dnevi
Bro yall funny as hell every intro😂😂
Jaxon smith Smith
Jaxon smith Smith Pred 3 dnevi
The intro bruh
Cam Swan
Cam Swan Pred 3 dnevi
Is he a little slow?
alnantae Cole
alnantae Cole Pred 3 dnevi
This man said is it loaded after he seen the bullet in the clip 😭 😭
Kayfa Che
Kayfa Che Pred 3 dnevi
He shot 5 50bmg so that’s Atleast a 500 dollar video only counting the 50bmg
22longfist lmao
Autistic Pixel
Autistic Pixel Pred 3 dnevi
2 or 3 shots from the 50 pistol would go through. 1st shot really cracked it up.
Abhay Deshmanya
Abhay Deshmanya Pred 3 dnevi
He shot on the wrong side
S leigh
S leigh Pred 4 dnevi
This kid shouldn't ever have a gun...this is the vid that chipman will show at the senate ..shakes my head ...lol to funny
S leigh
S leigh Pred 4 dnevi
The flashlights more then the gun!!!
S leigh
S leigh Pred 4 dnevi
I'm a poor but I might snag the high point rife !!! Save me some cash over the ol keltec
zac killah
zac killah Pred 4 dnevi
Damn ur lucky. Kentucky ballistic almost die because of that
Jacob Jackson
Jacob Jackson Pred 4 dnevi
Matt "are you going to aim or not" WD:*shoot $250 in 50 cal ammo at hip*
Trevor Chrysler
Trevor Chrysler Pred 4 dnevi
god that is the ugliest looking gun i’ve ever seen
Charley Begay
Charley Begay Pred 4 dnevi
There was a figure of a person when it flashed at end of the gun when they were looking at the replay on phone?
Bikes Beards And Beers
7.62 goes through
ECLECTIC 361 Pred 4 dnevi
I love my HP 40 cal carbine It's cheap, accurate, and reliable Surprised me I thought it would be garbage I'm about 4500 rounds in so far Not 1 malfunction
knstormshadow Pred 5 dnevi
I've heard while hi point pistols suck their carbines are pretty nice... still not sure id be willing to own one tho...
Micah Brown
Micah Brown Pred 5 dnevi
If anyone is in Louisiana trying to let go of any guns please let me know lol, been looking for a hi-point carbine for a minute as well as a m&p shield plus and just can’t seem to find them around me :/
Tfloss600rr Pred 5 dnevi
Hahahaha the intro
j a
j a Pred 6 dnevi
OMg... that's the exact same reason Scott almost DIED! PLEASE stop shooting special ammo with any kind of muzzle device!
Slavic Lance
Slavic Lance Pred 6 dnevi
"do not shoot within six inches of target" Whistlin Diesel: Been there, done that.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Pred 6 dnevi
So you almost could've ended up like Kentucky ballistics 🥺
NIK UNKNOWN Pred 7 dnevi
You coukd tell matt was exited🤣🤣 5:18
Alexander Rupert
Alexander Rupert Pred 7 dnevi
Because this new gun has it's clip technically behind the trigger, does that mean we should technically call it a bull pup.
Rick Kent
Rick Kent Pred 7 dnevi
So I went on your site I went to buy a little sticker to help you guys out.it was only $3 .I went to check out and it came to over$10 .I could not do it butterface. I'm low very low on$
Jonahhickman Pred 7 dnevi
I, actally freinds with moses kinsey whistlin deisels cousin
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Zach of All trades
Zach of All trades Pred 7 dnevi
@7:05 "That could've been my head" ...That didn't age well
SCxTJx1 Pred 8 dnevi
That's not home made glass that's the window from a up armored humv door
Our President Is A Fah-king Joke
If WD makes it to 40, I'll be surprised. Get it; WD-40?
General Consumer
General Consumer Pred 9 dnevi
*GET SOME CHEESE WHEELS AND BLAST 'EM!!!* Parmesan, Swiss, all that, and then do the Demo Ranch physics calculations of why what went where in which one... son. Idk, time for bed but yeah, shoot cheese wheels. Would certainly get you some cheddar... I mean views.
General Consumer
General Consumer Pred 9 dnevi
Need to check that .50. He kinda went ballz out and I saw the blow back. If you saw it the day before I'd make sure it's cleaned up and/or my rounds are kosher.
General Consumer
General Consumer Pred 9 dnevi
Okay, well you obviously have a framed pic of it so you know. Carry on microwaving nades and melting cheese. Ooh, ooh, *GET SOME CHEESE WHEELS AND BLAST 'EM!!*
Casey Gobin
Casey Gobin Pred 9 dnevi
“Do you think I could punch through it”
Thomas Ristau
Thomas Ristau Pred 9 dnevi
Lmao a “quieter” I’m dead
Cameron Chambers
Cameron Chambers Pred 9 dnevi
“I think it gonna go through but If it doesnt it probably wont” 😂😂😂
kush pusher OG
kush pusher OG Pred 9 dnevi
Dude the guy who made that bullet proof glass is a genius
mike rotch
mike rotch Pred 9 dnevi
My dad has one but it's all black
XsolosX #7805
XsolosX #7805 Pred 9 dnevi
Luckily that 50cal didn’t have a Kentucky ballistic day
The Captain Taz
The Captain Taz Pred 10 dnevi
Aawww. That was my first gun lol. What a piece of shit 😆🤣😂
M Pred 10 dnevi
Ive watched quite a few videos and maybe i just dont remember but did this man just stunt on me with not only a golden DE(which i remember him having) AND a golden aK AND a golden .50?!
Max Mueller
Max Mueller Pred 10 dnevi
Those highpoint rifles are pretty sweet
Max Mueller
Max Mueller Pred 10 dnevi
Dude! Make demolition ranch art a thing!!
Bob Burner
Bob Burner Pred 10 dnevi
Matt is actually cool unlike the other guy in this video
B. Andresen
B. Andresen Pred 10 dnevi
Matt, please don’t let that ….Well him, back on the range….please…
MMMA Pred 10 dnevi
Few more rounds and suppressor is going to be just fine
Colton supreme
Colton supreme Pred 10 dnevi
When the gallow in warzone gets a buff
John Cena
John Cena Pred 10 dnevi
John Cena
John Cena Pred 10 dnevi
Actually, Matt, we need you alive to perhaps less of those with WD
Ddg E
Ddg E Pred 11 dnevi
Matt,”Here’s a m1911 it- “ “is that a 50 cal?”-whistlin diesel
Dillon Hagan
Dillon Hagan Pred 11 dnevi
Cyle Crum
Cyle Crum Pred 12 dnevi
bro, i love seeing whistling Diesel on the channel yall are a funny combo
Bobby LaRue
Bobby LaRue Pred 12 dnevi
The carbines work my wife bought me a 995 and a 1095 (9mm, 10mm) and I have to say they are fun. Never had any trouble with either one.
KYLE SCHLABACH Pred 12 dnevi
You should pair up with justdaston
Dracoface Pred 13 dnevi
Everyone is going nuts about range safety, but he didn’t flag anyone, and all the intentional mischief was planned, I assure you. Not to mention he has better trigger discipline than most, even when they goof off for a skit. Being goofy with your friends on the range isn’t the end of the world, especially when it’s on your property.
Jon O
Jon O Pred 13 dnevi
That thing seems like it would be an excellent truck gun to bash on and not care.
Alex Tristan
Alex Tristan Pred 13 dnevi
A store who provided me a safety gun on *wickr* is called *Mrmasterglock*
Lynx Gaming
Lynx Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
im sorry did he just rambo style hipfire a .50 cal?
Straya🇦🇺 Pred 14 dnevi
That other dude makes me feel Nervous around guns 😂😂
Plymouth Mann
Plymouth Mann Pred 14 dnevi
It hits harder just because it’s gold !😂
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas Pred 15 dnevi
Why does the Hi-Point look like a shotgun
see you soon
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