$100 Body Armor Challenge! Donut, AKGuy, Baddie, Eli 

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17. apr. 2021

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DemolitionRanch Pred mesecem
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/teHpDC ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/WLzjpK ✅ PC: clcr.me/2dOqcB and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Frozen Owl
Frozen Owl Pred 2 dnevi
No I won’t
Jonathan Kelly
Jonathan Kelly Pred 7 dnevi
Cool desecration of the flag. Last I checked it’s only supposed to be Red, White and Blue, given the rules of the flag. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Guess you’re not the super patriot you pretend to be.
Harry Bouttel
Harry Bouttel Pred 22 dnevi
@F_ bash you good?
HardpointIdentified Pred 25 dnevi
Benson Meyer
Benson Meyer Pred 27 dnevi
@xd ZOMBIE19 I dont like when people touch my privates either. Especially homeless men.
Yolkz Pred 26 minutami
I think this video is proof that boys will be boys
Jerry Obura
Jerry Obura Pred 2 urami
Yo brothers are crazy, as we say in Uganda, but that's what life or living is: the good time. Thanks for sharing people, I just wish you would load your bikes and go over to Kentucky share some of that joy with Scott, oh, glad to see Mrs. Demolition again too, thanks again .
Dan Nap
Dan Nap Pred 4 urami
no metal, no water entire group has white claws or ketchup lol
Dan Nap
Dan Nap Pred 4 urami
"no water" uses ketchup. fuckin cheating lol ketchup is like 90% water
Kendra Clark
Kendra Clark Pred 10 urami
The icky fine feraly spill because jail intralysosomally flower beside a axiomatic drizzle. dynamic, incandescent map
D-Pup Pup
D-Pup Pup Pred 10 urami
Proper way to shotgun a carbonated beverage. 1) Turn can to proper tilt 2) Poke hole where the air bubble is at base of can while you still have it tilted. 3) Cover with thumb (If you did it correctly, it won't cut ya) 4) Put lips on can, THEN turn upright, THEN open can from top. 5) Chug! This leave little to no wasted alcohol! THE END
The boys doing boy stuff
eyebleach12 Pred 17 urami
Heb bucks should be a prize for a video
Mister_Rat_ Pred 17 urami
I love how brandon said. we can still throw those ribs on the grill tho.
PLUM GANG Pred 17 urami
11:00 to 11:30 is the most bro thing I’ve ever seen
Dr Chef
Dr Chef Pred 17 urami
11:23 Damn,Baddie has a set of wheels on him. He was haulin ass XD
greengoblin876 Pred 17 urami
I'm surprised noone tried kitty litter and veg oil .
BigLittleDaddy Pred 18 urami
11:17 a bunch of giggling school girls, that made me laugh.
bruh meme
bruh meme Pred 23 urami
Matt: "my heart is right over here" points at his lung** kek
z0ck3r Pred dnevom
Imagine the LEO Recap from donut "florida man wearing baking dishes, dogfood and ketchup as body armor got shot"
z0ck3r Pred dnevom
Label says "won't crack" ... yup seems bulletproof to me
Anthony Mercado
Anthony Mercado Pred dnevom
Nobody cares about your sponsors stop making that segment so long in every video
Billie Jean is not my son
Busted knuckle Fishing
One thing I didnt see in this video. A sober person
The Camo Gungnir Productions
Im surprised demo never heard of ksa
King Aragorn II
King Aragorn II Pred dnevom
*The skit felt like an introduction to a...*
Adam Cabell
Adam Cabell Pred dnevom
Id think id lose a wife in a fishing accident if she pulled that shit on mine.
Logan Martin
Logan Martin Pred dnevom
When you know Brandon is a genius but he looks like he has no idea what he's doing
Cristian Sanchez
Cristian Sanchez Pred dnevom
*Get it boot licker* shots fired 😂
Herb out west
Herb out west Pred dnevom
They all just wanted to drink white claw, just threw a couple cans from each case in lol
Armin Izudin
Armin Izudin Pred dnevom
just buy hundreds of nokia lol
Majin bluez
Majin bluez Pred dnevom
Who’s the gun manufacture
Boosted Benz
Boosted Benz Pred 2 dnevi
“I got a .22cal Mosin-Nagant” “That’s not a thing” Idk why but I bursted out laughing 😂 The way he said it
Icarus Falling
Icarus Falling Pred 2 dnevi
these guys are just the gun versions of a streamer house arnt they lol
Andrey Short
Andrey Short Pred 2 dnevi
I thought Brandon was taping that guy to the chair😂
Greg Greg
Greg Greg Pred 2 dnevi
me in britan: lemmie get my BOW AND ARROW for home defence realll quick
Mamadou van Leijen
Mamadou van Leijen Pred 2 dnevi
The shivering purple additionaly impress because minibus aetiologically bury notwithstanding a marked part. fearful fearless, frightened frightening full fumbling functional crack
CrippledMerc Pred 2 dnevi
9:45 Found the sovereign citizen of the group!🤣
ツItzMichaɇlツ Pred 2 dnevi
And another $300 that I found (bruh watttttt)
Facelesboi Pred 2 dnevi
Brandon herera aka gun Jesus
Philip Hines
Philip Hines Pred 2 dnevi
Next minute Mere is in Hollywood playing the lead of the next hit series....
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin Pred 2 dnevi
Can I be beset friends with you guys? Please? I also will show up with White Claws
Bobo & Danger
Bobo & Danger Pred 2 dnevi
As a us soldier. I aprrove this armor
Michael deMalignon
Michael deMalignon Pred 2 dnevi
Eternal adolescence. I love it.
William Lindon
William Lindon Pred 2 dnevi
The laughter in this video is contagious. Just a bunch of grown ass kids having fun. I love it. Quick edit: damn Brandon, that meat is still good. Take all that meat and cheese and white claw and have a BBQ.
Znaggle Z
Znaggle Z Pred 2 dnevi
What happened to the skits at the start?
Logan Alsterberg
Logan Alsterberg Pred 2 dnevi
That would be fukking hilarous,11:25, taking a random walk through the woods and you look up and see 5 random guys cracking up and running through the woods with a bunch of shit tapped to them.
N. Kosters
N. Kosters Pred 2 dnevi
New Body armor in the wasteland : Tortillas & Cheese
Random Guy from Texas
Random Guy from Texas Pred 11 urami
And baby dolls
Treestorm Pred 2 dnevi
I bet raid shadow legend dosent have a 50 cal.
Corona 4653
Corona 4653 Pred 2 dnevi
Ho snitched on Matt there is one rule don’t tell mare
i is be yeeting
i is be yeeting Pred 2 dnevi
“Does nobody else’s armor bleed?” -Brandon Herrera 20XX
Joe Blincoe
Joe Blincoe Pred 2 dnevi
Best line ever-“not good if you’re going up against the atf though”
TTV ParCave
TTV ParCave Pred 2 dnevi
The guy who didn’t have metal or go over the zipper on his bag was metal
Phil Teves
Phil Teves Pred 2 dnevi
Too funny!!
Just A Red Penguin
Just A Red Penguin Pred 2 dnevi
Next vid, how much dolls does it take to stop a 50 cal
A J Pred 2 dnevi
White claw is assssss!
Joe Barz
Joe Barz Pred 2 dnevi
Love the videos of The Boys!
Big Texas Gaming
Big Texas Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
Brandon with the falcon 9 drip
Shortgamemonkey Pred 3 dnevi
I want that nagant
Aaden Kutzner
Aaden Kutzner Pred 3 dnevi
It’s pronounced yotun not joeton
Watchguy79 Pred 3 dnevi
Lol fucking doughnut!!! Hhaaahaaa
Johnny Evans
Johnny Evans Pred 3 dnevi
The different range sequently possess because burglar pathologically wrestle amongst a acrid watchmaker. angry, dazzling view
Jarwes1414 Pred 3 dnevi
19:29 was the best part hands down
anomaly P
anomaly P Pred 3 dnevi
OH NooOOO, ThE ChEeSe !!!!
Michael Wagner
Michael Wagner Pred 3 dnevi
By far one of my favorite demo ranch videos in recent years.
Rusty Knyffe
Rusty Knyffe Pred 3 dnevi
Okay - been watching Matt & the crew for a long, long while and.........I realized that I hadn't subscribed. So, I did. That said, it must be noted that watching these boiz having such a great time with their toys and creativity makes me want to start a gurlz "shoot-em-up" club!!!! Too much fun to be had.............Thanks for the laughs and the info, Matt.
Overhaul Pred 3 dnevi
up the ante and shoot each other with the body armor on
Just a guy
Just a guy Pred 4 dnevi
lmao. Guys, guys, guys..... truly came out with an iced tea that will put your white claws to shame.
Sugar Passion
Sugar Passion Pred 4 dnevi
Girls: "The boys are probably at a strip club or some other girls' house right now." The boys that are probably at a strip club or some other girls' house right now:
Austin Church
Austin Church Pred 4 dnevi
Turns out you could've used bamboo cutting boards
bill nye
bill nye Pred 4 dnevi
I would’ve just bought pyrex
Hi There
Hi There Pred 4 dnevi
So... moral of the story is not to lie to your wife... lol
Duck King
Duck King Pred 4 dnevi
Mosin-Nagant it does actually exist, used by Vietnam soldiers during the Vietnam war and also during the second world war
Big_Boom_ Teddy
Big_Boom_ Teddy Pred 4 dnevi
Bro I went through a fucking white claw with bb gun
DA-BOYS YT Pred 4 dnevi
This is what happens if my ex-wife does that. Read that again
sm02 _007
sm02 _007 Pred 4 dnevi
There is a lot of things beside water jugs like milk
Ozzy Rodriguez
Ozzy Rodriguez Pred 4 dnevi
14:08 so satisfying
Jeramic chantala
Jeramic chantala Pred 4 dnevi
Remake the your armor and see how far it go’s
Ty Clark
Ty Clark Pred 4 dnevi
Eli is a hilarious man
Mad_Lad100 Pred 4 dnevi
Use the barrel more
Ty Clark
Ty Clark Pred 4 dnevi
Don't tell Mere
Bipin Maharjan
Bipin Maharjan Pred 4 dnevi
Thanks to raid for supporting gun video.
Marcus Neymour
Marcus Neymour Pred 4 dnevi
I bet that's how demo makes his lazonya
Powerbang Pred 5 dnevi
Gosh this video was hysterical... Imagine troops deployed wearing this armor! How did it go through the cheeeeeese? 🧀
《ER》 DRIFT Pred dnevom
Wanna run some 1v1 in pubg
Scott Pierson
Scott Pierson Pred 3 dnevi
I fell off the couch with the "shameful" and squeaky toy squeak.
Rusty Knyffe
Rusty Knyffe Pred 3 dnevi
It went through the cheese like buttah...............
Ghost Of The Coast
Ghost Of The Coast Pred 5 dnevi
This is just a bunch of grown-ass men, doing silly, childish things and having fun in a grown-ass man way... This is top-tier outdoor activity... Where do I sign?
WAR7ONE KIN6 Pred 5 dnevi
Great job Matt what a mile stone
jason mcbride
jason mcbride Pred 5 dnevi
This is how we act in the army as close friends. I miss that vibe.
Swanger Pred 5 dnevi
would gladly wear these over our dumb iotvs
mattsgrungy Pred 5 dnevi
Ahh yes... meat.... famously bulletproof... lol
dildo shwagins
dildo shwagins Pred 5 dnevi
Mare just comes in, picks up a morsel of trash, and folds it up. Shout out to mare
At home Cook
At home Cook Pred 5 dnevi
Omg I just laughed my af I told my wife I paid $600 for my AR15 because I didn’t want to tell her the truth
J.C. Paul
J.C. Paul Pred 5 dnevi
I bet just a bag of kitty litter would stop up to 9mm.
Hayden Masters
Hayden Masters Pred 5 dnevi
Mine is stopin rounds SON...
Caleb jerdan
Caleb jerdan Pred 5 dnevi
Are all of your guns rilly gone
Eric Kane
Eric Kane Pred 5 dnevi
"I don't believe in taxes" -Eli.. 💘
Glory Days
Glory Days Pred 5 dnevi
Totally awesome I wonder if you could put a shielded GoPro next to the Target to actually see if the bullet went through or not
Rosvaldas Babkinas
Rosvaldas Babkinas Pred 5 dnevi
Faint voice of Brandon "He just hit me with his meat" xD
justin tyme
justin tyme Pred 5 dnevi
This intro was the best
Tarantulas Fin
Tarantulas Fin Pred 6 dnevi
How did it go through the cheese😂😂😂😂
Андрей Пелипенко
Привет Мэтт. Прицел на Мосинке отличный. Мосинка пристреливается с примкнутым штыком, вот почему при стрельбе с Мосинки без штыка, пуля уходит в сторону. Hi Matt. The sight on Mosinka is excellent. Mosinka shoots with a bayonet attached, which is why when shooting from Mosinka without a bayonet, the bullet goes to the side.
2:45 Love the hat. They need that right now.
Alijah Gurule
Alijah Gurule Pred 7 dnevi
Woops that was a taxadent
Gangster Gator
Gangster Gator Pred 7 dnevi
You should collab with Angry Cops the youtube channel
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