I Badly Bent a Bunch of Barrels... with Donut 

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28. mar. 2021

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DemolitionRanch Pred 2 meseci
Check out SimpliSafe by visiting simplisafe.com/demoranch
KuRuPtIoN Pred 12 dnevi
I’m a fan
Anders Larsen
Anders Larsen Pred 28 dnevi
If that bullet is hot, imagine hell.
DJJCBstuff Pred mesecem
@Carlos Rago l!
Devil Liar
Devil Liar Pred mesecem
7:43 did you say makes it an spr? Huh what you talking about
Building Master
Building Master Pred mesecem
Save the bloody trees
Isaiah Andrews
Isaiah Andrews Pred 13 urami
Is oobleck bulletproof?
powderedwater Pred 16 urami
You should make a clear one and film it in slow motion
Mr.wolfer Pel
Mr.wolfer Pel Pred 18 urami
matt owning lots of guns his home:not safe enough
Xbanned_on_tv Pred 21 uro
Donuts like a kid helping his dad
Ben Campuzano
Ben Campuzano Pred dnevom
1:33 is when the sponsor ship is over
James Drakcip
James Drakcip Pred dnevom
Dude, redo this kind of video with a chronograph. I want to see how fast these bullets are going with and without the extreme bends. I predict the bullet will actually go faster with barrel bends when using a barrel under 16" but slow it down if the barre is over 24". Just a theory based on my understanding of the physics involved
Artsy Ork
Artsy Ork Pred dnevom
My favorite part. Chasing a bad guy through the woods you take cover behind a tree. Do i lean left or do i lean right. No problem with the new demoranch barrel 3000.
Ice Water
Ice Water Pred dnevom
"And I am totally behind a tree, completely protected" He says, despite having tested the bullet stopping ability of a wooden telephone pole, which is thicker than the tree he is standing behind.
Mg G
Mg G Pred dnevom
Whats most important and impressive. Who did them welds
Emmanuel Phua
Emmanuel Phua Pred dnevom
how do you bend these barrels? ?
T3rN Pred dnevom
Two man childs
Baked And Afraid
Baked And Afraid Pred 2 dnevi
Paused Video: $50 that loopy-loop one gets *fucked* ☠️☠️ DANGIT! *OK - Double or nothing for not hitting a target*
Baked And Afraid
Baked And Afraid Pred 2 dnevi
And it hit 3x.. wow.. How do I pay up??
Carl Soll
Carl Soll Pred 2 dnevi
Lol that tongue in cheek nudge at YT
CrippledMerc Pred 2 dnevi
4:42 That was dope how the paper spun like that. I’m assuming that the turns in the barrel actually got the gasses spinning too so when they escaped out the end of the barrel the kept spinning and carried the paper with them in their spinning motion. I could be totally wrong but I’m just guessing here. Either way it looked pretty damn neat.
Joshua Lamoreau
Joshua Lamoreau Pred 2 dnevi
I'm not gonna lie one of my favorite things about Matt and this channel is he hasn't changed the Channel photo since the beginning
sister fister
sister fister Pred 2 dnevi
California gun law compliance in 2050:
Logan Perez
Logan Perez Pred 2 dnevi
You should bend a barrel for the 50 cal
Crystal Garcia
Crystal Garcia Pred 2 dnevi
My favorite is the snake bent barrel
Idk What I’m doing
Wait why do you need simply safe when you have guns
Idk What I’m doing
Wait why do you need simply safe when you have guns
A Skum Production
A Skum Production Pred 2 dnevi
Both them live on the outskirts of my city and that CRAZZZY TO ME
Jelani Pred 2 dnevi
If I was your child I wouldn’t be able to sneak out now....
Alpin28 Pred 3 dnevi
dude, find a material thats see through and is thick enough to withstand it, make a barrel out of it, contact slow mo guys and film the bullet going throu the barrel
Matthew Churchill
Matthew Churchill Pred 4 dnevi
Need heat resistant gloves Barrel is hot bullet is hot gun powder depends on grains per say its causes heat. I think im a nerd now. Lmao. Ha
Matthew Churchill
Matthew Churchill Pred 4 dnevi
Hopefully i know ur smart and thinking but reg bullets no dont dont donthis becuz you know steel and brass .nvm i must not know what im talkimg bout but i hace some crazy ideas for ur channel. I want to help make crazy ideas . email Flip4lif3flip@gmail.com. but i know id never get a respond from you. Im a nobody.
Matthew Churchill
Matthew Churchill Pred 4 dnevi
I have a super duper crazy dumb idea but if i say im not going to.be liable if you get shot accidentally which I don't think you would though
Matthew Churchill
Matthew Churchill Pred 4 dnevi
Thank god the bullet is sooooo hot it shrinks shrinks so the bullet can past through the barrel minus the crazy bends lmao
Brandon Monroe
Brandon Monroe Pred 4 dnevi
I love how much energy & charisma & how great of a personality Matt has. Like I'm not trying to make this a "who's better" thing, I absolutely love Donut as well & actually probably watch his channel more because of the content, but standing next next to Matt makes Donut just seem like he has the personality of a wet noodle. Like he almost seemed like he didnt want to be there. Maybe he just didn't want to steal the thunder on Matt's channel? Idk. Matt's just like a ball of energy & Donut's just kinda like... there :/
FazePlaylists Pred 4 dnevi
Nobody: Literally nobody: Matt: Bends and Twists his gun barrels
prstntrnr Pred 4 dnevi
5:34 "pew pew pew. Bad guy down." needs to be on a shirt
dinoderp 671
dinoderp 671 Pred 4 dnevi
yeet already have simpli safe
Mason Spencer
Mason Spencer Pred 5 dnevi
Want to see a double barrel shotgun but the barrels are wrapped around each other
shenanigains Pred 6 dnevi
technically it's 3 bends
Marcos Basbus
Marcos Basbus Pred 6 dnevi
SimpliSafe sponsoring DemolitionRanch: It was said that you would destroy the Ranch, not join them
Deez Nuttz
Deez Nuttz Pred 6 dnevi
I'd like to see a video of the velocity of each barrel
Nate W
Nate W Pred 7 dnevi
Oliver Hosker
Oliver Hosker Pred 7 dnevi
Simplisafes cool but matt why whould you ever need it, if someone broke into your house they would just see like hi points laying in the ground and just instanly leave
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Gun nerd 356
Gun nerd 356 Pred 8 dnevi
The real question here is what did Matt do with all of the curved barreled ar-15s after the video?
patrick whelan
patrick whelan Pred 8 dnevi
I want to see the last one cycle.
Christian Hviid
Christian Hviid Pred 9 dnevi
Aw.. the thin blue line comment broke my heart. I really enjoyed your channel but i guess everything must end eventually. Thanks for all the entertainment friend. I will leave now.
James Cavin
James Cavin Pred 9 dnevi
So mat just made a krummlauf?
Matthew Zigmond
Matthew Zigmond Pred 10 dnevi
You should shoot these through the chronograph and see if they are noticeably slower than a normal barrel
GhostTech Pred 10 dnevi
I am a little late to the Demolition Donut.
kr3at1vek1ll3rz Pred 10 dnevi
I would love to see a heart shaped 50 BMG barrel
Lie. Pred 12 dnevi
Is that pissboy?
Josiah Moore
Josiah Moore Pred 12 dnevi
SLtv: dont worry, I've automatically selected the video quality that I think will help you best enjoy this content! It is recommended you keep it on this setting ;) The quality SLtv chose: 240p SLtv sucks.
Nathaniel Ballantyne
Nathaniel Ballantyne Pred 12 dnevi
I wanna see a sniper that can wrap around a tree and shoot straight
Goblins From Mars
Goblins From Mars Pred 13 dnevi
Matt, why you hanging with Antifa?
Alex Kolakovich
Alex Kolakovich Pred 13 dnevi
I am sub both to you :D
Russ Pred 13 dnevi
Damn no skit in the beginning :(
Медведь Медведь
Guys what the fuck 😂🤣
jambajoby32 Pred 14 dnevi
Donut is awfully quiet outside his video space
Brandon Fleetwood
Brandon Fleetwood Pred 14 dnevi
Giovanni opens
Giovanni opens Pred 14 dnevi
Where is the funny intro
Morelia viridis
Morelia viridis Pred 14 dnevi
Adverting simply safe with over a 1000 home defense systems in his house already
Steven D
Steven D Pred 15 dnevi
Patent pending welp sorry to say the Germans beat you to it
Zach The one gamer
Zach The one gamer Pred 15 dnevi
Oh god Demoranch is invincible We can’t stop him
Caleb Gronseth
Caleb Gronseth Pred 16 dnevi
It’ll work
Elephantus_T Pred 16 dnevi
When will Matt discover, that just shot bullets are hot🤣🤣🤣
Lithilic Pred 16 dnevi
I'm pretty surprised how well they actually all worked.
Edward LaRosa
Edward LaRosa Pred 16 dnevi
"If it works, it's just gonna get crazier from there." pretty much sums up Demo Ranch.
TheCollinsballin Pred 16 dnevi
Where are you getting these barrels!?
CAM BONE Pred 16 dnevi
You should probably shoot more than one bullet at a time
Peyton Parkhill
Peyton Parkhill Pred 17 dnevi
That outro is amazing. "CONTACT RIGHT!" *Gatling rapid fire*
dermetaller15 Pred 17 dnevi
I would love to see the loop di loop on a 50 bmg. Of course only after you've evacuated everyone in a... 2 mile radius? I don't fu**ing know, I'm from germany and I don't know sh't about firearms or your weird measuring system. I just like destruction and pow-pow. Old habits die hard, I guess.
Jeremiah Pred 18 dnevi
fuck that printer paper
Átyesz Pápesz
Átyesz Pápesz Pred 18 dnevi
If you make the 90 degrees one work then you could make it turn upwardsand combine with the ww1 trench gun thing that used mirrors to aim over the trech without going up there
Flukan Pred 20 dnevi
you have a 50 cal why do you need simplisafe
young won
young won Pred 21 dnevom
why is donut always quiet, very different from his channel
Hans Dampf
Hans Dampf Pred 22 dnevi
Last one has a foregrip. *ATF wants to know your location*
Toledo Born
Toledo Born Pred 22 dnevi
Lol the fakery is really fucking cool
André Thomsen
André Thomsen Pred 22 dnevi
Am I the only one who thinks Donut might have smoked some jazz-cabbage that day?? Maybe?? Haha
Gavin Dillard
Gavin Dillard Pred 23 dnevi
Is that loopy loop one a felony?
kostantine agordzineba
i liked all your videos and subd can you please give me a full-auto glock 18
Devin Miley
Devin Miley Pred 25 dnevi
Love the boxer beautiful breed. Love my derp.
Handle On The Fridge
Handle On The Fridge Pred 25 dnevi
They just created shrapnel shot on accident
Ian Richani
Ian Richani Pred 25 dnevi
So the most effective body armour is making the gun defective 🤟
Dave Lenertz
Dave Lenertz Pred 25 dnevi
Quit using 35 Gr. bullets and try 77 Gr.
Liso Campos
Liso Campos Pred 25 dnevi
I like puns. I can deliver PUNishment!
Liso Campos
Liso Campos Pred 25 dnevi
Does friction make the bullet hot while going down a barrel? Or the powder burn? Will a bullet out of a shorter barrel be cooler than a longer barrel? More friction?
Gera Bennington
Gera Bennington Pred 26 dnevi
So... No intro?
Jeffrey Martin
Jeffrey Martin Pred 26 dnevi
"lets get behind cover." *proceeds to walk behind concealment*
Wannes Van Nieuwenhuyse
you should make this again but with a see-through barrel
Zeus G
Zeus G Pred 27 dnevi
And now I wait and hope Brandon does a cursed Gun review on this video with you guys.
FaZe 2017 Cheverolet Equinox
What about a loop barrel that is just a circle and doesn't have an exit?
Max Wayne
Max Wayne Pred 29 dnevi
4:41 this is a really cool shot showing the bullet picking up spin from the barrel spiral, you can tell from the paper spinning that is not seen if the bullet only have spin from the rifling
Forsebwu Pred 29 dnevi
Thought the red one was a p90 at first glance 😂
sydney nelson
sydney nelson Pred 29 dnevi
Every Single Average Day
Ngdonut Pred 29 dnevi
“We’re about to be millionaires.” Haha dude you passed that milestone long ago
CC_Caleb14 Gaming
CC_Caleb14 Gaming Pred mesecem
6:27 how is it crazy, the bullet is nearly 3 inches long and part that goes flying is like 1 and a half inch long and those barrels have some super sharp turns... Its not like the bullet is elastic or anything
Issyuh Boi
Issyuh Boi Pred mesecem
The Germans during WWII actually would use barrels they curved so the could shoot from cover and they'd be good for a couple hundred shots
Michael Colgan
Michael Colgan Pred mesecem
I love the channel but hiding behind a pick up ? yikes
Sovietsky Productions
To think the nazis were doing this years ago and we still haven’t learned the bent barrels to not shoot around corners
Lardo_the_Unwise Pred mesecem
You mean, with Bonut
FatLard Pred mesecem
Im binge watching videos I missed cause I just lost my dog
F7 Holdings
F7 Holdings Pred mesecem
Technically it still has the same barrel length... it's just the overall length that ends up shorter...
Alec Higdon
Alec Higdon Pred mesecem
PAUSED video on loupdy loupdy doooo barrel my prediction is that bullet will break into pieces but not blow a hole in the barrel but of course explode the shave cream cans 2 of the three
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