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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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DemolitionRanch Pred 17 dnevi
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James Smith
James Smith Pred 13 urami
been looking to find ammo and i jumped on omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846 they are certified FFL dealers, they sell all possible ammunitions available including guns... fast delivery services they have 9mm, 223, 5.56, 300 blackouts etc You can contact them through their website below omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846
madaxe79 Pred dnevom
Dude, do you really trust this shit?
Basian Pred 3 dnevi
hey, im a scuba diver so yeah, i know pretty well what those tanks can do. sure, its not completely the same since scuba divers almost always use pressurized AIR tanks and not oxygen tanks, but still... 200 bars of air in a tank can be really dangerous if the tank is badly damage, it really shoots the aluminum tank away like a rocket straight through walls...
Daniel Garrido
Daniel Garrido Pred 3 dnevi
This video will explain to you why the whole was so big. The combination of liquid oxygen and metal is rather aggressive! sltv.info/label/fa1nsdDZnYatYG8/video
Jeremiah Love
Jeremiah Love Pred 3 dnevi
Welder here Can you to an acetylene tank legaly? Lol
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket Pred 47 sekundami
3:18 Nah! Das Goku!
Syko Soldier
Syko Soldier Pred 2 minutami
That is a "corrosive" symbol. If your skin sloughs off, oxygen attacks the exposed tissues. Its actually pretty nasty stuff.
John McQue
John McQue Pred uro
LOX is rocket fuel.
JimLord Pred 2 urami
Best. Uncle. Ever.
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Pred 2 urami
When matt doesn't use the gold 50 bmg: sad boi noises
Head Up
Head Up Pred 4 urami
I think guns and rifles are for hobby or to keep their family, not for EDC or killing someone. Not to scare their neighbors. As always has been, your country will find good solutions. Education, Police, Policy, Restriction bla bla... Not so much problem when some % of bad guys are not in the street. It's good when it's in policeman's hand or soldier's hand. We got no problem with guns because nobody can have or carry gun except them. I think .338 will be enough and good for my snipers.
Matthias Pred 4 urami
Oxygen and fire in combo with melting iron, creates a heat that can cut concrete. That's why the pole was cut off, bullet enters the tank, it ignites en the flame bursting out of the holes let the iron of the tank melt. Demolition builders use this technique to place the explosive very cheap when they let a building collapse: they use oxygentanks and old piping of radiators, then ignite the oxygen then blow out of the piping, the end will start to melt and that they use for making holes inbuildings.
Marx P
Marx P Pred 4 urami
Nice shorts u look like a cowboys fan hahahahaha
Arifin 001
Arifin 001 Pred 5 urami
Wkwkwwk dikibulin bapa2 tua 🤣 You shot the empty bottle
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams Pred 5 urami
diesel tank
Jake Wolken
Jake Wolken Pred 5 urami
I like how at 7:26 he calls Jerry Miculek a bad shot and then right before he fires there's a jump cut
Dalton c
Dalton c Pred 5 urami
You should do more tanerite vids and explode stuff with it
I'm Sig P
I'm Sig P Pred 8 urami
Dude has a firetruck
Blake Stanley
Blake Stanley Pred 9 urami
BMG API bowling FTW! 😂😱💥🔥
Chris Tyler
Chris Tyler Pred 10 urami
Acytelyne please
Eric Bowie
Eric Bowie Pred 10 urami
What makes this more dangerous is your complete lack of understanding of Oxygen and it's properties. Nope the hole isn't being enlarged by O2 burning, it's the metal itself on fire in an O2 rich environment. The pole isn't being "welded" it's simply burning. Oxygen is one of 3 things needed to create a fire and you've already provided the heat and fuel in the form of the steel and the round. Even concrete would burn in an O2 rich environment. The description at the end of this video about what's happening is totally wrong.
Nacho Pred 11 urami
Next video shoot one of those huge propane tanks that they use to fill the 20lbs tanks
Mack Megee
Mack Megee Pred 12 urami
Shoot acetaline tanks
Noël el Aissaoui
Noël el Aissaoui Pred 12 urami
I remember the first time the armelite ar30 was seen when he hanged cpl. Dan and tried to save hime by shooting the rope😂😂
DIVE TALK Pred 13 urami
Nooooo...I would've loved taking one of those!
TheRazaah Pred 13 urami
How fast would the oxygen disperse ? I am pretty sure not enough oxygens sticks around for them to suffer from oxygen poisoning but maybe enough sticks around for them to be hopped up on it a little ? :D
James Smith
James Smith Pred 13 urami
been looking to find ammo and i jumped on omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846 they are certified FFL dealers, they sell all possible ammunitions available including guns... fast delivery services they have 9mm, 223, 5.56, 300 blackouts etc You can contact them through their website below omegaammostore.com/ Email: sales@omegaammostore.com Phone: (330) 406-9846
Dustin Woodward
Dustin Woodward Pred 14 urami
This is the most 'hold my beer" thing I have seen on your show. Well Done!
zachariah Pawlak
zachariah Pawlak Pred 15 urami
Propane tanks
John Curtix
John Curtix Pred 15 urami
Acetylene or propane!!
Chris Pred 16 urami
Dude Oxygen IS NOT flammable
Ken B
Ken B Pred 16 urami
Time for an acetylene tank!
Roman Munter
Roman Munter Pred 16 urami
You should shoot one of those big ship anchors with a 50 bmg if you get ahold of one.
qwe mjk
qwe mjk Pred 17 urami
The broken velvet directly weigh because wood cellularly move about a guttural H habitual division. immense, mature seashore
the german guy 1234
the german guy 1234 Pred 17 urami
The oxygen is actually super cold, the oxygen burning the iron is producing the heat
Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders Pred 18 urami
that tore that strap like a rocket taking off from Johnson space center that has to be a cool sapper trick... like shove their scuba oxygen bottle in the breach & set it off with a hand grenade or something.... Sappers Invent It On The Way.
safz Zaidi
safz Zaidi Pred 18 urami
Did someone hear the camera man say dude
Mickey68 Pred 18 urami
Try a bottle of Hydrogen
Hazed Pred 18 urami
Pratham Singh
Pratham Singh Pred 21 uro
An Indian is crying watching this video because his country has no oxygen to treat COVID 19 patients.
Thang Xuan
Thang Xuan Pred 21 uro
N1k0 ABC
N1k0 ABC Pred 22 urami
I think the bullets are splitting in half on this and skipping across the water it looks very cool
Declan Lawford-Wickham
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Carl Klinkenborg
Carl Klinkenborg Pred dnevom
14:40. FYI oxygen does not 'burn'. Most 12 year olds know this; the planet would be screwed if it did!
Ninjaturtle Pred dnevom
Whiteclaw Brandon gonna be madddddddddd
keeping it real keeping it jack
some of these people clearly never watched king of random and figured out oxygen by itself is flammable like come on they made liquid oxygen and caught it on fire
Vivaan Gupta
Vivaan Gupta Pred dnevom
I enjoyed this video,but he could have done it later not during a world wide oxygen shortage
Jayden Gates
Jayden Gates Pred dnevom
The forgetful paul astonishingly invent because whistle informally change abaft a shut bibliography. cagey, proud kale
Randy mack
Randy mack Pred dnevom
lets go to next level, we need to use a 55 gallon barrel full of used engine oil, then put a few pounds of powdered magnesium, then insert oxygen tank in middle, now hit it with your 50 Cal?
:l Pred dnevom
The flames/spinning reminds me of a neutron star
LockedFN Pred dnevom
The rilfle with the 50bmg sound was 🥵🥵
M P Pred dnevom
Oxygen isn't flammable, steel is.
Shrek Pred dnevom
Oh god he’s becoming a true dad
Sansgaming218 Pred dnevom
Video games are bull crap because when you shoot an oxygen tank 1 shot makes it explode wtf
2779mattie Pred dnevom
Do a acetylene tank 😳😳😳
Casuality Pred dnevom
How are BMWs communist 😂😂
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Pred dnevom
Propane tanks
jake packer
jake packer Pred dnevom
I shoot the aluminum ones on occasion but I only do it during wet spring or winter conditions when it is almost dark out. They are awesome and would most likely start a brush fire. But the aluminum is much better than the steel.
Paden Stricklin
Paden Stricklin Pred dnevom
Lp tank with a 50
Kevin Mendoza
Kevin Mendoza Pred dnevom
Shoot propane next!!
Dead Vaulture
Dead Vaulture Pred dnevom
Matt got scammed by an old man
Psychx Pred dnevom
It wasn't the Oxygen that was burning. It was the steel itself, which got hot enough to be ignited by the pure Oxygen when it was hit by the bullet. When the Oxygen leaves the tank, it actually cools it down (adiabatic expansion). Cooling the tank and having an excess of Oxygen is what was driving the chemical reaction of the metal fire forward (Le Chatelier's principle).
Mr. Magoo
Mr. Magoo Pred dnevom
The dad shoes thooo😂
Overbros Pred dnevom
why is matt so scared of oxygen catching on fire?
Joe Smoe
Joe Smoe Pred dnevom
I no this is a odd ?to ask after watching shit blow up but u are a vet and seem like a good dude I just got a puppy when does he get his first shots and how much should it cost
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Pred dnevom
The oxygen caught the metal of the tank on fire. Pure oxygen doesn’t actually burn it just makes it do that almost anything burn.
KuKuKuK69 Pred dnevom
Simply(not)safe... sltv.info/label/i8-B0bKrsqlsong/video
Syed Ibrahim
Syed Ibrahim Pred dnevom
People just died here in India cause he did not have enough oxygen.. ona lighter note this guy is blowing it🔥
dazzleyd Pred dnevom
you should line up an oxygen and an acetalene tank up see if it will go through both
Joshua Nicolai
Joshua Nicolai Pred dnevom
Matt always know how to answer questions most of us weren’t asking but we are glad he gave us the answers
Bingle McCringle
Bingle McCringle Pred dnevom
vid gets going 5:13
Button Basher
Button Basher Pred dnevom
"Science Ranch" lol 🤦‍♂️
Du Silva
Du Silva Pred dnevom
The vídeo from Thunderf00t made me come here
Nikola Petrović
Nikola Petrović Pred dnevom
Matt, you are the most eccentric gun nut on SLtv.
Waxsoda61774308 Pred dnevom
Zach Boucher
Zach Boucher Pred dnevom
Now I'm curious what would happen to a bullet if you shoot it directly through burning thermite or another high temp white flame source before hitting the target, "Can hellfire stop a bullet?"
herrikudo Pred dnevom
Next time... use chains to tie down the explosive tanks
Angus Reely
Angus Reely Pred dnevom
Hey Guys! Whats the type of these small bikes?
A Johnson
A Johnson Pred dnevom
Why can’t I make a living doing stuff like this ... dream job.
madaxe79 Pred dnevom
Do hydrogen next
Leif Hansen
Leif Hansen Pred dnevom
Hey Matt, first ,thanks for this video!! Second: Please try this: Shoot through an Propane/Butane Tank and take JUST behind it one(or better) two oxigene tanks. Than take direct the 50 cal. AND HOLD ENOUGH ROOM between you and the Target:-) Much fun!!!!!!!??!!!??
Joseph Pred dnevom
Do the same with hydrogen
JC Pred 2 dnevi
Great video Matt.
Luke Price
Luke Price Pred 2 dnevi
I know you like blowing stuff up you should blow up your simply safe hub and see if they ever call you
Axel Pred 2 dnevi
"That's a man with his head on fire I think" It's a burning 'O'. Means Oxidizer.
Chris Harris
Chris Harris Pred 2 dnevi
Oxygen isn’t flammable, it makes other things burn.
Damien Wayne
Damien Wayne Pred 2 dnevi
For the first time ever I just imagined the concept of Matt cleaning his guns… 🤔😳😧….oh boy… that’s a chore… 😯😂
carl gangl
carl gangl Pred 2 dnevi
Dummy no fuel to burn.
Logan M.
Logan M. Pred 2 dnevi
The gender reveal party was cool and im glad nobody was hurt when you revealed, but why was it orange? Usually pink or blue is what it is
Vincent- Pendragon
Vincent- Pendragon Pred 2 dnevi
Right at the beginning "ratchet straps" Bud I'm a welder and I have to deal with those tanks I know what they're capable of and a fucking strap isn't going to do donky kong nothing when that thing decides it goes it's going. Awesome video.
einherz Pred 2 dnevi
oxygen is not burn it self at all, but, everything in the oxygen, what can chemical connect to the oxy, will, and will perfect, so this was very predictable, i wasn't sure, but i preseen that, metall just stay fireimg till you give him oxygen, so that's why is perfect circle hole, so that's why no long flame out, is not oxigen's flame, but metal burn flame, actually if you can fixate that ballon strong enough, it's will burn till oxygen stay around metal or whatever it touch, so it's best idea to put it on the water, without water, it's will just turn around, what you say before, and burn everything where it jet dancing will
Javon Pred 2 dnevi
Gas can and a propane tank
John Simons
John Simons Pred 2 dnevi
Use the 50.BMG to go through 2 tanks, 1oxygen and 1 acetylene.
Scotty Weißmüller
Scotty Weißmüller Pred 2 dnevi
I thought only white girls drink whiteclaws 😂😂😂😂 drink a beer ffs leave the fruity shit for the girls. I feel like I need to take your man card but you did redeem yourself with blowing up the o2 tanks
thatkidslife_11 Pred 2 dnevi
30 lb propane bottle be kool
Ethan Ross
Ethan Ross Pred 2 dnevi
subbing after 10m to prove I'm not atf lol
Nobodytoyou !
Nobodytoyou ! Pred 2 dnevi
Fun fact, the military use barrets in that manner to safely destroy un-detonated ordnance at long range.
Tom Qualters
Tom Qualters Pred 2 dnevi
There is no greater sound than a 50cal being chambered.
Randy B
Randy B Pred 2 dnevi
I bet you his wife saw the Kentucky ballistics video and then unscrewed the tanks thinking, “I love Matt too much”
aFinapple Pred 2 dnevi
Get yourself a can of acetylene and oxygen behind one another, and watch as the hottest flame you can legally obtain melts everything into a puddle of molten metal
Dr Xaodin
Dr Xaodin Pred 2 dnevi
Matthew looks like my boomer dad in the intro
John Depaul
John Depaul Pred 2 dnevi
U should be wearing a vest even from there with that
Troy Paul
Troy Paul Pred 2 dnevi
Heck yeah, try a propane tank 100 lb propane tank.
TAZ Pred 2 dnevi
What About Acetylene Tanks? I was Told That Acetylene is A "VERY UNSTABLE GAS!! Just Like YOU MAT !! LOL Kidding. but Anyway ,What do you Think Mat? IT SOUNDS LIKE GOOD PEW PEW FUN!! Besides This is A-MERICA!! I think The American Chopper Guys filled Black garbage Bags with Acetylene and Fused them and OMG BANG Was an Understatement!! Just Remember Be CAREFUL & Acetylene == "VERY UNSTABLE GAS"!! Have Fun Mat!!!
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