A Bullet Proof Wallet... Does it Work??? 

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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11. mar. 2021

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Matt: starting off first is a 50.bmg My mind: YEEEEESSSS also matt: Jk
Lousey123 Sey
Lousey123 Sey Pred 4 urami
How many Nokia's does it take to stop bullet?
Gabriell Caballero
Gabriell Caballero Pred 6 urami
But I put my wallet in my front pocket!
Joey Howell
Joey Howell Pred 7 urami
I wanna see some more action with a canik sfx!! @demolitionranch
bullfrogboss Pred 9 urami
I'm wondering what would be injures after getting shot at a wallet in a booty pocket. Broken pelvis?
The AIMER Pred 12 urami
Can it penitr
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi Pred 17 urami
Honestly that intro got me
Ralph Pred dnevom
The Demolition BUTT DIGGER !!!!!! ROF LOL ;)
Cool videos and crap
I love your golden guns
David Miller
David Miller Pred dnevom
Just imagine somebody buying a ton of these wallets and duct taping them together and making a shirt out of them
Operator Muffin
Operator Muffin Pred dnevom
Wait wait am I seeing this right or does that golden pistol just have a long magazine or a thicc magazine because I counted 4 slide-racks (excluding the first one where he supposedly chambered a round) which means that the golden 1911 should have 3 rounds left before he fired his first shot. By some miracle, he manages to fire more than 3 rounds continuously blocking all of those bullets. I'm just playing, but maybe its a legit Infinite ammo pistol because its golden 🤔😲
Ujjwal Kumar
Ujjwal Kumar Pred dnevom
How many times will you cock your gun? Matt: Yes
El Magnifico
El Magnifico Pred dnevom
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips Pred dnevom
Only you could kill a man with a wallet lol great video
Kobayashi King
Kobayashi King Pred 2 dnevi
Matt: Everybody loves gear reviews! Donut: I 👏 HATE 👏 GEAR 👏 REVIEWS 👏
ketso Ro
ketso Ro Pred 2 dnevi
Buy pork stick it n shoot
ketso Ro
ketso Ro Pred 2 dnevi
A B Cars N’ Guitars
So how much for a wallet
Edik Vern
Edik Vern Pred 2 dnevi
After stopping bullet you might need operation to pull a wallet out of your ass.
Edik Vern
Edik Vern Pred 2 dnevi
You need a realy strong butts to absorb bullet energy.
Linda Campbell
Linda Campbell Pred 2 dnevi
Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom
During that intro, Ram Ranch just started playing in my head then all the sussy among us imposter moments from Matt started playing in my head. I never want to say sussy among us imposter again.
Brock Jones
Brock Jones Pred 3 dnevi
Matt please read: body armor filled with non Newtonian liquids and steel.
Jack bass fishing
Jack bass fishing Pred 3 dnevi
Forest gump needs this
JoeBUSTER Gaming
JoeBUSTER Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
The wallet was in the maniquin had the wallet in his ass
Axtrem1s Pred 4 dnevi
i mean he did get the wallet after sticking it at his throat.
Anthony Isgro
Anthony Isgro Pred 4 dnevi
Who taught this guy special effects I’m dying 😂
Steve Pred 4 dnevi
Dude needs to upgrade his camera now to the super slow motion
Kingston Labelle
Kingston Labelle Pred 3 dnevi
you know how much that would cost?
Tristan Croft
Tristan Croft Pred 4 dnevi
5:17 clinch game strong
Zeej Ahmed
Zeej Ahmed Pred 4 dnevi
I accidentally read the title like "A wallet proof bullet" 😂
Brayden Blanton
Brayden Blanton Pred 5 dnevi
Try this but put ballistics Gell behind the wallet
Henk van der Molen
Henk van der Molen Pred 5 dnevi
i found a 300 win mag bullet in a river near my house
Joe Latigra
Joe Latigra Pred 5 dnevi
Chambers the pistol 4 times
9I_X0P0SHiY DA Pred 5 dnevi
русские лайк
Henry Pred 6 dnevi
hella surprised this isn't the ridge wallet
MrToothpaist Pred 6 dnevi
0:39 Thank me later
Kingston Labelle
Kingston Labelle Pred 3 dnevi
No I’d rather watch the whole video
It’s yo boy NB
It’s yo boy NB Pred 6 dnevi
When he said “Two sides of level 2, so 2+2=4. This thing should stop tank rounds!” I was dying in laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Darealap 180
Darealap 180 Pred 6 dnevi
He cocked the gun 4 times in the intro 😂😂😂
Yes Daddy
Yes Daddy Pred 7 dnevi
Buy 4 you can cover the front as well, and chest pockets, wallet armor
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Anthony Andrade
Anthony Andrade Pred 7 dnevi
I know we don't talk about these intros often, but thank you for putting an excessive amount of effort into them ☺️!!
boo Pred 7 dnevi
damn, matt got a dump truck.
Shaurya Banga
Shaurya Banga Pred 8 dnevi
So did he act in the matrix
Kevin Keeton
Kevin Keeton Pred 8 dnevi
How about the bulletproof hoodie advertised on Facebook
Dario Zelaya
Dario Zelaya Pred 8 dnevi
You can save your ass
Kishqui Pred 8 dnevi
Liked for the intro. Stayed for the content.
mike mr
mike mr Pred 8 dnevi
My butt hurt while watching this video
UPPAL_ 1359
UPPAL_ 1359 Pred 8 dnevi
i was waiting for 50BMG 🥺🥺
Beau Crisp
Beau Crisp Pred 9 dnevi
I have 12 layers of Kevlar for my dad’s target
Kevin R Stearns, Jr
Kevin R Stearns, Jr Pred 9 dnevi
I would like to see you a level 3a body armor with level five rifle plates
J Bay
J Bay Pred 9 dnevi
I'd totally let you take a shot at the wallet while I've got it in my pocket, no wukkas Where do I sign, see you soon mate 🤙
Faded Frank
Faded Frank Pred 9 dnevi
1:23 not everyone
Corbin James
Corbin James Pred 9 dnevi
Corbin James
Corbin James Pred 9 dnevi
A good old fashioned demo vid
Jayveer Singh
Jayveer Singh Pred 9 dnevi
Your intro is so interesting and different every time u deserve a oscur
Mingus Pred 9 dnevi
How many times did he cock the 1911 in the intro
Sean Weidright
Sean Weidright Pred 9 dnevi
I literally thumbed up just for the intro 😂 needed a good laugh.
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Pred 9 dnevi
What a pain in the ass😂
snakey jake
snakey jake Pred 10 dnevi
Red hot demo ranch PS. I LOVE RCHP
Fazmoze Pred 10 dnevi
Haha love the start
Sküünt Cunthørpe
Sküünt Cunthørpe Pred 10 dnevi
Gotta make a vest out of those wallets instead of buying from wish lol
pizzastubelp Pred 11 dnevi
3:35 please don't shoot tank rounds at your 😂
sniper gamer
sniper gamer Pred 11 dnevi
By the time the robber finally decided to shoot, all the ammo in his magazine are all ejected
9.9 million! How many to go?!
Patrik Houg
Patrik Houg Pred 11 dnevi
That Arse tho😂
Fiaura The Tank Girl
Fiaura The Tank Girl Pred 12 dnevi
why not just mix ballistics gel?
Martial Munky
Martial Munky Pred 12 dnevi
"Should someone ever shoot you in the wallet".... Brilliant.
William Fann
William Fann Pred 12 dnevi
The intro lmao
Zombie Coffee
Zombie Coffee Pred 12 dnevi
Right butt cheek
Winterghost 17
Winterghost 17 Pred 13 dnevi
See how bulletproof a tree is
Salah Kamo
Salah Kamo Pred 13 dnevi
Most sus thing were said in this video then Matt’s entire SLtv career
Simops Pred 13 dnevi
Nearly 10mill subs. Pog
Carl Fischer
Carl Fischer Pred 13 dnevi
Ha! Bulletproof wallet! Might just save your butt one day!!!
TheRussiaCia Pred 13 dnevi
I don't know why but you remind me of Chris Pratt
Jyri Pisilä
Jyri Pisilä Pred 13 dnevi
If you have your wallet in your ass it's called a prison purse.
John BassHead Work
John BassHead Work Pred 13 dnevi
Albin sköld
Albin sköld Pred 13 dnevi
this wallet is just made for so you can take a bigger slap on the ass
jakub hořánek
jakub hořánek Pred 13 dnevi
Kids in Izrael wear these. Nobody told them about the personal protection yet tho.
amber jones
amber jones Pred 13 dnevi
Amazing intro
Baylor McMurray
Baylor McMurray Pred 14 dnevi
“Can i get into this man’s butt”
Vinicius Starling
Vinicius Starling Pred 14 dnevi
Thats what you call a gold digger's butt
V0lk Star
V0lk Star Pred 14 dnevi
I think if you would put it against the tree or something it would be different story
Patrick Dunbar
Patrick Dunbar Pred 14 dnevi
Why do people shoot hollow points in a penetration test?
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson Pred 14 dnevi
So your bones would break instead of your money being hurt
jambajoby32 Pred 14 dnevi
Use a ham for the .357 test lol
Chris Pitchforth
Chris Pitchforth Pred 14 dnevi
How many guns does it take to stop a bullet?
TUNA Pred 14 dnevi
I would just put a couple of steel plates in that wallet and call it a day, not bad for a wallet for suuure.
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller Pred 14 dnevi
My butt hurts just imagine actually getting shot in the wallet and imaging the force that's being stopped talk about a bruised butt
Raptorius _01
Raptorius _01 Pred 14 dnevi
Austin Thompson
Austin Thompson Pred 14 dnevi
You should see if rhino liner will stop a bullet
Ultimate Pred 15 dnevi
5:15 I'm literally d e d 😂😂😂😂
Silvieson Pred 15 dnevi
Would love to see this redone with ballistic gel
01001101 01010111
01001101 01010111 Pred 15 dnevi
They should make underwear
The Indoor Outdoorsman
The question isn't does it work, it's why does it exist?
Jestem Bo tak
Jestem Bo tak Pred 15 dnevi
3:32 two plus two is four quick maths
Snowboard Logan
Snowboard Logan Pred 16 dnevi
Have you every got shot?
Newman Ortega
Newman Ortega Pred 16 dnevi
The screeching laundry worrisomely decay because author aerobically handle regarding a divergent swim. plant, imperfect mother-in-law
Carsten Nilsson
Carsten Nilsson Pred 16 dnevi
Great kick in the ass
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts Pred 16 dnevi
Says he’s shooting the same wallet, thumbnail, bunch of wallets lined up. 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts Pred 16 dnevi
“Should a bad guy ever shoot you in the wallet” - Matt 2021
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