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9. jun. 2021

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Brian Quiroz
Brian Quiroz Pred 7 minutami
Oh crap i love matt he makes my dat like all of you guys
Денис Букеев
Денис Букеев Pred 34 minutami
Вітання з України)
SmokeyOwOs Pred 48 minutami
Donut hitting that first shot, that smug shit eating grin was fantastic
Sam Willis
Sam Willis Pred 50 minutami
Indra Putra
Indra Putra Pred 56 minutami
Amazing gun..👍🏼
Lukas Fekula
Lukas Fekula Pred uro
Meanwhile me in Europe trying to get an airsoft gun.
Conquest Pred uro
Rip the guns
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy Pred uro
The way they're standing in front of the barrels gives me anxiety.
James Spa
James Spa Pred 2 urami
3:43 - Bruh….
metal head132
metal head132 Pred 2 urami
He could literally arm an entire 3rd world militia
Tragic boating accidents😫 😎
Mike Litirous
Mike Litirous Pred 2 urami
DONUT IS CHEATING. Its clear as day he has the ‘Steady Aim’ perk equipped to help his hip firing accuracy 🤣
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy Pred uro
He's probably forgetting something somewhere
Mike Litirous
Mike Litirous Pred 2 urami
The man with the 3rd degree burns nickname is CRISPY?! 🥴 LOL. Much respect to him for making light of it 🙌🏽💯. Also, Donut is a MONSTER with hip firing
Sperm cell with Internet
Donut's 😏 when he turned around after hitting the lever action first shot was so good.
Devil Eyes
Devil Eyes Pred 2 urami
My Congratulations,Matt, U the BEST!) 10 миллионов,блин, да это как население ~20 таких городов,в котором я живу))
ZMAN 420
ZMAN 420 Pred 2 urami
Congratulations ! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Thomas Sutphin
Thomas Sutphin Pred 2 urami
I busted out at the end "SUCK IT DONUT! Crispy, Get Fucked!"
Brady Moore
Brady Moore Pred 3 urami
That intro was preeeeeettttyyy sick
_ Casanova _
_ Casanova _ Pred 3 urami
Killer intro track
ssisnake Pred 3 urami
i remember when you had like 10k subs forever ago
QsA Drain
QsA Drain Pred 3 urami
Ain't it crazy I been here since 1 mil and b4
Jay Montana
Jay Montana Pred 3 urami
This is hella fun bro keep up the good work 👍🏼
matt smith
matt smith Pred 3 urami
It’s pride month, can we get a rainbow demolitia shirt?
Not Your Average Fish Keeper.
Sorry you lost all your guns. I know it must be hard. I lost all my last summer on a boating trip.
Ashley Pred 4 urami
Donuts face at @5:53 is 100% turning into a meme 😂
Timothy Holly
Timothy Holly Pred 4 urami
He's probably forgetting something somewhere
Devin Foster
Devin Foster Pred 4 urami
Matt is dope.
Gerry Noche
Gerry Noche Pred 5 urami
Daaaamn, homie! Save some 🐈 for the rest of us… 😬
MegamanZero410 Pred 5 urami
Tragic boating accident. They claim so many guns.
Clayton Hartin
Clayton Hartin Pred 5 urami
Only a few of us been around since 100k... I’m one of the few lol
Job Savage
Job Savage Pred 5 urami
Is that a PSL-54 on the table??
Alan Barja
Alan Barja Pred 5 urami
😱 omg I love this so much ❤️
Joey Whitehouse
Joey Whitehouse Pred 5 urami
The ending is the most American fucking thing ever 😤😭😭😭
shotgunshane15 Pred 5 urami
Hmmm....I wonder why he was giving away his Serbu!?!?!? 😂😂
Michigander Trucker
Michigander Trucker Pred 5 urami
Not hating at all but someone somewhere is reading ATF guidelines to see if it’s legal to own that much firepower lol
xl Vivzy lx
xl Vivzy lx Pred 5 urami
Cod for life
Mike Stone
Mike Stone Pred 5 urami
Nice ending 😆👍🏻
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox Pred 6 urami
I wish he actually showed all his guns, maybe a separate video? Show each one do a brief thing on each one
405Fishin Pred 6 urami
The boating accident 😂😂😂
Lydia Mourningstar
Lydia Mourningstar Pred 6 urami
This puts every guitar yutuber's collection to shame, even Rob Scallon
Excuse my lag
Excuse my lag Pred 6 urami
I got my boy bronut
RLOutdoors Pred 6 urami
I felt like I was in heaven when I watched this video
Christoph Horton
Christoph Horton Pred 7 urami
I know where I’m going during a zombie apocalypse
Cook with Max
Cook with Max Pred 7 urami
An American toy store
Nicholas lown
Nicholas lown Pred 7 urami
I'm sorry man I've been watching for literally like 8 years and just realized I'm not subscribed 😭
JUNIOR6TH Pred 7 urami
Rip to all those pew pews.
Chaz Byrd
Chaz Byrd Pred 7 urami
“Hey that’s in cod” x1363868257
Kyle Mills
Kyle Mills Pred 7 urami
The 79.99$ DLC in Arma
Hooker Pred 8 urami
That’s the gayest thumbnail in the history of you tube.
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller Pred 8 urami
20 mil you paint all your guns gold😮
ds sd
ds sd Pred 8 urami
Good thing everyone knows Where he lives. Im sure he won’t get robbed now or Anything like that.
TheOtherSteel Pred 8 urami
"Demo Ranch's Whole Arsenal in One Epic Video..." I thought you were going to cover all the guns.
BLACKSTAR Pred 8 urami
The reaper not being in this video makes me sad
Johnathan Shepherd
Johnathan Shepherd Pred 8 urami
Am I the only one who got sketched when he said he’s giving out a surbu .50? #KentuckyBallistics
Ludwig Kjellin
Ludwig Kjellin Pred 8 urami
As soon as I saw the golden Ak I knew what brandon was picking
BushLeagueBros Pred 8 urami
Video was decent…until the end scene with the boat….and that made it epic!
Dead Fly
Dead Fly Pred 8 urami
Been here on my iPad now on my phone since 2017
David Miranda Jr
David Miranda Jr Pred 9 urami
Congrats brother!!!! So happy for you. God Bless you and your family!!
Irving Brown
Irving Brown Pred 9 urami
Congratulations!! Love the channel and really no suprise to me, I mean you channel is awesome!! Thanks again for sharing and everything you do!! Take care, stay safe and healthy!
Christopher Butts
Christopher Butts Pred 9 urami
It's a shame that shortly after this video was filmed Mat took his entire collection on a boat. There was a tragic accident and the boat capsized, no one was hurt but the entire collection was lost. Edit: I wrote this before I saw the outro, not sure if I should be impressed with myself or not for making the same joke.
844 Lucas
844 Lucas Pred 9 urami
For 15 mil or 20 mil you should do all your weapons like knifes,bows etc
844 Lucas
844 Lucas Pred 9 urami
But in like episodes
HH Vortex
HH Vortex Pred 9 urami
“How bullet proof is a diamond play button” maybe a good vid
Daniel Becerril
Daniel Becerril Pred 9 urami
I have been waiting for this since the start of this channel
Jacob Olson
Jacob Olson Pred 9 urami
“The Mexican connection” “That’s racist”
GhstPpeR Pred 10 urami
ShadowWarrior Pred 10 urami
Nice !
joey lister
joey lister Pred 10 urami
We did it! Let’s gooooo!
Maurice Esguerra
Maurice Esguerra Pred 10 urami
I love all the GUNS brother Now let's get some ROSES for the ladies to make AXEL Rose proud ! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😍👍🏻👍🏻
Ichigo izuku uzumaki
Ichigo izuku uzumaki Pred 10 urami
New Intro!?!?!
Country first USA
Country first USA Pred 10 urami
What a silly video
Binary Code 1001 Gaming
Been a hellava ride from dyi shells microwaved ammo to an arsenal that would make Rambo shed a tear. Gonna be fun to keep rolling to 20 mil
Zack Rentz
Zack Rentz Pred 10 urami
Not today AFT!!!!
this is jj
this is jj Pred 10 urami
Cmon you couldnt show all gun in one video instead of playing around with a fraction of the guns
Andrew Heidel
Andrew Heidel Pred 10 urami
Ayyyyy Klean man
ur moms side dude
ur moms side dude Pred 10 urami
Congrats I’ve been here since 800k
Pocketsand Shackleford
Jeez all these guys just look so freakin cool!!
alex foe
alex foe Pred 10 urami
I’ve been waiting for this for a while 😍
Allthatitseems Pred 10 urami
Want a walkthrough of all the guns!!!!!!
z_1021 z
z_1021 z Pred 10 urami
someone breaking in his house and i can imagine a shit eating grin on his face
Yoda The Ketamine Addict
Been a sub since 1 mill
Денис Андреев
Поздравляю с 10 миллионами подписчиков. Узнал о тебе от ЗЁБРЫ. Ты крут мужик!!!
Brody Wenzel
Brody Wenzel Pred 11 urami
Fucking Matt with the giant revolver 😂 love it
sookoomane360 Pred 11 urami
Long live the demolitia !
conservat1vepatr1ot DL
It’s one thing to show a gun at a time, but showing them all at once, is how you get overzealous “activists” using you as a tool to take our guns away. -Proud subscriber and enjoyer of this channel.
SyB Staxx
SyB Staxx Pred 11 urami
He Disney even show us tha guns
Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson Pred 11 urami
Ok Eli’s Berserk sleeve is FIRE idk how I didn’t notice that sooner
helixx23 Pred 11 urami
did you really crash the boat?
Cormac Ireland
Cormac Ireland Pred 11 urami
at this point the hill behind the targets should be called lead hill
Dillon Malone
Dillon Malone Pred 11 urami
Now that's Texas and my kind of America!🇺🇸
E&B Outdoors
E&B Outdoors Pred 11 urami
Been here since 100k
JT 710
JT 710 Pred 11 urami
THIS was a great video. Demo had a few rough writers block days but that was short lived. Still my favorite SLtv channel
Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins Pred 11 urami
ATF pausing video constantly and zooming screen on those stocks.
Chrisley Lewis
Chrisley Lewis Pred 11 urami
How lucky were you to actually catch the horrific boating accident on tape the atf will just have to take my word for it hahahaaa
vkmicro Pred 11 urami
ATF watching this video- darn... all the guns are lost, we can write off his name, he got no more guns, it's fine.
All World Reviews
All World Reviews Pred 12 urami
The man is coming for you lol but I’m sure they will fall off the boat on a fishin trip lol
William Winder
William Winder Pred 12 urami
Nuke at 20 mil? 😂
Peter Reichert
Peter Reichert Pred 12 urami
you got a good scuba diver on your friend list with one of the last shots... Brandon! I´ll bet he will rescue all of them! xD
Kektoid Pred 12 urami
congrats, man! 10 million. wow
The Mud Riding Man
The Mud Riding Man Pred 12 urami
Jesus loves you
Kocoty Pred 12 urami
Great video
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