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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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31. mar. 2021

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Shawn Bruce
Shawn Bruce Pred 8 urami
This Was Awesome! Thanks!
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi Pred 18 urami
Operator Mongoose
Operator Mongoose Pred 23 urami
So is no one gonna talk about how Nick was always there in the background but we could not notice him
Damien Doisher
Damien Doisher Pred dnevom
Did I not see this episode? This was hilarious.
Cain Quinones
Cain Quinones Pred dnevom
8:08 when you go to put the mag in front of trigger group and nick notices
Jonny person
Jonny person Pred dnevom
Shot bags of ice
LtGrider Pred 2 dnevi
What is bent on that action and or is it not properly oiled? That would be a bad gun in combat if keeps locking up like that.
Martin Gomez
Martin Gomez Pred 2 dnevi
What was Nick shooting at the end of the video ?
Coleton Messmer
Coleton Messmer Pred 2 dnevi
Damn when I heard cheytac i thought he actually got an m300 intervention for a second 😔
Trevor Neal
Trevor Neal Pred 3 dnevi
This channel is singlehandly improving my eyesight. Which I had no idea was going bad until I started watching this channel lmao.
Grimm Light
Grimm Light Pred 3 dnevi
Dr Thunder? isn't that just Dr Pepper?
The Gov
The Gov Pred 4 dnevi
wtf where is the only fans
The Gov
The Gov Pred 4 dnevi
btw that was a joke
Ian Lewis
Ian Lewis Pred 4 dnevi
Where is your only fans. I've been lied to in the video.
I’m God’s Son!
I’m God’s Son! Pred 5 dnevi
Man Nick a COD operator!
Delanez Delanez
Delanez Delanez Pred 5 dnevi
Kick ass
Gemma Hirst
Gemma Hirst Pred 6 dnevi
The sniper looks like a anti tank sniper
as ds
as ds Pred 6 dnevi
Yall need a chess clock !
Golbez Pred 6 dnevi
i want to see the mcmillan tac-50....
Golbez Pred 6 dnevi
best intro ever!
Okuyasu Nijimura
Okuyasu Nijimura Pred 7 dnevi
5:25 Matt takes off his “Camouflage”. Watch without SMS or Registration
Wagall Lynkx
Wagall Lynkx Pred 7 dnevi
Matt Shoot the transparent Aluminium from Star Trek ! www.tssbulletproof.com/blog/optically-clear-aluminum-provides-bulletproof-protection/
Ali's Hunts
Ali's Hunts Pred 8 dnevi
Dude plz tell me you did the barrel break in process before shooting
Jake Foley
Jake Foley Pred 9 dnevi
Nice to see Grinch from MW make a cameo
The710Salmon UwU
The710Salmon UwU Pred 9 dnevi
L LL Pred 9 dnevi
YOU hear that Battlefield boys !?!?! Nick is a COD man!!🔥👏🔥
Josh Gillin
Josh Gillin Pred 9 dnevi
Matt really needs to get the Cheytac Intervention. But it’s gonna be in .408 Cheytac instead of .375
Colton stafos
Colton stafos Pred 10 dnevi
How did I miss this 2 months ago
God Loves Ugly
God Loves Ugly Pred 10 dnevi
SHE GONE Gasstation encounters?
Spencer Carroll
Spencer Carroll Pred 10 dnevi
I live in Mississippi
Dominic Lauron
Dominic Lauron Pred 10 dnevi
I just subbed to his channel Fr
Thea Eberhardt
Thea Eberhardt Pred 11 dnevi
Nick always forgetting his earpro is iconic at this point
Z Szilagyi
Z Szilagyi Pred 11 dnevi
Some serious stuff wright here, no joke.
Sean Kearney
Sean Kearney Pred 12 dnevi
Why nick was about to bite that coconut lmao
MRxKRAZZY Pred 12 dnevi
2:09 was not the handshake I expected lol
HoppingGnome, the
HoppingGnome, the Pred 12 dnevi
something invisible was talking in the intro
Psychotic Breda
Psychotic Breda Pred 13 dnevi
can't find the OF in the description, lowkey disappointed
DJ Ketchup
DJ Ketchup Pred 13 dnevi
Yes cod yes
Ethan .-.
Ethan .-. Pred 13 dnevi
Is it good or bad that I saw nick during the intro before he showed where he was
Dalia Neville
Dalia Neville Pred 13 dnevi
I did not see him there in the intro
Tom Rhoden
Tom Rhoden Pred 13 dnevi
So when do we get to see the collection?
75TH RANGER Pred 13 dnevi
The bromance between these two
Your average Retard
Your average Retard Pred 13 dnevi
Where’s that only fans Matt!?😂
Gavin Rogers
Gavin Rogers Pred 14 dnevi
Yeeeessss, I love that round!
WasabiSniffer Pred 14 dnevi
Next, denel ntw-20. The HALO rifle. 20mm. Tell me you wouldn’t want to shoot that
Matthew Danby
Matthew Danby Pred 14 dnevi
I love yall!
Wheezy Pred 14 dnevi
I literally didn’t even see him in the bushes
Saku Hey
Saku Hey Pred 14 dnevi
Without moving, went from 600-3000 yards, that's some crazy skill
Saku Hey
Saku Hey Pred 14 dnevi
Nick was struggling with the bolt, hard
Cameron McAndrew
Cameron McAndrew Pred 14 dnevi
I only just found this video and that intro is the funniest ever. All Nick's videos are awesome. What a funny man.
Nick Sopko
Nick Sopko Pred 14 dnevi
Thank you Nick
Saptile Stonez
Saptile Stonez Pred 14 dnevi
They need a nick or matt skin in call of duty
seedling345 Pred 14 dnevi
Hilarious intro
Axe Grinder
Axe Grinder Pred 14 dnevi
30' to the left ! I've seen worse.
Benjamin Schouten
Benjamin Schouten Pred 15 dnevi
At first I didn't realise Nick was sitting in the bushes behind Matt in the intro.
Harvey Degree
Harvey Degree Pred 15 dnevi
Awesome friendship
Shawn Phillips
Shawn Phillips Pred 15 dnevi
These editing skills are next level
Tom Gregg
Tom Gregg Pred 15 dnevi
Where's only fans link Matt?
Genesis Vasquez
Genesis Vasquez Pred 15 dnevi
.375 Chey Tac same round used in the Sniper rifle the "Intervention "
MCS Pred 5 dnevi
Wrong, .408 cheytac in the M200
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Pred 15 dnevi
Hey Matt can you please get a Remington MSR
Thabile Phafudi
Thabile Phafudi Pred 15 dnevi
10k subscribers all your guns
mr killer
mr killer Pred 15 dnevi
Bro I don’t think I even saw him the first time even when he was moving
G S Pred 15 dnevi
Nick is a fantastic guest!!👍🏻🇺🇸
Richard Payne
Richard Payne Pred 15 dnevi
The mans camouflage game is on point.
Jett Wilson
Jett Wilson Pred 15 dnevi
Do you have a 375 Ultra mag
king jellybean
king jellybean Pred 15 dnevi
Idk why but that 50s retro beepboop science noise always gave me anxiety... Makes me feel tense lol
Wilhem Almodovar
Wilhem Almodovar Pred 15 dnevi
What are Nicks Gun preferences? AR? AK?
Brap Goat
Brap Goat Pred 15 dnevi
I'll take a .308, thank you.
Crippling Llama
Crippling Llama Pred 15 dnevi
Darn no onlyfans. For legal reasons that is a joke.
Dankenstein .yo
Dankenstein .yo Pred 15 dnevi
your filming is amazing sir. 10:30
Michelle Peusse
Michelle Peusse Pred 15 dnevi
To me, that looks like a 50 cal round
Theo Forney
Theo Forney Pred 15 dnevi
If only it looked real cause nick the whole bullet was still there not the shell when nick ejected it
Bootleg mario
Bootleg mario Pred 16 dnevi
Where is the only fans in the description
arieskilla tj
arieskilla tj Pred 16 dnevi
Wow he was behind him whole time🤣🤣🤣
Josiah Moore
Josiah Moore Pred 18 dnevi
That gun seems like the bolt action is pretty sticky.
koolkat Pred 19 dnevi
I dig the satyr pants.
Dominic Kupcik
Dominic Kupcik Pred 19 dnevi
So. This is the second time I’ve watched this. Just noticed nick in the background of the into
Sharp Archer
Sharp Archer Pred 19 dnevi
Where’s that only fans
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Pred 19 dnevi
How many bricks of ground coffee does it take to stop a bullet?? C'mon Matt!!
Master Man
Master Man Pred 19 dnevi
The first sniper looks like a sniper version of the ksg shotgun
Zachary Mayne
Zachary Mayne Pred 23 dnevi
Hey Matt got a question would you consider on doing a video on shooting dry oil base paint to see if bulletproof just something I thought of that might be something cool for the channel love ya bro
Christian Gormley
Christian Gormley Pred 23 dnevi
I absolutely love Nick Irving really cool guy I hope he continues to be on the channel
kuno schacht
kuno schacht Pred 23 dnevi
me sitting here not scared by anything in the world at the moment 15:32 surprise motherscooter!
Garrett Kirby
Garrett Kirby Pred 24 dnevi
Let’s see you and nick get the cheytac out to a mile
Some Dude
Some Dude Pred 25 dnevi
Pretty sure the reaper/nick can take those shots with a pistol
marshie1337 Pred 25 dnevi
nick is the best. i love that dude, cracks me up lmao
Oh Jarry
Oh Jarry Pred 25 dnevi
Where's that onlyfans Matt
XxdiggitxX gaming
XxdiggitxX gaming Pred 26 dnevi
Nick is by far my favorite guest on Demo Ranch
DoggoBoi Pred 26 dnevi
You should get a Chey Tac M200 Intervention if you don't have one already
Jake hartstern
Jake hartstern Pred 27 dnevi
For the love of God buy the Gm6 Lynx semi auto 50 bmg bullpup
Adam Davis
Adam Davis Pred 27 dnevi
i'm thinking there is a reason you don't see many bullpup bolt actions. you were really struggling to rack that bolt at times.
Bigpapatyr0ne Pred 28 dnevi
“Yeah I can’t talk about it”
NxTLfe Nei
NxTLfe Nei Pred 29 dnevi
.375 is what the intervention from mw2 shoots
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper Pred mesecem
That's the best intro yet
Drone Force
Drone Force Pred mesecem
I love how our gen is finally getting to influence due to age and gaming is part of our toolset, no longer something for an adult to look down on as something infantile or lesser.
Jorgy Totti
Jorgy Totti Pred mesecem
Bring Vaughn (@themanspot)!!! It will be VERY FUN!!!
RetroSplash Pred mesecem
This how real men play tic-tac-toe
RetroSplash Pred mesecem
I love when Nick is here! My favorite videos on here!
Seyvan Rellandini
Seyvan Rellandini Pred mesecem
You would get a high speed slow motion camera for these kinds of videos😍😍😍
LAZARATTACK4 Pred mesecem
Matt needs a 350 legend
james terrell
james terrell Pred mesecem
Legit did not see nick back there
jared morales
jared morales Pred mesecem
I love when Nick is in the videos
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